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A lot of people like silicone masks, but after they buy them, they do not know how to wear them; now, we are going to introduce the right way to wear the mask.

You don’t want to use anything foreign to aid in putting on the mask. Powder and such will do nothing but create a mess and, in fact, create a barrier between your skin and the silicone you want to move with your expression.

For the mask, you put both hands deep inside the mask, knuckles against the cheeks, palms facing each other. Lift the mask towards your head while tilting your head slightly down to meet the mask. With the bib flipped over, catch the back of your head to the back of the mask ( flipped down bib ).

Once it sort of catches the back of your head, use your hands that are still deep inside the cheeks of the mask to stretch the mask out ( away from your face) and down. Use the hands still inside the mask to guide it all the way down your face. It would be best if you weren’t pulling your hands out of the mask until the chin of the mask meets your chin.

Take care to NEVER pull the mask down by the bib.. don’t yank on the chin or mouth.

You can adjust the mask once it’s in your head by massaging the top of the head forward or back.

Wear Silicone Mask-step1

Put on the hairnet

How to wear silicone mask in a proper way

Use the back of the hands to open up the mask

How to wear silicone mask in a proper way

Please wear it

How to wear silicone mask in a proper way

Adjust the eyes part

How to wear silicone mask in a proper way

Squeeze the nose bridge

How to wear silicone mask in a proper way

Wear Silicone Mask Tips:

We suggest you clean the mask before and after wearing it, including the inside and outside of the mask. As the inside is close to our skin, keeping it clean is indispensable.

Above are the correct ways to wear the mask; I hope that will help you!