Halloween is around the corner. Are you ready to go for party? Mask is really indispensable for Halloween. As professional and delicate silicone masks need manufacturer to take days to finish it, but if you only want to make a simple Halloween mask by yourself, here are some easy-to-use making methods for you to learn about that.

Materials Used in this Tutorial

· Wig Head
· Large Piece Of Spandex Or Other Stretchy Fabric
· Base Board (Melamine board is recommended)
· Glue Gun
· Disposable Brushes
· Mixing Containers
· Mixing Sticks
· Scissors
· Dragon Skin Fast Silicone
· Silc-Pig Pigments
· Thi-Vex Silicone Thickener

Step 1: Preparing Model

Begin by placing a wig head on a base board. Then glue the wig head to the base board using the hot glue gun.

Step 2: Dispensing and Applying Dragon Skin 10 Fast & Fabric

Mix Dragon Skin® Fast 1A:1B by volume, add Silc-Pig® BLOOD and then brush a thin layer of the mix over the entire wig head.
Leave a space for the fabric to be applied.After the silicone becomes tacky, apply the pre-cut piece of fabric. Allow this first layer of silicone to fully cure for 75 minutes.

Step 3: Dispensing and Applying the Second and Third Layer Of Dragon Skin 10 Fast

Mix another batch of Dragon Skin® Fast with Silc-Pig® BLOOD and add a few drops of Thi-Vex® thickener.
Apply some of the silicone along the edges of the fabric. Use the rest of the thickened mixture to build up facial details. After the second coat cures, apply another thin layer, pigmented using Silc-Pig® pigments.
After the third layer cures, stipple a final pigmented layer of Dragon Skin® Fast to appear as skin.

Step 4: Detailing Mask

The mask is now complete and should be allowed to cure for at least 75 minutes.

Step 5: Demolding Mask

A sharp knife can be used to cut and remove the flashing around the bottom of the mask neck. You can now carefully remove the mask from the wig form. While the mask is inside out the eyes, nostrils, and mouth areas should be cut out.

Step 6: Fitting Mask

You can now turn your mask right-side-out and it is ready to wear. Fit the mask on your model and make sure that they can see and breathe without difficulty.

Organosilicone mask is not only safe for skin, but also easy to wear.As it close to your face,so that it can bend with your expression.Now, design your own silicone mask and let your imagination run wild !