Please read through our comprehensive guide to making your own Protogen Fursona! Know about this species’ origin and the boundless creative prowess you can demonstrate!

All About Protogens

We know you’re itching to create your very own Protogen, but there are a few pointers you should go through first. Before diving in, let’s do a quick recap, starting with the most important (and prominent) query:

So, What Is a Protogen?

In the simplest terms, Protogens (pronounced / Pro-Toh-Gens/) are a separate species created by the Primagens. They are mammalian-based beings with cyborg parts. They can live for more than five centuries, provided they don’t have any defects.

What Is a Protogen?

There is more to their history, of course. But in reality, they were manufactured by Malice-Risu, a Fur Affinity user, in 2015. Malice-Risu is the same creator of Primagens. Protogens are the more accessible, adaptable version of the sought-after Primagens.

As time passes by, they are also referred to as “Robotic Furries,” or “Furry Cyborgs” for obvious reasons.

What Do Protogens Look Like?

These Robotic Furries look different because each serves a different purpose. But their core presentations are as follows. They are:

· Shorter than Primagens

· Have short, rounded visors

· Generally, 40% organic and 60% artificial

· Have biological ears

· Have exoskeletal chest plates

· Have mammalian behaviors

· Have active digestive tracts

· Have a more upright position

· Have adaptable limbs

Protogens have a “wolf-like” design. These Furry Cyborgs’ features will depend on how Primagens made them. They can intersect with those of Primagens. On the contrary, they can also vary from Primagens altogether.

What Do Protogens Look Like?

Why Did Primagens Create Protogens?

You’re aware of Artificial Intelligence (AI) by now, right? Does ChatGPT or Siri ring any bell? Well, in lore, Primagens wanted something like that — but more advanced. They want an AI that doesn’t require much maintenance and can care for itself.

Originally, they wanted the Furry Cyborgs to traverse and scout other planets. They will also be useful for other missions the Primagens don’t want to do either because they are too dangerous or too degrading.

Why would they want to do low-grade tasks when they are the most advanced species, right?

Why Did Primagens Create Protogens?

Below are the broad categories of the occupations these Robotic Furries are given:

· Companion, Entertainer, or Pet

· Space explorers (including mechanics, researchers, etc.)

· Military, Scout, Spy, Pilots

· Arcai Mage

· Rogues (referring to defective or “glitched” Protogens)

How Are Protogens Created?

How these beings come about will depend on many factors. Primarily, it will hinge on what Primagens want them to do. Will they be doing menial jobs that don’t require much skills? Will they be researchers who require more knowledge and fewer physical abilities? Or will they be elite military forces with prime fighting adeptness?

Based on the Protogen’s “use,” Primagens will decide on their

· DNA Infusion level

· Features according to their environment

· Functions according to their tasks

· Abilities according to their missions

How Are Protogens Created?

Once the above choices are determined, the Protogens will be kept in chamber tanks that simulate the womb. To “brainwash” these beings and keep them under Primagens’ control, Primagens initiated Project Artificial Remote Control (ARC). How is this done? Primagens put Arcaites into Protogens’ cerebral fluid.

You can imagine the ethical issues that come with the release of Project ARC. All in the name of science and development, of course!

After 14 days, Protogens are gifted their cybernetic components. Later, they are put into med pods where their organic and mechanical elements are synched. After this process, they are finally “born” with consciousness.

To prepare them for their purpose, Protogens are trained in Virtual Reality (VR). In the VR, they are given instructions on how to live, focusing on the tasks they are expected to accomplish.

Am I Allowed To Make a Protogen Fursona?

In the broad sense of things — yes, you are allowed to make a Protogen. They are more open than Primagens, at least. But there are still limits you have to be aware of, mainly design features. The main point: You can’t make your Protogen look like a Primagen.

Am I Allowed To Make a Protogen Fursona?

You can make as many of these beings as you want, too. This is in comparison to the closed species Primagen, which you can only own when you purchase one. Where? In Fur Affinity auctions.

What Are the Rules for the Protogen Fursona Furry?

After learning the rich history of Protogens, it’s unsurprising why they became such a hit in the furry community. At its core, Primagens have “Raptor-like” (or “Dinasaur-like”) attributes. So, your Protogen should not have any raptor-like anatomy.

These Robotic Furries have three rarity categories: Common, Uncommon, and Rare. Rares are closed species. Therefore, your Protogen can only:

· Have a rounded visor

· Have two sets of ears, at most

· Have one set of arms

· Have one set of legs

· Have paws, not claws

What Are the Rules for the Protogen Fursona Furry?

Note: If you want your Protogen to have wings, more than one set of arms, three sets of ears, etc., they will be considered a Rare Variant. Essentially, you’ll need to purchase these additional features. If you are keen on designing your own Robotic Furry, here are some additional rules you must not break based on the Official Protogen Guidelines:

· You can design Common and Uncommon Variants for free.

· You can’t use any existing Primagen coat palette or designs.

· You are highly discouraged from skinning (using an already existing design) a Protogen. The only exception is if it’s your existing character.

Reach out to enthusiastic Protogen communities (like subreddits and Facebook groups) if you have more queries or want confirmation about your designs. Expert Protogen makers or fans will gladly answer your questions.

Make Your Protogen Fursona!

Now that you’ve known the fundamentals of Protogens, you’re more than ready to make or adopt your own! Much like creating any fursuit, your Protogen Furry must echo your unique personality. Connect with others in various communities, interact, and have fun.

From now on, you will be a part of an alternate universe without limits. Make your intergalactic dreams a reality and explore with your rounded visor and paws!

Make Your Protogen Fursona!

Protogen Fursona FAQ

What are Protogens?

In lore, Protogens are sentient beings created by Primagens. They are manufactured artificially using the DNA of Primagens, who want them to do various tasks. These beings can care for themselves and have abilities based on what their purposes are, depending on what Primagens gave them. In reality, they are the more accessible version of Primagens.

What are Protogens?

What are the differences between Primagens and Protogens?

According to lore, Primagens are a more advanced alien species that created the Protogens. Primagens are 70% artificial and 30% organic. In comparison, the Furry Cyborgs are 60% mechanical and 40% organic.

More core differences include Protogens still needing food to survive, having rounded visors, biological ears, and a more upright standing position.

What are the differences between Primagens and Protogens?

What are “closed species” and “open species”?

In the case of Primagens and Protogens, “closed species” refer to beings that you can’t just design something after. They are regulated, and one can only be the owner of a closed species if they buy from Malice-Risu’s auctions. Closed species include Primagens and Rare Protogens.

Meanwhile, open species refer to the very opposite. They are “open,” which means you can make your own without regard to copyright claims or the need to pay someone else to make your design known to the world. Open species include Common and Uncommon Protogens.

What are "closed species" and "open species"?

Can I make my own Protogen?

Of course! After all, Protogens are created as an open alternative for everyone. Compared to Primagens, these Furry Cyborgs are more sentient, and their owners can emotionally connect to them more easily.

Just make sure to follow the guidelines we discussed in this article.

Can I upgrade my Common or Uncommon Protogen to a Rare type?

You can, but only if you buy or win a custom rare adoptable. On the other hand, you can get your hands on a Rare Variant through auctions or adoptable. You can access these via Malice-Risu’s Fur Affinity page.

At the moment, you can reach out to Malice-Risu via Twitter (@CoolKoinu)

Can I upgrade my Common or Uncommon Protogen to a Rare type?

What are the steps to making my Protogen Fursona?

A quick overview includes determining what your Protogen is for. If you want to create a free Furry Cyborg, then you can only make a Common or Uncommon Robotic Furry. Follow the steps below:

What are the steps to making my Protogen Fursona?

1. Identify your Protogen’s purpose: Do you want to be a space explorer, researcher, or pilot? What about being a part of the military?

2. Map out your Protogen’s abilities and features: For instance, a space explorer will have detachable limbs it can exchange for aquatic environments. It can also have interchangeable tails to help with swimming, etc.

3. Check if your Protogen design is within guidelines: You wouldn’t want any issues with your Robotic Furry, right?

4. If you want to upgrade your Protogen, you can purchase from auctions when they are available. Usually, there’s an auction every six months.