How to Enjoy Hucow Petplay as a Sub


How to Enjoy Hucow Petplay as a SubWhen it comes to kink and fetish interests, the limits to what can be explored are almost beyond count. For many, what catches their interest stays within the confines of pet play and all the kinky acts that follow. Petplay is gradually gaining good attention within and outside of the BDSM community. You’ll see people in LGBTQ+ friendly forums and pet play social gatherings all dressed up as their favorite kinky pet interests. It can be a delight to see if petplay is something you’re into. It is normal to see pets like cats, dogs, wolves, foxes, and anthro/furry characters being sexualized, but not many ever thought a very niched-down category would be dedicated to cows and bulls. In this article, we’ll let you in on all the fun that goes down in the Hucow fetish community and ways to maximize the experience as a sub.



What is a Hucow fetish?

How to Enjoy Hucow Petplay as a SubHucow fetish is a type of pet play that references the characteristic traits of a lactating cow. It is commonly incorporated into the BDSM scene and plays well with the Dom and Sub dynamic. With a Hucow fetish, you’ll find that the people involved make up a pair where one party sexualizes the idea of lactation and the other is ready to be objectified to satisfy the edging horny itch they both have. Oftentimes it is more reserved for intimate or private sessions between a group or partners but it can still be seen in well-organised fetish events.

How does the Hucow Fetish work?

How to Enjoy Hucow Petplay as a SubThe Human Cow (Hucow) fetish when done properly, ideally involves participants role-playing as cows and masters to these hucows. These pleasure seekers can choose to enhance the experience by using cow-themed costumes, BDSM gear, and even occasional cow sound mimicry. The ultimate goal is to have the fulfilling pleasure of milking the male or female partner present. This can be done by using udder gears for men and lactation devices for women. The joy can come from participants milking and fumbling their willing subs or by watching someone else do it and trust us when we say we get it. We do!

Hucow and the BDSM dynamic

How to Enjoy Hucow Petplay as a SubSo, how exactly does the master/slave or Don/Sub-power play come in? You might think. Well, see it like this. It requires the submissiveness of a sub and the caring but dominating direction of a Dom. It requires the dynamic of a Dom who wants to be pleased and a sub willing and ready to please. Hucow combines the principles of objectification, domination, and submission for it to satisfyingly come to life. So you’ll see it play out in a scene of pleasure and torture combined to give mind-blowing orgasms.

Specific BDSM gear for Hucow PetPlay

How to Enjoy Hucow Petplay as a Sub● Hucow pet play Silicone Gradient Pink Cow Udders Pants with Anal Hole

● Silicone Spotted Cow Mask 

Imagine having your willing sex subject with the setting and mood right, costumes and gear all set right, and passion at its peak. It would be a fantasy come true. Our Hucow petplay silicone gradient pink cow udders pants with an anal hole and our silicone spotted cow mask is the perfect Hucow play gear for gay men willing to explore beyond the ordinary. The very realistic udders not only satisfy the lactation fetish associated with hucow play but can also serve as a sensory satisfaction like you would get if you were touching the real thing. It looks and feels real. And with an anal hole designed alongside we can already imagine how steamy things would get.

How to incorporate Udder pants during sex

Udder pantsWithin the Hucow fetish, you’ll find a lot of other fetishes embedded in it like lactation fetish, dominance, submission, voyeurism, and many more. With that being said there are numerous ways one could incorporate udder pants during gay sex. Doms who decide to wear the udder pants can make their subs suck on the very realistic udder nipples. Subs standing on all fours can embody a cow petplay role which can lead to giving a deserving Dom or gay group a mind-blowing blowjob or receiving a rewarding fuck from their dom master. Bondage can also be introduced to the scene as well as humiliation while a sub wears the udder pants. In the end, it’s all just fun and satisfying sex petplay. Keep in mind that when it comes to petplay the process can be long but it is always sexually rewarding. Just go with the flow with creativity and be safe with how you choose to have fun.

Hucow vs Hubulls

Udder pants playHucows and Hubulls are sometimes an indistinguishable pair. You should not know one without the other. In reality, a Hucow represents the feminine and submissive side while the Hubull represents the more masculine character in the pet play scene. With Hubulls the roles are switched. While the Hucow fetish revolves around udders and lactation the hubull fetish finds its root in the concept of milking but with the male penis and we all know what stands in place of milk in that scenario. This time the Hubull is on the receiving end and is milked till ejaculation is attained. Hucow gear often includes Bondage gears, lactation devices, or gear like our silicone udder pants while the hubull fetish often requires some form of ejaculation device or masturbation tool alongside sexual bondage. The Dom and Sub roles switch and the hubull becomes the object of pleasure. It’s up to you to decide the roles that best meet your desires and sexual needs.

The sub’s role during pet play

How to Enjoy Hucow Petplay as a SubTo please or not to please? That depends actually. It depends on the willingness and consent level of the sub and the wants of the Dom. There can be cases where a sub only consents to a certain torture level which would contradict the wants of a Dom and since the dynamic pushes for safe practices little can be done about it. A different scenario might exist also where a Dom requires his sub to put on an attitude of sassiness, stubbornness, or some form of resistance that is pleasing to him. Ideally, the sub’s role is to remain submissive and do the bidding of his dom for a smooth power play transition. And as a true sub that can be quite enjoyable. The sub’s purpose is to please and he’s to do so by doing whatever the Dom wishes within the level of consent agreed on.


Playing with Dominance and Submission roles that accompany petplay can be very satisfying. Very masculine guys dress up in female cow attire or cow-themed gear and are frequently forced to be submissive, or in the case of hubulls, they are milked forcefully till they ejaculate. The control involves acts where the Dom, or Master, de-masculinates his gay sub and makes him act with the mannerisms of a female cow. We know how much of an appeal that can be. Hucow play is a fun way to explore petplay fetish. You can look to start today or add it to a sex wishlist.


Is Hucow play for gay men?

How to Enjoy Hucow Petplay as a SubHucow play can be for gay men as well as heterosexual relationships. It isn’t a form of petplay that is gender restrictive. It is for everyone willing to explore that fetish and with the availability of our  Hucow pet play Silicone Gradient Pink Cow Udders Pants with Anal Hole the process and scene can be made more pleasurable.

Where can I find partners for Hucow play?

You can find partners for Hucow play on dedicated petplay forums and social media pages. These sites and platforms are always designed to encourage sexual interactions among members. Other possible places include fetish-themed parties, clubs, and hookup sites that support that fetish interest.

How to Enjoy Hucow Petplay as a SubWhat is needed for Hucow play?

Ideally, a standard BDSM kit is needed as well as Hucow gear; like cow-themed bodysuits, headgear, and udder pants. Milking gear like lactation tools or masturbation tools/toys are also essential. Above all, an open mind is required for maximum fun to be experienced.