Although social media is flooded with colorful, muscly gay guys with bright fashion choices, the LGBTQ community isn’t just about the drag queen aesthetic and other eye-catching trends. It’s also not limited to one specific body type.

gay otter

This article will focus on a gay subculture and stereotype called “otter gays.”

Different Gay Body Types: An Overview

Before we delve deeper into what otter gays are all about, let’s first discuss general gay body categories to make the subsequent sections easier to understand.

Twinks or Chicken

This lot generally describes young gay men with delicate, feminine-like builds. They have thin, slim, or athletic frames and no hair. Those who want to be under this class usually shave off their body hair to have smooth skin.

Some crossdressers who “trap” others into thinking they are of the opposite sex often have this body type. Those who are after an androgynous appearance are also usually under this group.

gay otter


Twunks are muscular twinks. They are often baby-faced or have a youthful face but a hunk’s body. The two league’s difference lies in how much they work out compared to the other.


Otters are twinks with body hair. Lots of it. Gay men who don’t want to go through the tedious process of shaving fall under this variety. They are generally under the age of 40.

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Otters that are over 40 are foxes. They are sometimes considered the “cougars” of the gay community.


These are gay men with large physiques, often proudly displaying their muscles. The bear community has beefy and chunky bears oozing with masculinity. They also keep their body hair to complete their looks.

There are many subdivisions of bears, such as a Panda (a bear of Asian descent), a Polar Bear (an older bear with white or grey hair), and a Trans bear, among many others.


To put it simply, cubs are hairless bears. They are masculine, hairy, and often submissive partners in a relationship.


Pups fall under a specific kink: pup play. Gay guys have handlers who treat them like pets, showering them with affection in a sexual and nonsexual manner.

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What Is an Otter Gay?

Can you draw an otter based on memory? Like their animal counterparts, otter gays are called so because of their lean and hairy appearance. This term refers to a gay man with a petite frame or athletic build and hair all over his body, with or without facial hair. They can also manscape their bodies.

Otter gays are sometimes considered as an extended branch of bears.

Body Hair and Other Differences Between a Cubs and Otters

Many get confused about cubs and otters. Similar to what was already mentioned above, otters are hairier than cubs. However, it’s not the only difference these two body types have.

Otters are perceived to be as such regardless of their age range. They also have slimmer proportions.

gay otter

On the other hand, cubs, like what their name alludes to, are young bears. They have great muscles and a big size but are still in their junior years, so they don’t have much hair.

No matter the age, no one will bat an eye if anyone labels themselves an otter. But cubs usually belong to the younger age group.

Gay Community: Am I an Otter Gay Man?

Physically speaking, it’s easy to identify otters. They are hairy and lean. Not so much as a bear’s hairy or as skinny as twinks, so otters sit snugly in the otter

An otter’s physical appearance is something you can quickly achieve without effort. You need to maintain it after. Anyone you think of as the “guy next door” has the same qualities as an otter gay man.

Otters waiting for their hair to grow even more can seamlessly transition to being bears in the future.

However, remember that you are free to label yourself whatever you want at the end of the day. You don’t have to conform to any stereotypes you’re not comfortable with.

Below are some celebrities with the gay otter mien. You can get inspiration from their styles if you want to!

  1. Liam Hemsworth
  2. Scott Caan
  3. Daniel Radcliffe
  4. Brody Jenner
  5. Charlie Cox
  6. Nick Jonas

How To Be a Gay Otter and Stand Out in the LGBTQ Community

If you’ve set your eyes on being a gay otter, then there isn’t much you need to do as a gay man. You need to let nature take its course and grow out your hair. But if you want to stick out in the crowd (in a good way!), pruning your hair in the right places and keeping your body slender are only some of the things you can do.

Below are some tips to get you more utterly otter:

Follow Otters In Social Media Platforms

Nowadays, you can find everything you want to discover on social media. If you’re starting your course and want to embrace being an otter, you must dig for more knowledge about this type.

Searching and following established otters online is a great way to cultivate your interest and make self-discovery fun. You don’t have to be close to them, no. You can be motivated by their posts to get an idea of their activities, behaviors, and connections. Although, bear in mind that there are no rigid rules on how to become the perfect otter, so it’s okay to create your otter personality and lifestyle tailored to what you want.

gay otter

Lastly, only get involved with otters that nurture a positive following and community. It’s to protect yourself from pessimistic beliefs that involve triggering notions or ideas.

Share Your Journey

You’re free to explore what part of the culture you want to follow and refuse. It’s also recommended to curate continuously what you see on your feed to reflect your ideology. Then, when you’re done setting the system, you prefer to support and when you’re comfortable, share your pictures online. It’s best to dedicate an account to it.

You can also utilize the same account when researching other otter gay men accounts. But if you want to keep your privacy, create a separate account.

Aside from being constantly on point with your fashion choices, take pride in molding a unique social media presence through constant interaction with your followers and letting your character shine through.

Do Some Manscaping

Manscaping is an integral part of hygiene and grooming. There’s nothing wrong with wanting to keep your private details well-maintained.

If you’re new to manscaping, it’s best to read articles on how to do it safely and store relevant knowledge, such as available designs and aftercare. It’s better to find someone who offers manscaping services, but be sure to reach out to their previous customers for their reviews and feedback.

If you intend to do it yourself, start with good old shaving and proper moisturizing. You can also do wax or threading to make your trim last. If you have the budget, you also have the option to do laser hair removal for that area.

Take Advantage of Muscle Suits

muscle suit

Some gay men didn’t mean to choose the otter life. They have the perfect body type that falls under the otter category. Some gay men want to be bears, twinks, or another body type.

Don’t lose hope! You can be any body type you want with muscle suits. These are made with silicone materials that help you live the life of any stereotype you want to try.

Aside from being comfortable to wear, muscle suits also come in different varieties. You can change just your upper body or choose a body suit for a complete look. You can even order a realistic mask with a beard and chest hair to make the experience worthwhile. Masks are also used to prioritize your privacy in case you want to post photos and protect your identity simultaneously.

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Go Out and Mingle

When you’re ready to meet other members of the LGBTQ community in real life, it’s time to network, meet others, and have fun.

Get to know events you can be a part of. You can get the information from something you heard at your local bar or a friend’s post on their account. No matter where you got the invite, don’t be afraid, as the community is more accepting than you may be thinking.

Have your spirit lifted and be a part of a group or form your clique!