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Even though we’re far past the typical Pride festivities that occur in a flurry around June, there are still plenty of exciting gay activities and events to be had in November. Make the most out of the holidays and observances during this month.

Read ahead to get inspiration on how to spend your November as a gay man.

Events and Activities

Do you have any plans ready for November 2022? This time of the year marks the fading days of autumn, filled with different holidays such as Thanksgiving. Other than the usual occasions, November 2022 also has many tributary dates for the LGBTQ+ community.

It’s only fitting to plan how you can spend your free time in November.

Not sure where to start planning your holiday getaways? Having a calendar template is always a good way to start. Read ahead to get ideas on possible activities and events to enjoy as gay men this November 2022. Customize your November month calendar and handpick suggestions from this post.

Get your calendars ready and brace yourself for the thrilling fun you can have this November 2022.

8 Creative Ways To Enjoy November 2022 for Gay Men

Creative Ways

We’ve listed eight ways you can spend November as a gay man. Plan the week with the following recommendations.

Celebrate (Or Come Out) On Thanksgiving Day

This suggestion is especially dedicated to gay men who haven’t come out of their closets yet. Although November 11 was designated as National Coming Out Day, Thanksgiving is widely celebrated as America’s unofficial coming out day.

Stories have shown that the family Thanksgiving meal is the best opportunity and venue to break the news to close relatives and friends, making this holiday the unofficial coming-out day for many Americans.


It is said that the Thanksgiving holiday falls perfectly in line with the time when first-year college students return home for the holidays. As such, if you’ve been considering coming out, why not stick to ‘modern-day custom’ and break the news during the next Thanksgiving meal?

Otherwise, it’s perfectly fine to wait until you’re fully prepared.

Take Part in Pride-related Observances and Other Holidays


Mark the following dates on your calendars this November 2022, and join in the celebration.

Transgender Awareness Week

Transgender Awareness Week (TAW) is a weeklong event building up to TDoR on November 13. TDoR occurs yearly on November 20. Join advocacy parades or show your support through social media accounts.

Intersex Solidarity Day on November 8

Intersex Solidarity

November 8 annually serves as Intersex Day of Remembrance, also referred to as Intersex Solidarity Day. Extend your support to fellow LGBTQ+ community members by engaging in awareness-raising activities for intersex people.

Express your Salutations on November 11


On November 11, people all across the world celebrate Veterans Day. It is a federal holiday observed annually to pay tribute to the anniversary of the signing of the Armistice that ended World War I. Gay men who served as leaders are often featured in posts and materials related to this holiday.

Travel and Vacation

Travel and Vacation

Take this opportunity to go on an adventure and travel to places you’ve always wanted to go to. Enjoy your stay to the fullest by going to clubs and Pride parties scattered across different dates in November 2022.

Beach Vacay in Club Atlantis

Beach Vacay

Who wouldn’t want to be partying in balmy and warmer cities when most of America is shivering in the dead of November winter? Top on our list is Club Atlantis in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. In November 2022, the club dominates the whole of Hard Rock Vallarta resort to provide an all-gay, all-inclusive beach vacation for LGBTQ+ guests.

Bienvenido to Buenos Aires!


Buenos Aires is not only one of the world’s liveliest cities but also a central homosexual hub, so you can expect to find a lot of attractive gay men living there. The annual Gay Pride Parade in the South American capital city begins at 2:00 p.m. on November 17.

Before the march even starts, there’s a “diversity festival” in Plaza de Mayo featuring performances by local bands. Even better, entry is free!

Party Wild at Palm Springs Pride


Greater Palm Springs Pride will take place from November 1 to 4, so if you’ve been craving some desert action, now’s your chance. The theme this November 2022 is Youth Power for Change, commemorating the youth-led movements for social impact and positive change.

The Palm Springs gay pride parade boasts a number of parties and events, such as a cocktail challenge, a drag pageant, an art of pride festival, a number of pool parties, and the main march itself. In celebration of Palm Springs’ unique culture, the city hosts a number of major circuit parties and events.

Don’t Miss Out on Miami


This Thanksgiving weekend, Miami will host one of the largest LGBT festivals in the world. The iconic beach party on the dunes of South Beach is only one of three enormous evening events that make up Urge Miami. This weekend, on both Saturday and Sunday, you may attend daytime events beside some of Miami’s most renowned hotel pools.

Thanksgiving celebrations go from 10 p.m. to 2 a.m. each night beginning on Friday.

Make Personal Appointments


Keeping in touch with long-lost pals can be challenging in this age of hectic schedules and the constant struggle to stay on top of everything. When you next get the chance to see an old friend this month, why not try one of these things to do together?

· Birthday celebrations. Some of your friends might be celebrating their birthdays in November.

· Gather your friends for a sleepover. You say you’d want to hang out with your pal, but the truth is you’d rather chill on the sofa. So, let’s throw it back and have a sleepover.

Netflix and Chill


“Netflix and chill” can be taken as shorthand for “hooking up” or something similar. However, doing the phrase’s literal meaning can also be a good idea to spend your November 2022. You might want to catch up on LGBT-themed movies and series, not only on Netflix but also on other streaming websites.

Here are some recommended Netflix films to watch as you “Netflix and chill,” whether you’re enjoying a date night with your boyfriend or taking home a stranger.

· Manifest: Season 4A, starting on November 4

· Warrior Nun: Season 2 starting on November 10

· Dead To Me: Season 3 starting on November 17

· Elite: Season 6 starting on November 18

Explore More of Your Sexuality

Your-Sexuality- november

Now that you have a lot of free time on your hands, you don’t have to settle for quickies and rushed sex sessions. Giving yourself a stimulating sexual experience is another great way to spend your November 2022.

Heat your chilly November nights with some freaky, steamy sex. Experiment with different kinks and sexual fantasies you’ve always daydreamed about. Below are some sex prospects you might want to explore.

The Classic BDSM


Perhaps the most common gateway to kinky sex is BDSM. It involves unequal power dynamics between a dominant (someone who takes control of the sexual encounter) and a submissive (someone who obeys the dominant).

BDSM activity can range from the simple act of locking your lover to a bedpost with a pair of handcuffs during sex to more complex role-playing situations using different sex gear and equipment.

Level up to Pet Play


Not sure what to try next after BDSM? Take things up a notch and venture to pet play. In pet play, the submissive takes on the persona and perspective of a pet. This kind of play appeals to kinksters who want to take care of a pet or want to be treated as a pet.

Experience. As a pet, you can use masks to cover your human face and really embody the face of your chosen pet. Smitizen markets high-quality and realistic masks that can be used for pet play.

Update Your Wardrobe


Are you still on track with gay fashion trends? Use your holidays to take a look at your wardrobe and craft the perfect outfit for your getaways.

One good addition to your closet is body suits and muscle suits. Bodysuits are perfect to wear if you want your physique to stand out. But if you’re still yet to reach your dream body, you can always opt to wear muscle suits. These suits mold your body to display toned muscles in an instant.

Smitizen offers snug body and muscle suits on almost any body type. These suits have a silicone material build and are famous for their realistic look and comfortable fit.

Reconnect With Oneself


You don’t always have to rile yourself up to get the most out of November 2022. Given its chilly mood and atmosphere, this is also a lovely month just to kick back and relax. The Thanksgiving and the holiday spirit are excellent inspirations to contemplate and spend some quality alone time.

Final Thoughts


Don’t let November 2022 simply pass by without enjoying your free time during the holidays. Try the events, places, and activities suggested above to make it a November to remember.