Pet play

Know more about BDSM and the kink community, specifically pet play. Read this guide to learn more about pet play and how it can spice up your sex life.

Passionate and rough sex can make some men feel like wild beasts. This behavior often comes from men’s carnal desires that can make them extraordinarily sensual and physical, similar to animals. Meanwhile, some people like to dress up like animals while having sex. This consensual adult roleplaying is popularly known as pet play.

This article explores everything you need to know about pet play, its popularity, and lusty scenarios you can try with your partner.

Defining the Kink: What is Pet Play?

Pet play is a type of BDSM roleplaying in which the submissive assumes the characteristics and mindset of an animal (or pet) the participants have selected or feel connected to. The dominant (sometimes called the handler or owner) is the primary caregiver. Kinksters who can temporarily suspend their humanity or who have the patience to train an animal to obey would enjoy this type of play.

defining the kink

There’s a wide variety of domestic and wild animals from which to draw inspiration. The majority of the animals involved in pet play include puppies, kittens, ponies, and even ducks. It depends on the participants’ agreement on what animal they’d want to incorporate in their kinky roleplay.

Pet play aims to enhance the bond between a submissive and a dominant and indulge in your wildest fantasies. It is also a fun way to discover your innermost lascivious and erotic desires without conventional human inhibitions and ultimately escape the daily burdens of reality.

What’s the Appeal of Pet Play?

It’s a fun pastime for some people to pretend to be animals or pets. A surprising number of gay men like taking on animal personae for entertainment, sexual purposes, and sometimes escapism. These range from vanillas who dress up as “slutty kittens” for Halloween to dedicated aficionados whose entire sexual dynamic is based on maintaining the character of a nice dog.

pet play appeal

While the idea of playing with your pets may seem completely foreign and bizarre to you, there are several valid reasons why you could enjoy it. When we talk about the appeal of the pet play kink, you’ll recognize some similar aspects to the dominance-submission fetish and other forms of erotic humiliation.

Below are other reasons why gay men are engaging more with pet play.

Intimate Dominant-Submissive Relationship


Submissives, playing the role of a pet for another person, can change the power dynamic significantly. The submissive may take pleasure in being led around by the collar and leash and perform various animalistic behaviors such as eating from a bowl on the ground, staying in a cage, and following various commands like “sit” or “bark.” The dominating partner, meanwhile, may find pleasure in the responsibilities of pet care.

A classic example would be how humans form healthy relationships and bond with their pets (whether they are kittens or pups).

How To Get Started With Pet Play

start pet play

Want to get trained as a pet or start caring for an animal through pet play? Here are some tips to get you started:

○ Identify Your Pet


Choosing a pet may depend on a submissive’s personality or a dominant’s preference. The submissive may prefer the puppy if they’re faithful and playful. If they appreciate being led and high-level training, consider a pony.

○ Establish Boundaries and Safe Words

Safe Words

Given that this is a BDSM game, anything might happen. Therefore, it is highly recommended that you and your companion establish some sort of secret code, such as a word or gesture, that will sign when to stop and keep going.

This is especially important if the submissive (whether a pet or an owner) will be physically restrained, unable to express themselves freely, or at risk of injury. It is best to talk about limits at least 24 hours before a scene begins, but even 30 minutes is better.

○ Prepare Gear and Set the Stage


It would be best if you cleaned your equipment before the play begins, given that most of these gears will be inserted in the body. The room needs to be set up for spectacular pet play, so preparations should begin. This entails ensuring everything you’ll need is charged and ready to go.

○ Work on Your Training and Domestication


You can’t just throw a wild animal into a scenario; you must tame it first. In fox play, for instance, you must first domesticate your sub to remove their wild nature before you can make them your pet. That’s a practical method to make the training more authentic.

You can also train a human puppy to do tricks and a human pony to draw a cart, for instance.

○ Do Rewards and Punishment

As the pet’s owner, it is your responsibility to provide a suitable punishment in the event that your pet disobeys your regulations. The punishment may consist of spanking the sub or locking them in a cage for a set amount of time.

reward and punishment

Even though the sub may occasionally act disobediently, they will occasionally be as good as a puppy when told to do what they are told. If your puppy behaves well, you can praise them for it.

○ Always Practice Pet Play Aftercare


An essential part of any BDSM production is aftercare. Pet play can have a lingering influence on your submissive. After you’re done, it’s important to assist them in unwinding physically and mentally.

What Do You Need for Your Pet Play?

Need for Pet Play

The equipment you’ll need depends on the pet you choose to go with. BDSM puppy play, for instance, necessitates different toys and equipment compared to kitten and pony play. The following are must-have equipment and accessories that should be added to your pet play collection.

● Animal Tail Clip-On

A wide variety of clip-on and insertable tails through butt plugs are readily accessible for purchase, both online and in-person sex stores. You’ll find pet tails from every species imaginable, including a naughty fox, bunny, wolf, charming cat, a submissive dog, a seductive pony, and a raunchy raccoon.

Pets can wear the tails and make them appear to wag at will because of the combination of rigid and flexible materials used to construct them.

Animal tail clip

Some adults initially find it intimidating to use butt plugs, but they are easy and convenient to wear. Use some lubricant and work it in slowly and carefully. Once that’s done, you’re free to use your new tail however you see fit. Put the finishing touches on your outfit with a choker, paws, and some animal ears.

● Animal and Dog Masks

One way to quickly shift a submissive’s identity into a pet is by having the face of one. Animal masks are perhaps the essential pet play gear to immerse further and help the participants focus on their pet play scene. When you search for masks, you’ll often see masks for dogs, rabbits, cats, and pigs.

dog mask

You must ensure that the mask is made from premium-grade materials so its texture truly resembles your pet of choice and stays durable throughout your lovemaking. Try Smitizen’s latest dog mask modeled after a Doberman pinscher’s head.

This mask retains its original character by recreating its most distinguishing features — long, perked ears. The mask replicates the dog’s characteristic hairline by including tufts of hair-like material on the silicone mask.

How Common Is Pet Play?

how common

Pet play may seem unheard of and unconventional. However, there is an increasing population of gay men who actively participate and engage in this kink. It is also known for being beginner-friendly and highly accessible compared to other subcommunities in BDSM.

Here are some pet play ideas and activities:

○ Walk Your Pet

walk your pet

This can be an excellent exercise for your submissive. Tie them on a leash and choose different settings where you can walk your pet. For instance, you can walk your dog in a secluded place like your home or property or somewhere out in the wilderness.

○ Bath Your Pony


Ponies are prone to getting dirty. Thus, bathing your pony can be a thrilling scene for your pet play. Fasten the pony submissive to a tree, and give them a short sponge bath (preferably with warm water). It’s optional to remove the harness, especially if it’s leather. However, it’s hotter to retain the bridle and wrist restraints.

Ways To Explore Pet Play

explore your pet

Below are some tricks you could use to explore more pet play:

· Bind your submissive to restrict movement.

· Limit verbal exchanges to animalistic sounds or phrases to immerse yourself. You can also use simpler words, s, “ch, “s “U”!” or “T”ilet!” reminiscent of child language.

· Consuming food and drink from bowls without using cutlery or hands.

The Wonders of Pet Play

pet play wonders

Submissive pet play fulfills your obsession or fantasy. You can mimic and explore different creatures. Realistic play requires proper gear. Even though this article emphasized the sexual aspect of pet play, it can also be nonsexual. Ultimately, pet play is dedicated to deepening the bond between a dominant and a submissive and providing a pleasurable means of escapism.