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The countdown has begun for every furry convention in 2024. Furry conventions are an avenue for furries and enthusiasts alike to come together to celebrate their love for the fandom. The stage is set and the schedules have been confirmed. Get ready for an amazing furry experience. From beautiful furry costumes, fun activities, creativity showcases, fundraising, and more. FurFest should be a must-attend for every furry across the globe. We have curated the list of Furry conventions for the year with all you need to know. A furry convention might be in your city!





Furry Convention 2


Furries, artists, and (often) vendors come together at a single place for a furry convention, sometimes referred to as a conference or simply a con. Conventions often take place over three days or more, usually during a weekend or holiday, in midsize to large cities with access to airports. Regular attendee registration for a furry conference usually costs $70 or less, but after deducting the cost of travel, housing, and meals, guests can easily spend $500 or more to attend.

Fursuit bowling, a café, a dealer’s room/video game section, a drawing area, movie screenings, a tutorial on making ears and tails, and dancing are all traditional FurryCon highlights and what attendees typically look forward to.


Furry Convention 3


Saturday and Friday nights are when the most fun things happen. According to most Furcon regulations, alcohol and other narcotics are not permitted at the convention. Additional restrictions apply to adult content and dress codes under some international conventions. All of this may seem overly restrictive, but it’s not the case. Furry conventions are always jam-packed with entertaining and educative events. They’re also great places to meet and mingle with other furries. Furcons serve as a platform for furry social interaction as well as a means of fundraising for various nonprofits.


1. Japan Meeting of Furries


Furry Convention 4


Location: Loisir Hotel Toyohashi, Toyohashi, Aichi, Japan

Date: January 5th-7th

Age range: No restriction


  • Children under 6: Free
  • Children (6-13): 3000JPY
  • One day (Adult): 5000JPY
  • Member: 8000JPY
  • Sponsor: 16000JPY
  • Super Sponsor: 25000JPY
  • AYAKASHI: 80000JPY

Theme: Ghostbusters


Every year in Toyohashi, Aichi, Japan, there is a furry convention called the Japan Meeting of Furries (JMoF). JMoF was created in 2012 and over the years common activities have revolved around workshops and seminars in acting, costume construction, painting, and other fun subjects scheduled for the con.

JMoF has been hosting an online convention since 2020 that runs concurrently with the actual con in VRChat, Neos VR through 2023, and Resonite starting in 2024. During special panels, guests from both the virtual and physical worlds can engage in conversation. Panels and main stage events are showcased live in the virtual worlds during the JMoF con. If you can be there in person, join the virtual space.


2. Further Confusion 2024


Furry Convention 5


Location: San Jose, California, USA

Date: January 11th- 15th, 2024

Age range: No restriction


  • Attending: $85
  • Sponsor: $160
  • Super Sponsor: $300

Single day pass

  • Friday: $40
  • Saturday: $45
  • Sunday: $40

Theme: Pixelated

Every January, the Bay Area of California, USA hosts Further Confusion, usually referred to as FurCon or simply FC. It is an annual convention for the love of furries.

Furcon is one of the biggest international gatherings of furry creatures; in one space at the same time. It draws in an attendance of more than 4,000 people and is still rising. In addition to the Dealer’s Den, Artists Alley, Art Shows, Headless Lounge, educational seminars, panels, general social activities (Furry Dances), Iron Artist competition, original Critterlympics, charity auctions, and events (which have donated over $150,000 to local charitable beneficiaries to date), and Furcon is known to have an in-house television station FCTV, which airs during the convention.

Further Confusion distributes money to a few different charities every year. Both its charity auction and a direct contribution from the convention itself are used to raise money.


3. Anthro New England


Furry Convention


Location: Boston, Massachusetts

Date: January 18th- 21st, 2024

Age range: No restriction


  • Attendee: $75
  • Sponsor: $150
  • Super Sponsor: $300
  • Patron: $500

Day passes

  • Friday: $40
  • Saturday: $40
  • Sunday$30

Theme: It’s a Nor’Eastah

ANE uses Copley, a deer mascot, and Quincy, a cougar mascot, to represent the organization. The 2024 edition took place on January 18–21, 2024, with the theme “It’s a Nor’Eastah!”—a reference to a particularly strong blizzard that is typical of New England winters—and included Declan Mouse, Howl Out, and GoH DJ Woozie. Once more, attendance increased by more than a thousand, reaching 4482 people. Following ANE 2024, “A Staggering Case!” was revealed as the theme for 2025, along with an animated teaser that focused on Copley, the team’s mascot, going missing. The 2025 GoH (guest of honor), Jaystor, Godbird, and NONSTOPPUP were also revealed. The dates of ANE 2025 are January 16–19, 2025.


4. Scotiacon 2024


Furry Convention


Location: Crowne Plaza Hotel, Glasgow, Lanarkshire, Scotland, United Kingdom

Date: 2nd-5th February, 2025

Age range: 18 or older


  • Attendance only- £100
  • Standard (plus room)- £330
  • Executive (plus room)- £400
  • Executive (plus suite)- £480

Theme: Prehistoric

Wallace, a Scottish mascot named after the hero William Wallace, is the mascot for Scotiacon. Scotland’s first (and so far only) furry convention. Since its inaugural celebration of the furry community in 2011, which brought together furries from all around the world, the event has grown in size. The theme designs for this year transport guests to experience the world of Dinosaurs. A place where creatures from millions of years ago come to life, stomping like they would have in their era. Would you like to wrestle a Tyrannosaurus? Join a Dromaeosaur in dance? Become friends with a Stegosaurus? Then Scotiacon might just be the right gathering for you!


5. NordicFuzzCon 2024


Furry Convention


Location: Malmö, Sweden, Sweden; Clarion Hotel Malmö

Date: 21st February -25th February

Age range: 18+


Ticket prices

  • Attendee- 1500SEK (5 days)
  • Attendee- 550SEK (1 day)
  • Bronze- +300SEK
  • Silv- +700SEK
  • Gold- 1300SEK

Theme: Ragnarök

An annual furry event called NordicFuzzCon (short for NFC) is held in Sweden. 2013 saw the initial iteration of it. With 1499 guests from 43 different countries in 2023, it is the largest furry convention in Scandinavia and the third largest in Europe. The purpose of the event is to foster interest among members of the global furry community. The adorable “raus” (a cross between a mouse and a rat) is NordicFuzzCon’s mascot. She’s named Mausie. Mausie has brown eyes, greyish fur, and a blue tail bow. During NordicFuzzCon 2015’s opening ceremony, Mausie made her fursuit debut.

During the opening ceremony of NordicFuzzCon 2019, Iris was announced as the co-mascot alongside her cousin Mausie. She shares the raus trait with her cousin. Iris’s features include blue eyes, brown and beige fur, and a baby blue bow tied to her tail. The NordicFuzzCon has images, reference materials, and more details about the convention’s mascots.


6. Golden State Fur Con


 Furry Convention


Location: Hilton Los Angeles Airport, Irvine, California, USA;

Date: April 5th – April 7th, 2024

Age range: Age 5 and above see GSFC code of conduct for more information


  • Super Patron ($450.00)
  • Patron ($250.00)
  • Sponsor ($150.00)
  • Registration – Pre-Reg ($65.00)
  • Child Badge 13 and Younger ($20.00)


AEIOU organizes the yearly three-day furry event known as Golden State Fur Con (GSFC), which takes place in Southern California, USA. Fursnickety Costumes developed the mascots for this occasion.

A dealer’s den, autograph sessions, dances/rave, games (tabletop, arcade, roleplay, trading card, video), karaoke, a fursuit dance competition, a fursuit procession, charity auctions, panels, and Q&As will all be activities at the convention.


7. Motor City Furry Convention


Furry Convention


Location:  Ann Arbor Marriott Ypsilanti at Eagle Crest, Ypsilanti, Michigan USA

Date: April 5th- April 7th, 2024

Age range: 18 and older


  • Attendee -$60
  • Day pass (Friday)- $35
  • Day pass (Saturday)- $40
  • Day pass (Sunday)- $25
  • Sponsor- $140
  • Super Sponsor- $245

MCFC is a furry convention which is organized by the furry community to provide programming specifically for its members and a space for dealers, consumers, and general fandom interaction. The convention features customary opening and closing ceremonies, but the real attractions are the highly anticipated MCFC 2024 Floor Warz competition and the MCFC 2024 Fursuit dancing competition.


8. Anthrocon


Smitizen now


Location: David L. Lawrence Convention Center Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Date: July 4th- July 7th, 2024

Age range: No restrictions check out the Anthrocon code of code for guidelines on minors


  • $65:Pre-registered
  • $80: On-site

Theme: AnthroCoaster

Founded as Albany Anthrocon in 1997, Anthrocon has expanded to become one of the world’s largest anthropomorphic conferences, with over 13,600 attendees in 2022 and over $500,000 contributed to charitable causes. Workshops and seminars on acting, costume construction, animation, literature, art and design, and other subjects are offered during Antrocon. Expect also to see a fursuit parade with over a thousand incredible patrons and a large art show featuring the finest anthropomorphic artwork available for purchase. Find out more about events and panels. Other major highlights of the 2024 convention include Uncle Kage’s Story Hour”, Fursuit Dance Competition and Floor Wars, Art-related, Costume-related, and other artistic how-to panels, workshops, and demonstrations.


9. Furry Weekend Atlanta


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Location: Marriott Marquis, Atlanta, Georgia, USA 

Date: 9th May- 12th May, 2024

Age range:


  • Attending: $100
  • Sponsor: $160
  • Silver: $250
  • Gold: $450


Smitizen New!!


At the door

  • Thursday: $50
  • Friday: $75
  • Saturday: $90
  • Sunday: $75

Theme- Furry University; Homecoming

Furry Weekend Atlanta which initially began as being hosted at the homes of different furries has today become a gathering that keeps growing bigger and bigger as more and more furs appeared in the metro Atlanta area over time. It is the second-largest furry event as of May 2023, drawing 10328 attendees and raising $100,000. This year promises hundreds of hours of planned activities, dances, enormous video game and board game rooms, an artist alley, a fursuit dance competition, and lots more in-store




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It’s nothing short of a busy year for the furry community. Some furries consider it a necessity to attend Furcons and some don’t. Either way, the fun goes on. Furcon is always an unforgettable time. If Furry conventions are your thing, this is the year you should plan to attend one.