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As silicone products are getting more and more popular; which is quite elastic and stretchy, especially for silicone mask and muscle suit. However, sometimes the silicone product may be accidentally damaged due to some reasons, such as being scratched.

If re-purchase a new one, that will cost a lot. So it is very important to learn to repair it. The following is a professional repair way; I hope that can help you!

If the suit splits a little, you can try this way to repair it.

Step one

Take off the product. Please don’t wear it before it is fixed, or it may tear more.

Step two

Cut a piece of silk stocking and stick it with glue to the torn area.

Step three

The right kind of glue is important. Professional glue is preferred. The glue we use to stick the product is called smooth-on Psycho Paint. You may get it on smooth-on.com. It’s very professional.

Step four

Stick silk stocking both outside and inside of the torn area.

Step five

To enhance, you may use some strings to sew the torn area to ensure it will not tear again. Here are the pictures of the glues; please check them:

Note: When you wear silicone products, try not to use long nails or sharp tools that have direct- contact with products.

Otherwise the products are easy to be damaged. And if the silicone products are damaged, please do not use force to pull the damaged area, in case that will be damaged again, and you can wear it after fixed well.

The above is the method to repair the silicone products. Follow the above steps so that you can repair them. Wear it to show off!

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