Silicone Ice Dragon Mask

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Our new silicone monster mask is an Ice Dragon Mask. The Silicone Ice Dragon Mask looks like an anthropomorphic dragon. It has a snout structured to assimilate a lizard-like nose with slightly side-facing elongated nostrils.

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Silicone Ice Dragon Mask

Product Introduction

The Silicone Ice Dragon Mask features a stunning blue-purple gradient that radiates from the center to the edges, adding depth and dimension to the dragon's majestic form. The lightning-shaped patterns symbolize power, while the gemstone structure above the brow serves as a source of power injection, enhancing the wearer's strength and vitality.

Crafted with precision and attention to detail, this mask is a true work of art designed to evoke a sense of power and mystique in those who wear it. Its unique color gradient and intricate patterns will turn heads and make a bold statement. Experience the power and beauty of the Ice Dragon with this exquisite mask.

Product Description

The Silicone Ice Dragon Mask has two cone-shaped horns protruding diagonally upward and backward, resembling the sharp embedded horns of a real dragon. The ears also comprise three smaller horn cores combined with thin curved fins.

The nose is intrinsically joined with the upper mouth crafted with huge holes to resemble a dragon’s nose as a chimney when its mouth emits fire. It was deliberately designed to leave the eyes out so you can see through when wearing it. You don’t need to worry about whether the eyes’ holes are too small or too large for you because we made it to fit an average-sized eye.

The neck and chest parts of the mask catch all the details that an actual human body has. The muscular triangle at the neck center is contained by two semi-diagonal regions. You can immediately see the collar bones and a muscled chest with darker shades of blue and purple in the middle to establish depth and dimensions.

The rear portion is plainly molded to flawlessly fit from the top of your head, with a lighter blue shading most of the top back skull, down to the neck and upper shoulder. Even the backbone structure is modeled like a realistic upper shoulder showing the spinal column and connecting bones. You can see that the overall mask is full of connecting veins in different blue and purple shades to establish a power running through the face down to the neck.

Material and Product Use

Advanced machined produces the Smitizen Ice Dragon Mask from a high-quality silicone material. The mask was designed to stretch it through while fitting it in your face with a smooth texture to avoid skin allergies and irritation.

You’ll have fun wearing these in-scene roleplays, cosplays, or a striking addition to your collections. Its cold vibes can bring hotness and sexiness as you intend to flirt with your bed partner. Whether you’re muscular, hunk, or fit, our mask can perfectly blend with your body type!

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