Muscle Suit with Anal Hole and Front Hole + Silicone Mask – Thor

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Our product bundle contains a muscle body suit with a front and anal hole plus a silicone mask-Thor, which provides an ideal method to instantly and safely change your appearance. With the silicone mask -Thor, you can effortlessly change your appearance by changing your gender, age, and race.

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Our product bundle containing the most sought-after muscle suit, and silicone mask, can help you achieve your ideal body quickly and at a pocket-friendly price. The body suit readily stretches to accommodate different body types and contains believable aesthetic and functional features to give you a likely change in appearance.

The products are designed for functionality.

Unlike other standard muscle suits, our body suit contains a front and anal hole that can help you fulfill your sexual needs seamlessly. With this product, you can avoid the inconvenience of taking off your body suit when answering the call of nature or getting hot and heavy with your paramour.

The silicone mask also has a functional design because it allows you to talk, drink, and eat, making it easy to embody your new persona.

Realistic-looking features

The muscle suit costume can transform your body by increasing your muscle size and shape, making your muscle groups appear more clear-cut. The body suit can help you instantly develop defined abdominal and chest muscles, brawny arms, round derriere, clear-cut back muscles, and strong legs. The muscle suit contains realistic features such as wrinkles around the armpit, real blood vessels, and a perfect belly line, giving you a believable change in appearance.

The silicone mask has realistic features, including a well-connected neck area, hand-crafted eyebrows, and a punched-in wig to give you a more believable change in appearance.

Realistic feel

The body suit and silicone mask are skin-friendly, so you can wear the costumes for extended periods without developing skin complications. The material has a skin-like texture, so it’s comfortable to touch. Although the default color of the muscle suit and mask is tan, you can request custom-made products in natural, dark, and Caucasian skin tones.

High level of elasticity

You can wear or pull off the body suit and mask without tearing the material because they are made from silicone material, which is highly elastic. The muscle suit stretches readily to accommodate different body types, so it’s ideal for people of all shapes and sizes. Once the costume is in place, the material holds tightly against your body like a second skin, so it’s comfortable to wear. The silicone mask is very handsome and perfectly complements the body suit to give you an authentic change in appearance.

Instant disguise

With our muscle suit with anal and front hole plus silicone mask – Thor, you can instantly become someone else. Whether you want to become a muscular version of yourself, change your race, gender, shelf off a few years, or become older, this product bundling is perfect for you.

Product users

Our muscle suit plus silicone mask combo is perfect if you want a costume that can improve your sex life. The muscle suit and mask enhance your appearance, giving you the confidence to pursue your sexual fantasies. The costumes are also ideal for someone who wants to look dashing in their daily life, photo shoot, cosplay, or on Halloween.




Additional information

Weight 2 kg
Full Body Muscle Suit-Color

Caucasian, Dark, Natural, Tan

Full Body Muscle Suit-Chest-Hair

With Chest Hair, Without Chest Hair


Beard, Blond Beard, No Beard


Blond Hair, Hair, No Hair


Chest Hair, No Chest Hair

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