Classic Leather Harness – White & Black

$167.69 $121.22

Indulge in our exquisite Classic Leather Harness, meticulously crafted from the highest quality white leather. Enhanced with elegant matte black metal accents, including D-rings, O-rings, rivet caps, and snap caps.

Introducing our premium White & Black Classic Leather Harness crafted from the finest white leather.
Equipped with front and back strap D-rings, perfect for attaching our Bulldog Cockstrap.
Featuring sleek matte black metal D-rings, O-rings, rivet caps, and snap caps.
Designed with adjustable snaps on all straps, ensuring maximum flexibility and a personalized fit.
Sizes are tailored based on girth and height, guaranteeing custom and comfortable wear.
Expertly cut to sit above your pectoral muscles, accentuating your shoulders and chest.

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