In the Mistwood Ruins of Elden Ring, the half-man, half-wolf NPC, Blaidd, stands as the trusted guardian of the revered witch, Ranni.

He also offers adventurers the chance to summon him as an NPC companion, adding an exciting and enigmatic element to their journey through this enchanting realm.

A captivating hybrid of man and wolf, Blaidd exudes an air of mystery and power as he roams the mist-covered forest, emitting haunting howls that echo through the ancient trees.

This unique character, Blaidd, serves as an integral part of Ranni's entourage, offering unwavering loyalty and protection to the esteemed witch

Blaidd can also be summoned as an NPC companion, enhancing their journey through Elden Ring with his formidable abilities and unparalleled companionship.

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