Have you ever felt a strange craving for new sensations from rough sexual activity? Let’s talk about primal fetish – a type of play that offers the pleasure and satisfaction one can only get from all things unconventional.

Primal Fetish: Defined

Primal fetish or primal kink is an aggressive and wild BDSM play with different acts, such as:


Primal Fetish

If you’ve watched the sports of wrestling fight online, then you may be dreaming of doing the same play. However, instead of having suits and protective gear, you do it naked. You can add intimacy by kissing or seducing your partner’s body while pausing from the primal.


Primal Fetish

It’s similar to hunting an animal, where the Dom hunts his Sub. The gay community also refers to this as animal play. The hunting material is either injury-driven, like a knife and a whip, or restriction-driven, using handcuffs and rope for tying.

The primal fetish of hunting is more thrilling if you do this in a group. You can invite other gay friends or strangers to have fun with you.


Primal Fetish

This primal fetish usually involves your nails scratching the skin of your mate. To add variations of pain and sensation, you can crack the tips of your nails and shape them in the form you want. You can also use other materials and toys to deliver unique scratches and make your fetish more interesting.

Fist fighting

Primal Fetish

Fist fighting is the most physical and aggressive primal fetish because it involves a battle between the Dom and Sub. If you decide to do this, you must prepare yourself and store strength and energy since you need to stand in every punch your mate will throw at you.

Hair pulling


This primal fetish is pretty straightforward, as you only need to pull each other’s hair. But you may give a little flavor to it if you do other scenes, such as pulling hair while having anal sex.


Primal Fetish

Some gay men get aroused when they bite a fleshy part of their mate’s body. In this primal fetish, the flesh damage and sensation you give your man largely depend on the force and power you charge on your teeth. Others purposefully grind their teeth to make them sharp and ready for biting, or medically coined as teeth filing.


Hitting is a primal play that can be soft or hard. Spanking and flogging are almost the same as hitting, but you can spot the difference by the component used to hit your partner. In hitting, you can use nearly any toy or equipment, from soft pillows and plastic tubes to sturdy materials and belts.

Primal Fetish

Before you react, yes, some gay partners find pleasure and gratification in the kind of plays mentioned above. They often enjoy sadomasochistic encounters, where the Dom finds satisfaction in inflicting pain, and the Sub is pleasured by the pain he receives.

Roles and Terminologies

Works the same as the dominant and submissive bed scenes. To give you more details, here are the specific roles that every gay man can play:

Primal Fetish


Predator is the role given to the dominant partner in primal play. Other gays call them hunters or alphas, depending on the scenarios and preferences. Their main job is to catch their mate and inflict sensations.


This role is for the submissive men who want to be chased during a primal fetish play.


It refers to a group engaging in primal fetish scenes. Depending on the group’s liking, it could be a three-way, four-way, or more. However, you could have more than one predator or prey for this kind of roleplaying.


Mate is usually used to address someone you have a primal fetish with. Some gay only gives this name when they reach a certain level of intimacy and trust in one another.

Primal Play vs. Animal Play

Most gays interchangeably use the terms primal play and animal play to demonstrate the aggressive fetishes of the acts mentioned above. Since these plays usually involve loud sounds and grunts or shouting and growling, they often interpret everything as an act of animals making noises.

However, animalistic roleplaying is only part of a bigger primal fetish.

animal play

Gays engaging in primal fetish radiate more natural and raw characteristics that show their full involvement in the scene rather than acting as animals alone. But keep in mind that acting and sounding like an animal is not a requirement in primal fetish. However, other packs may allow it depending on their sexual scenarios, usually the ones involving hunting.

Tips for Starting Primal Kink Experiments

primal tips

One reason for wanting to try primal fetish is the intense attraction and heightened urge to be taken away from your comfort. If you’re planning to explore this new sexual world, here are several things you need to know:

1. Read more and learn new information. The key to your first successful primal fetish is thorough research on the different sexual acts. You can either read blogs, attend forums in the kink community, or ask your gay friends who’ve done this kind of play.

2. Perform meditation and identify your body’s physical strengths and weaknesses. If you’re not into meditation, it’s completely okay not to do so as long as you can get to know your body since primal fetish is a physical play of domination and submission.

Primal Fetish

3. If you’re dominant, check the act where you’ll best show your masculinity and power. You’ll probably lead the play, so ensure that you know the rules and boundaries of your sex game. If you’re a sub, practice how you can best represent yourself. If you want to be hit or hair-pulled, think of how you can appeal and react to show your enthusiasm so your mate can enjoy your reactions.

4. Condition yourself. Once you’re already in the bedroom, you can’t back out. Otherwise, you’ll compromise the relationship. When you’re done choosing a primal act to try, it’s better to condition yourself physically and mentally. A full-blown performance means intense gameplay and gratifying and pleasurable rough sexual desires.


5. Pick someone you trust. If you already have a mate, well and good. You can have fun with him. But if you’re a single exploring, you should begin your primal journey with someone you have confidence playing with. This way, you’ll resolve all worries about brutal and uncommunicated fetishes.

Primal Play Health and Safety Measures

Primal Fetish

Remember not to rush things. Just because you badly want it doesn’t mean you jump right at your feet and grab your man towards the bedroom. Primal fetish requires safety measures and agreements on both parties involved to ensure your health while enjoying the play. Here are some of the considerations:

Ask for consent

Consent and boundaries are everything. It would be best if you didn’t do anything in the play that was not agreed upon. So, it’s important to communicate with your partner and ask for consent in every act you perform. You can have it on paper and signed to ensure it’s bound.


Safe signs and words

Assign safe signs and words to use during your primal act. A safe sign is any symbol on your hand that, when raised, your mate will know that whatever is happening in the scene needs to stop. The safe words work the same way, that when uttered, they put a stop to your act. This is essential, especially in scenarios where you know you’re on the edge of collapsing.


Consider sensitive body parts.

Hit, bite, punch, and scratch only the areas with full flesh, such as butts, chests, and thighs. Avoid hitting spots with close bones or where the internal organs are. When delivering a facial impact, ensure not to damage the sensitive parts like the eyes.

Primal Fetish

First Aid

Always bring a first aid kit when engaging in primal fetish, especially when rough plays are involved. You can have skin damage, bruising, and bleeding. Anything could go wrong in bed, so it’s better to be ready.

If an injury happens, provide care for the one injured. It’s a common courtesy to clean their wounds and wrap them with bandages. If you’re unfamiliar with first aid, do not leave the person bleeding in bed. Ask for the nearest help.


Give your body enough time to recover from your primal fetish. The pain from powerful blows and hard impacts can last hours, so stay for a while. If you’re a Dom, check for your Sub and reassure him of his performance.

Attend to his needs, and if he requests a cuddle or anything intimate, consider giving it to him. After all, you both enjoyed your moments.

Primal Fetish

Final Thoughts

Were you able to find answers to your curiosity on primal fetish? Always remember the safety measures we share in our guide to ensure perfect health after your scenes. Pair your primal fetish with high-grade silicone products from SMITIZEN and get started on your wild BDSM play!