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Lead-in: Learn the history of the chest plate and how it has modernized into the male silicone chest plate.

We also discuss the function of modern chest plates and how they differ from their original counterparts.

male chest plate

One of the most well-known and vital parts of body armor is the breastplate or chest plate. It is a piece of armor shaped to cover and protect the chest from injury. The industries that used these chest plates ranged from self-defense, the military, construction, driving gear, and more.

Thanks to the development of silicone and technology, we’ve got another chest plate type and material designed for widely different uses. One of them is to emulate the male body shape. In this post, we’ll look at traditional and modern silicone chest plates.

The Origin of Male Chest Plates

Like many other things, the ancient Greeks invented the chest plate. Their primary use was to create a layer of protection for the wearer whenever they marched into war. The chest plates protected them from sword attacks, spears, arrows, and other weapons.

These first chest plates consisted of bronze, leather, and other materials that were available to them.

Metal chest plates allowed for more protection but made the wearer move slower. Leather chest plates let the wearer move more freely and quickly but weren’t as thick as their metal counterparts. The lightest and cheapest armor used for torso protection consisted of linen fabric. However, these provided little protection against fatal blows.

They Were More than Chest Protection

Many cavalry soldiers wore a muscle cuirass, a torso armor type shaped to showcase the idealized male human physique.

In mythological scenes, the armor had more exaggerated ornamentation. The ancient Greek soldiers also decorated their chest plates. However, most kept the adornments for their chest plates simple. Many soldiers added symbols and other design elements on their chest plates that represented their city or family.

decorated chest plate

Roles of Male Chest Plates Today

Many of the modern chest plates we wear today still have a protective function. Most of them are parts of an entire armor-like design.

You’ll find many great examples of modern chest protection in the following industries:

● Sports (hockey and baseball)

chest plate for sports

● Martial arts (taekwondo and arnis)

chest plate for martial arts

● Racing (dirt bike or motorbike racing)

● Paintball

● Airsoft

● Body armor in the police, military, and other defense departments and agencies

chest plate for defense

Chest Plates with Decorative Purposes 

Another use of chest plates today is for decorative or aesthetic purposes.

These chest plates may stand for strength and manliness. These may also have spiritual significance. Some people wear them to represent an ideology or convey a message.

In short, the role of the modern chest plate differs depending on the wearer. Some wear them for protection, while others place more significance on them.

Types of Male Chest Plate

Male chest plates come in different materials, whether ancient or more recent. The following are the types of male chest plates by material:

● Leather, fabric, or mixed layers of both

leather chest plate

● Interwoven rings of iron or steel

● Metal, horn, wood, plastic, or other similarly tough and resistant materials

● Padding and sturdy fabric

fabric chest plate

● Silicone chest plate

silicone chest plate

Their function varies with the material used to create them. For example, silicone chest plates have more aesthetic value than protective features.

Male silicone chest plates tend to replicate the natural male chest. They look, feel, and move like a second chest placed on top of the wearer’s real chest.

A chest plate made of padding is typically required in sports like hockey and baseball. They often have a lightweight and sturdy design created to allow for a wide range of movements. Usually, these chest plates come as a part of a body armor set. In the case of hockey, chest protectors and shoulder pads create the upper torso protective gear.

male silicone chest plate

What Is a Male Silicone Chest Plate and What Does It Do?

One of the most exciting types of chest plates is the silicone one. It’s a popular product today in the age of digital communication.

Some people buy female silicone chest plates with breasts to dress like females. The reasons could range from pranks to self-expression. With that said, let’s inspect the male silicone chest plate some more.

silicone chest plate

What Is a Male Silicone Chest Plate?

Silicone with high quality and grade is the material used to create a male silicone chest plate. After all, silicone has excellent elasticity. It doesn’t lose its surface softness despite its elasticity, making it the perfect material for emulating human skin.

A male silicone chest plate will look like a man’s chest. It could feature a smooth, freckled, or hairy torso. It also comes in many skin tones and even exotic colors. It could be muscular, lean, or curvy, depending on your preferences.

Most silicone chest plates have a front and back part and look like a form-fitting vest. Others cut off at the middle of the chest, showing only the upper chest and arms. Some products look like a man’s torso, complete with muscular arms and a neck.

A male silicone chest plate will also feel and move like a second chest. Even if you have a different body type, wearing a male silicone chest plate can hide your natural shape and give you a more masculine look.

It’s great for crossdressers or those who want to try stepping into a new identity.

What Does a Silicone Chest Plate Do for Your Bodybuilding?

The most significant benefit of wearing a silicone chest plate is adding more dimension and bulk to your form.

The best part about wearing a silicone chest plate is that you don’t need to invest your time and energy into hitting the gym to get your ideal body. Since the chest plate is only a temporary solution, it works well if you plan to wear a costume for a while.

Chest Plate Is More Than a Bodybuilding Thing

Bodybuilding isn’t the only field where you could use a silicone chest plate. You could also use it to improve your hobbies or personal interests.

Female crossdressers and cosplayers could also use a male silicone chest plate to give themselves a masculine chest. If you want to step into a muscular man’s body, the next best option is to buy a full-body silicone muscle suit.

Don’t forget that using the chest plate could also extend into your kinks or fetish.

Do you want to try wearing leather harnesses that would frame your body at the next kink party?

You might feel that your thin or lanky frame wouldn’t look good in those sexy harnesses. We’re here to tell you that you’ll look good in them no matter what your build and body type.

However, we also know that some people enjoy themselves more if they can experience having a thick, muscular torso. The good news is that male silicone chest plates are here to help you make those dreams a reality.

How to Wear a Male Silicone Chest Plate for the Best Results

Here are some tips to remember when you’re wearing a male silicone chest plate for the first time.

Be patient and careful. Don’t rush because. Otherwise, you might cause the thin edges of the chest plate to tear.

Wearing a silicone chest plate can take a while, so don’t worry about taking your time. The process will shorten the more you repeat it and get used to it.

With that said, here is a quick guide for putting on a male silicone chest plate:

1. Ensure the product is clean before you wear it. If you’re unsure, wash and clean it first.

2. Using a large makeup brush or any other brush, apply the baby powder onto the surface of the chest plate.

3. Wear a hairnet to protect your hair and scalp.

4. Place the backs of your hands on each inner side of the chest plate. Keeping your palms facing each other, use your hands to push up the chest plate.

5. Slide your head through the bottom opening of the suit and wear it from the neck going down. Use your hands to adjust the chest plate over your body.

6. Slide one arm through the cuff carefully.

7. Get your next arm through in the same way.

8. Make any last adjustments.

how to wear chest plate


Although they were initially made to protect the wearer’s chest from injury in historical times, the modern chest plate has evolved and diversified to different fields.

The male silicone chest plate is a current version of the chest plate created to boost the form of your torso. You can use it for your costumes or kinks.