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The lgbtq+ community -prides itself on the principles of inclusivity, diversity, and acceptance. Whether you identify as a lesbian, gay, trans, queer, or bisexual, you can find like-minded individuals within the lgbtq+ umbrella term to share ideas, compare experiences, or get great advice about living as a queer person. Even within the queer community, you can find other subcultures, such as masc, who either contravene or conform to gender constructs. In this article, we will explore what a masc is, the possible origin of the term, and how to look like a masc.


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What does masc mean?

The term masc, short for masculine, is synonymous with behavioral attributes associated with people assigned to the male gender at birth. Fortunately, as more people feel free and confident to explore their gender identity, the term masc has become an inclusive term for gender identity for an individual who is not necessarily a man. A masc in the queer community is a person with attributes, behaviors, and mannerisms that go against society’s expectations.

Other common phrases in the LGBTQ+ community include:


If you were born with biological female organs/genitals and assigned female at birth but identify with the masculine identity, you are a trans-masc. A trans-masc is an umbrella term for transgender men and other queer people assigned female at birth, including nonbinary, demi-boys, and gender-fluid individuals that connect more with masculinity.


Have you ever wondered what the difference between femme and feminine is? Being feminine doesn’t automatically make you a femme. Femme is a colloquial term usually used in the LGBTQ+ community to refer to a woman who presents femininely. The word femme can have two meanings: a person or an identity. 

Femme is a queer person whose mannerisms and behavior are pretty feminine. Some of the queer subgroups that use the femme identity include non-binary, asexual, or trans people.


A transfemme is an individual who identifies with femininity even if they were assigned the male gender at birth (AMGAB). You can use the term transfemme to describe a shared experience with someone or a group of people or as a gender identity. Some of the subgroups in the queer community that use transfemme as a gender identity include non-binary people, demi girls, gender fluid people, transwomen, and agender people.

Where did the term originate?

Members of the queer community coined the term masc to fit the needs of various subgroups in the LGBTQ+ community. Queer vocabulary develops over time as people explore their identities and become comfortable having open discussions about their sexuality and identity as queer people.

Queer language transcends cultures and borders, so words can mean different things for different people depending on where they come from. For instance, the word masc can have a different meaning depending on the context. Masc can have a different meaning depending on gender, the time it’s used, and the subject of the conversation.

How to look masc?


Getting a convincing masculine look can be challenging, primarily if you were assigned female at birth. From looking like a teenage boy, experiencing gender dysphoria, to people intentionally mispronouncing your pronouns, the life of a masc person can be tricky.

While masc experience significant challenges in their daily life, the freedom to live as their authentic selves far outweigh any negativity they might face. To be a masc person, you have to have a mental connection with your masculinity, which can manifest physically in the way you look, dress, or express yourself.

Here are tips to help you look masculine:

Develop masc manners

Is there a rule of thumb that says masc presenting persons have to behave like men? Not! It doesn’t make sense to escape the trappings of one gender and jump into the trappings of another. Developing masc manners doesn’t mean you become a man or avoid everything to do with femininity. No secret code teaches masc men how to behave, treat people, or act.

Treat people with kindness, acceptance, and respect regardless of gender identity. Being a masc person doesn’t mean you appropriate other genders’ mannerisms or become disrespectful towards certain genders. It’s a chance to learn a new set of behaviors that guide how you interact with the society around you.

Consider getting a bidder.

For masc men, especially trans men, wearing a bidder can decrease the dysphoria associated with having a feminine chest. You can search for safe and effective items or materials you can use to bind your chest to gain a male-looking chest. You can use everyday household materials such as duct tape or bandages to flatten your chest by wrapping your breasts. If regular household items are too painful or damage your breast tissues, you can use things such as binder tank tops, sports bras, or tight t-shirts to compress your chest.

Get a masc haircut

Do you have the courage to get a masculine-presenting haircut without worrying about what society will think about you? Communal judgment can prevent you from living life authentically by shaming what you like. If you want a masculine haircut, go for it. You may receive judgmental glares and pointed fingers or become the subject of gossip, but it will be worth it if it makes you happy.

Tailor your fits

If you are a queer person that identifies as a masc, adopt a style that tells people you are comfortable and confident with your identity. The last thing you need is to wear clothes that make you look like you raided your dad’s closet.

Contrary to popular stereotypes, wearing masc clothes doesn’t mean you shop in the men’s section, although nothing is wrong with that. Rather than buying clothes off-the-rack at your local store, consider getting tailor-made garments that reflect your style and personality. A well-tailored suit accentuates your features, giving you a unique masc look.

Attain mental and physical fitness


To develop a healthy masculine look, you can’t underestimate the value of caring for your mental and physical well-being. Your lifestyle, environment, eating habits, and relationships can affect how mental well-being, which can affect your physical health. Some of the methods you can use to protect your physical and mental well-being include:

Exercise and eat healthy

A masc look is associated with peak physical perfection. You can build a fit physique by adopting a healthy diet and exercising regularly. For a structured exercise program, you can join a gym and work out with seasoned gym enthusiasts who can show you the ropes and keep you motivated. You can also work out at home using online tutorials such as YouTube videos or create a workout program with the help of a fitness instructor.


You may not achieve your desired body no matter how much you exercise if you don’t adopt a healthy diet. Eat a balanced diet that ensures your body has enough carbohydrates to give you energy, proteins to build muscles, and all the other necessary nutrients to keep you healthy. Hydrate as much as possible to keep your body refreshed.

Wear muscle suits

A person born with female biological organs often has a more petite physical body frame than a person assigned male at birth. Whether you have a more petite build because you were given a female at birth or a skinny frame due to genetics, you may need to quickly and safely increase your muscle size and shape soon to gain an imposing masc look.

Wearing a muscle suit costume is the easiest and safest way to build your muscles quickly without altering your body’s physiology. A muscle suit costume can help you build impressive abs, ripped pecs, massive arms, and clear-cut back muscles, giving you a masculine look that makes you look powerful. You can wear an upper body, lower body, or full body suit, depending on the body features you want to accentuate.


For some people, having masculine aesthetics, such as a male bulge around the groin area, is essential in achieving an authentic masc look. An easy solution to gaining a male-looking bulge around your genitals is to wear a homemade stuffer or a packer.

A homemade stuffer can be anything from a stuffed shirt or a sock to a silk scarf folded to perfection and placed around your crotch area. Alternatively, you can search for a prosthetic stuffer to give you a realistic-looking male bulge which is convenient when you want to pee.


As a masc presenting person, the freedom to experience life authentically is fulfilling and rewarding. Adapting a masc look enables you to escape the confines and restrictions of your assigned gender at birth, allowing you to talk, behave, and dress in a way that builds your self-confidence and esteem, making it possible to experience life to the fullest.

Having a masc look also makes opening public discourse about gender identity easier, helping break the stigma around untraditional gender identities.