Thought I’d start this thread as there seem to be a few of us cursed with smaller heads, which affects the way our masks fit.

Here, we can share tips and advice for ways of padding out your mask to get the best fit possible with eye holes mou, the holes, etc., lining up the way they should.

How do you make a silicone mask bigger?

Our silicone masks are “one size fits most” and do, in fact, fit most people. Should the mask be slightly too big, we strongly recommend wearing a beanie cap – as this usually remedies the problem.

My head size is approx 21 and a half inches and I get a much better fit with my silicone mask when wearing a beanie underneath. However, it’s still not perfect, and the eye holes aren’t as lined up and tight to my face as I’d like. So, I’m still experimenting. Maybe I need to try a slightly bigger hat.

How do you make a latex mask bigger?

Using a hairdryer, apply heat to each trouble area for a few minutes. The heat will soften the latex and make it more willing to bend to a new shape. Be careful – the latex gets extremely hot to the touch. NEVER wear the mask while applying heat!

Similarly, does latex shrink when heated? The heat will not cause the latex to shrink, but it will cause the PB-300 to activate.

Besides the above, how do you fix a latex mask?

  • Wash the inside of the mask with warm, soapy water on a clean cloth. This will remove any dirt, dried sweat, and other contaminants that will interfere with the repair.
  • Hold the torn section of the mask together and secure it with masking tape.
  • Cut a piece of cheesecloth 2 inches wider and 2 inches longer than the tear.

The above is the silicone mask and latex mask adjustment method; I hope this article can help you enhance the fit of silicone masks for smaller heads!