Have you ever heard of the girldick? Are you curious about the ladydick but don’t know where to get information about it without drawing attention from busybodies? The word girldick is synonymous with mystery, creating a perception that it’s not a norm.

Whether you are a trans-woman looking for information to help you affirm your gender, a gay man, or a straight ally that wants to provide adequate support to people with girldicks, finding positive, timely, and insightful information about girldicks can feel like an arduous task.

Because of the taboo surrounding trans bodies, it’s virtually impossible to get credible information about a ladydick, meaning trans women can cruise through life having little to no information about their bodies.

In this article, we will explain what a girl dick is and explain everything you need to know about it.

Girldick, ladydick

What is a girldick?

What is the first thing that comes to mind when you hear the term girldick? Do you picture a lady with male bits hanging beside her vagina or a cisgender man with a feminine penis? If you are familiar with trans or queer lingo or slang terms, then you have probably heard the word girldick thrown around in casual conversations. But do you know what a girl dick is and where the word came from?

What's a girldick?

A girl dick, also known as a ladydick, is a trans lingo word referring to the male penis of a transgender woman. Unfortunately, your male anatomy doesn’t disappear just because you can discover your trans identity. Your male penis remains part of your body even after your eureka moment about your trans identity.

Rather than calling their physical sexual organs lady bits, trans women can use the word ladydick, which is more fitting because it doesn’t take away their state of being. In simple terms, a girldick is a trans woman’s penis.

Everything you need to know about girldick (ladydick)


Thanks to ignorance, misinformation, and slander, there are dozens of untrue assumptions about what it means to have a girldick. In addition to the strenuous task of exploring their identity, trans men and women face many challenges from deviating from the norm.

From experiencing hate crimes, misgendering, and inadequate health care, the trans community is one of the most vulnerable communities in the modern world. Trans women have difficulty fitting in with the straight, lesbian, or gay communities.

Continue reading to learn more about lady-dicks in the trans community:

·         Who can have a girl dick?


Not every person under the sun can claim to have a girldick. Having a lady dick is not a badge of honor that anyone who falls outside the traditional social sexual constructs. A girldick is a term only a cisgender man who identifies as trans can use.

At some point in their life, trans people discover their alternative identity and must consciously decide to affirm their gender identity either socially, legally, or through medical procedures. Here are some of the famous trans girls who have girldick on Ins:

· empoweredtranswoman

· _alliet_659

· transaddictive

·         A lady dick and a man’s dick: Is there a difference?

dick on ladies

Do you ever wonder whether there is a difference between a lady dick and a man dick? You are not the only one. The debate about what it means to be a trans person is pretty contentious, even in the trans world. If you believe a trans woman is a woman just like a cisgender female, then everything about that woman, including her dick, is female, which supports the girldicks concept.

But is there a difference between a man’s and a trans woman’s penis? It depends. On a molecular, a trans woman’s penis is pretty similar to that of a regular man. Whether you are a trans woman or a straight man, your penises are identical because they result from a biological process.

A girl dick and a man’s dick are pretty similar except in cases where an individual is using Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT).

Trans women who use HRT usually have a feminine penis, meaning their dicks have a softer texture, experience less spontaneous erections, and are less musky. A ladydick is also smaller than an average man’s dick, has a clear ejaculate, and may change color.

·         What to do with a girldick?

● Since it smells better (less musky) and softer in texture (different mouthfeel) – you can perform oral on your partner’s girldick.

● You can use your girldick to pleasure yourself. On some occasions, you can even ejaculate, but the ejaculate will be clear.

● Some girldicks pre-HRT are huge enough for your partner to feel it deep inside.

·         Some people don’t like the word girldick


While some people are okay with the word dick to refer to the penis of a trans woman, others are not. Some trans women don’t care for the term lady dick and feel it can be a bit insensitive. Under the right circumstance, using lad dicks to reference other people’s genitals is okay, especially if it’s people within your social circle.

However, some malicious use the term girl dick as a derogatory term to attack people in the trans community or disregard their womanness.

If you want to use the word girl dick in a conversation with a trans woman, consider getting the other person’s consent. Insensitive language can break someone’s spirit, especially in the trans and queer communities, who are victims of verbal attacks o a regular basis.

Whether it’s a loved one, a casual acquaintance, or a stranger, getting someone’s consent to use a slang word that they perceive to be insensitive can make you a better ally. Alternatively, you can use gender-neutral terms such as junk to refer to a trans woman’s lady bits.

·         How to handle your lady bits


For a trans woman, figuring out how to deal with your girl dick can significantly improve your life. If you hate the feeling of your dick hanging down like a third leg, you can use various tricks in the trans world to get comfortable.

For instance, you can tuck your lady bits into their sockets to give you a smooth outline that will make it almost impossible for people to guess that you are transgender. After tucking in your penis and balls, you can wear thick undergarments to hold everything tight and comfortable, allowing you to experience life as a woman.

Ideally, you should wear a gaff, which is super tight, thick underwear, but you can also wear two pairs of regular undergarments to give you the same result.

Hiding or tacking in your lady penis can have a positive effect on your mental well-being by allowing you to enjoy the sensation of having a woman-like sex organ. Keep in mind that different hide their lady dicks for various reasons, so it’s important to examine your motives intimately.

Some trans women wear gaffs because of internalized shame and pressure from society. One of the most significant effects of gender dysphoria is internalized shame, feelings of inadequacy, and low self-esteem.

Some trans women hide their girl dicks because it is the closest they can get to experiencing life as cisgender women, while others do it because it makes them feel good.

·         Do trans women use lady dicks during sex?

women, girldick

For straight or gay men, penis sex is pretty normal, and there is little to no mystery surrounding it. However, for trans women with lady dicks, sex can, at times like a puzzle you have to solve with little to no clues. Unfortunately, most trans women have a hard time opening up during sex because they are not sure how their sexual partners will react to their bodies.

Think about it. Trans women have a similar outline to cisgender women down there after tucking their dicks. Some trans people struggle with sexual intimacy because sex demands they become vulnerable by taking off their clothes.

As a trans person, whether to use your lady bits is a personal decision. Depending on how you feel, you can use your penis during sex or do other sexual activities that don’t involve your lady dick. The best way to handle sex as a trans person is to have a prior, honest conversation about your expectations during sex.

Don’t let your partner assume you have undergone a sex reassignment surgery (SRS) only to find out that your male biological bits are still [art of the equation. If you are uncomfortable having penis sex, you can explore other fulfilling sexual activities, including oral sex, hand jobs, stimulation using sex toys, or grinding.

·         Is sex different for women with girl dicks?


As a trans woman, having genitals that do not complement your gender identity can be scary and overwhelming. Society assumes that just because you were born with male bits, you are automatically programmed to enjoy sex with women.

Fortunately, as more people understand that gender can change and that your inner self can differ from the sex assigned at birth, trans lives are becoming considerably more at ease. So, do trans people experience sex differently? The simple answer is yes. Sex is different for every person, whether they are straight or gay.


As more people explore gender identity, it has become easier for the trans community to talk openly about their issues. Unlike in the past when, as a trans person, you couldn’t explore topics that could enhance your sex life, it’s relatively easier to research trans issues.

Whether you want to learn about the condition of your feminine penis post-HRT, have access to health care during the Pre-operative (pre-op) stage, mental health after gender reassignment surgery, or learn how to experience sexual pleasure as a trans person, you can easily find people online or near your area to help you transition.