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Unveiling the Distinctive Features of Protogen: What Makes Them Unique


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What makes protogen rare?

Protogens have proven to be one of the most unique digital creatures you can find in the world of fan fiction and digital art. Of course, we cannot ignore the fact that they are later results of the Primagen species.

So technically Primagens were the first set of unique techy-art creatures in the fandom. Still, the open protogen species has found its way to stand out as the most engaged cyborg fursona.




Types of protogens

There are 3 types of protogens. The common, uncommon, and rare protogens. The common protogen is the most used of these three types.

It is the easiest to design and own; as far as easy can go when it comes to protogens. The common protogen designs come unarmed and unmodified.

With the uncommon protogens on the other hand, they have features like four ears, horns, and small wings for some; not intended for flight and require more detail than the common kind.




A protogen must possess some peculiar traits and features to be classified as rare. These include having specific features such as six ears, extra limbs, and/or wings that are not larger than their body.

Among other protogen types, the rare kinds are known to be the most powerful and purpose-oriented.

General traits that make a protogen rare.

The protogen creation process is one of the most unique things to witness. Other than the fact that they require expertise to make, they also require creativity to design.

Their unique designs are not your everyday furry designs. And these cyborg creatures aren’t something you can casually see on the street because they aren’t always readily available.

We need also to highlight the fact that each protogen has a unique backstory that attempts to explain why they are the way they are or what they’re here for. Not every fursona has that storytelling advantage to accompany their creation.




Every protogen requires intricate detail. It is common to see that as a result every protogen has a unique design. Even with the same standard guideline that every creator follows.

Every protogen is still unique, and this approach to the design process adds to the rarity of the species.

For the furry fandom, protogens are now more than just digital characters—they have become the top showcase for the fandom.

They serve as symbols of innovation, technology, and storytelling. Consequently, they are rarer and more sought after than most fursonas.

Can you make a rare protogen?

The simple response is… maybe. Although it isn’t impossible, producing a rare protogen is extremely tasking, and as the name suggests, it is a rare thing to see.

One needs to introduce unusual features to make a rare protogen. And while in the process be ready to document every detail that leads up to the final design.

Without possessing the Rare traits, no one is technically expected to make a Rare Protogen.

The reason is the “Species Standard”, which is the notion that most species should have a common look.




Common and Uncommon Protogen are easier to own. On the other hand, rare protogen are typically specially offered through character auctions.

They are often only obtained from authorized sources. You can find them all linked here zoruniverse.info.

There they occasionally hold giveaway events or rare protogen auctions on their various social media platforms, etc.

Effects of rare protogen features

The rare features and traits can do more harm than good to a protogen. It could lead to imbalance and disruption to the normal functioning of the system.

It could lead to short- or long-term problems, and, in extreme circumstances, increased vulnerability to infections or even death.

So, it may not always be the best option for your protogen to have rare features.

Am I allowed to make a protogen?

Because protogens are an open species, you can create whatever kind of protogen you want.

Consider a protogen as an open-source access. You are free to create at will as long as you give credit where credit is due.




You won’t get in trouble if your protogen is a little different from the official guidelines for making a protogen, which are meant to be regarded as canon in the ZOR universe.

It would be considered non-canon to the ZOR universe if you make it outside the guidelines. Read about canon and non-canon here.

An issue arises only if you openly plagiarize and claim the species as your own.

Except for those who wish to use the “official forums” to display their creations, no one seems particularly concerned about the guidelines.

Since copyright (or trademark) laws do not apply to protogen or primagen creation, there is no legal claim on who should and shouldn’t do certain things.

What is the lifespan of a protogen?




Yes, the biological part of a protogen exists but, protogens are still very much cyborg beings; their biological traits do not entirely define them.

Human problems like common diseases and aging do not affect these cybernetic species.

With proper maintenance and feeding; according to the protogen lore, a protogen can live to witness several human generations to come.

A protogen can typically live for a 500-year lifespan and more if it keeps updating its internal software, operating system, and biological and artificial components.

Can protogens self-destruct

A protogen gains the ability to self-destruct if its health drops to 50%. When they activate the self-destruct mood, they start to beep loudly and continue to do so for seven seconds before exploding.

A protogen can very much self-destruct when the need for it arises.

Can protogens have wings?




A protogen’s body is more biological than it is cybernetic. Its robotic components can only be found in specific areas, such as the limbs, and then of course the visor.

It can be possible for a protogen to have wings.  Protogens are not incapable of having wings but rather they are not expected to have wings that are larger than their bodies or that function.

Having such would be considered to be against the guidelines. The wing is a very uncommon trait that only the species’ originator can possess. Malice-Risu.

Other features a protogen cannot typically have are features like tail mouths, heads on limbs, etc. Anyone can do anything when it comes to protogens, but it’s important to follow the right instructions.

What is a protogen good for?

This is a question that should naturally arise when you look past the futuristic reality that protogens are digital creatures with the best designs.

Within the arthropod community and other creative societies that have accepted protogens, they are considered good for quite some things.

From creation and storytelling to design. When it comes to protogens, each artist has a position to fill. Protogens, however, are good for far more than just that.

Protogens are useful in sex scenes and role-playing characters in digital stories.




For individuals standing on the borderline of the tech and furry fursona art space, protogens serve as their ultimate dream come true. Protogens serve as mascots for groups or individuals.

These individuals could be the actual artists or creators themselves and these organizations could be furry or art clubs.

You can also get items having these protogens on them, such as stickers, prints, and even personalized miniatures.

Wearing a protogen suit is a surefire way to stand out at fursona or creature conventions.

Protogens work well as virtual personas as it’s frequently seen on social media platforms and in internet forums.

What is Kaiju Paradise?




T Z B Studio built Kaiju Paradise, a Roblox alteration game, in 2021, as a prototype for their next game, The Final Experiment”. Since its release, the game—which offers a multiplayer battling experience—has gotten over 60 million visits.

There are several furry types throughout the game. In Kaiju Paradise, you play as a Survivor and must avoid contracting Gootraxians, goo-like organisms that infect humans to survive as long as possible.

Kaiju Paradise Gameplay and Bestiary

The game begins when you spawn in a force-fielded location, depending on what event might be going on at the moment.

Additionally, there is a little store called Abble’s where you can purchase goods, armor, and skin crates. Abble is a Slime Pup.

Additionally, there is a computer called the Bestiary that contains information about Gootraxians.

You can unlock more information by either killing five of a particular Gootraxian in a single life or infecting humans like that Gootraxian.

You can explore the map after escaping the force field, and Gootraxian gamers will be roaming around infecting other humans.

The map is covered in weapons that survivors can use to battle, and each one has a unique set of properties.

There are items also that can heal you like a med-kit, or transmogrifying items that can turn you into a Gootraxian.


How fast is Kaiju Paradise growing in popularity?

As of last month, interest in Kaiju Paradise had increased by 22% over the previous year compared to the previous year, with a current volume of 20K searches each month.

As of 2024, this cooperative, multiplayer combat game has received almost 193,500,000 views.

How do people see out of protogen fursuits?

The protogen Visor




For those who are unaware, the Protogen’s front face is covered by the visor. The wearer can look out through it, and the expressive lights show through it.

The wearer’s face and the underlying electronics are not often visible to those looking from the outside in because it is composed of tinted translucent plastic, similar to the lens of sunglasses.

Not only is it a fantastic illusion (when not in direct sunlight), but the visor is a core component of the Protogen.

A Protogen visor requires, regrettably, a lot of processes and equipment but in the end, it is almost always worth the effort.


So, there you have it, all you need to know at a go about why these cyborg fursonas seem to be receiving major hype in the furry fandom and fursona community at large.