A lot of people like to cos a character on Halloween, there has many ways to do that, especially silicone mask and makeup are the most popular ways, but which method is better? Let’s see.

There are two different types of people when it comes to Halloween – Mask people and make-up people,I have always been a mask guy because they are quick and simple to get on and off, and if the mask is good, you can look very scary. One of the cons to wearing a mask however is it can sometimes be too tight.

Silicone mask and makeup, which is better?

Some people are more into make-up and even though it takes a long time to get off and on, if applied right, you can look very scary. But the con to me is getting it and off which can take hours.

It also depends on how interactive you want to be. Make up and prosthetics allow you to have the most facial expression but silicone masks are very good and can be put on or taken off in 5 seconds.

it depends on how long the character will be seen, and in what conditions.

A mask can be easier to work with if the people will only be face to face with the person behind it for less than a minute. Cheap masks in particular can be used in darker scenes where details don’t stand out.

Makeup is great for face characters, people that walk crowds, interact more, and get up into better lighting. Expressions matter more with longer face to face time, as well as detail in the costume and makeup.

With foam appliances, you blend the line between makeup and masks, and it can fit either scene type. Appliances are getting cheaper every year as well, making them widely available. They do not last forever, but they can last a couple seasons if very well cleaned and cared for.

With silicone masks you get the detail of pro makeup with the ease of a mask, but at the drawback of cost. If you have a set character used year after year, and will take care of the mask, it can be a wonderful investment, but it’s a waste for a one or two time use character, or in the hands of someone who doesn’t care for the mask. Silicone masks can be damaged, and even little tears can develop into huge problems.

I have particularly oily skin and thus run into problems with most makeup/prosthetic attempts. I’ve also got very sensitive skin just to make matters worse. Assuming I can find something that works on me it’s still got to not make me break out in a rash. For me masks are a must.

Having said that I think makeup done well tops masks in most situations where the “audience” will get any kind of good look at the person wearing it.

Slicone mask and makeup, which one you prefer? Let me see your thoughts!