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After you have a psychoactive substance, you could start experiencing having a second skin.

This is the term used for the feeling of detaching from your body and the world around you. It’s also the same term used to describe being in a dream-like state. For many who try it, the experience is unique and enjoyable. Some people find the second skin experience uncomfortable or even scary.

If you belong to the former group and want to try it, continue reading. Below, we discuss everything you need to know about the experience before getting started and how to get started.

What Does Second Skin Mean?

The term can mean a lot of things. It can be an experience, especially in the world of BDSM.

It can also be a literal term for specific clothing. Because the term second skin can mean different things, knowing what we’re covering can be confusing. To help you get a better idea of the specific meanings of it.

Objectively Speaking

The term has an objective meaning that focuses on specific materials.

It is the term used to define clothing that clings to the skin. Often, these clothes give a certain level of restraint. At the same time, they are also comfortable enough despite their amount of restraint.

Garments or materials that give such experience include spandex, latex, leather, and fur. In spandex fetishism, skin-tight clothing can create the illusion of the wearer being naked or coated in a shiny substance. The tight-fitting and colorful garments also add a visual stimulus to the wearer.

Second Skin Can Be a State of Mind

Another definition of it refers to an experience. To be more specific, second skin is the experience one can have after using certain psychoactive substances. It can also refer to the state of mind of straying, releasing, and other similar actions. Often, you’ll find this term used by those who practice BDSM.

When used in fetishism, the term becomes an amalgamation of both meanings. It becomes both a state of mind and a fetish for skin-tight materials. For example, in leather fetishism, skin-tight leather clothing gives off a unique sensation to the wearer and a visual stimulus to the viewer.

On top of that, most leather fetishists associate leather clothing with animal skin, leather bondage equipment, or “rugged’ leather-wearing lifestyles.

What Is Second Skin Made of?

The role of second-skin clothing is to bind or wrap around the body so much that it feels like another skin layer altogether. Thus, materials used in making second-skin garments should be clingy and elastic.

Below are the most common materials used to create its apparel:


This rubber material was once referred to as “the most sensual fabric” because of its unique look, taste, feel, sound, and smell.

Latex fabric often gets glued to create clothing and other latex items. It has no fabric backing, so it can’t be seen. Also, any holes in the latex fabric, whether from sewing or accidental damage, can tear when stretched or worn.


The fabric used in silicone fabric is a fiberglass cloth coated or impregnated with silicone.

The silicone material is versatile, durable, and easy to process. Silicone is often the material used to create muscle suits because it looks, moves, and feels like real skin.


Polyester fabric is a synthetic woven material often used in skin-tight suits.

As it is durable and relatively cheap to produce, the fabric is also the type used in various other applications, like everyday wear, cushioning for chairs, and others. Skin-tight polyester is a standard fabric used in swimwear, gym clothing, and other athletic wear.


Another type of material used for sportswear is spandex, also called elastane or Lycra.

Spandex is a synthetic and highly elastic fabric. Because of its form-fitting properties, it’s popular as a compression garment, skin-tight athletic wear, and even regular clothing. Zentai is one example of a spandex/nylon blend to create a full-body suit.

These are the top materials used to create clothing or garments, whether for fetishes or sportswear.

What Are the Purposes of a Second Skin?

A second skin has many uses in various situations and events. It doesn’t only involve sports or kink scenarios.

Here are the top and most common uses of it.

Children’s Performance Costumes

Superheroes and supervillains are the popular designs and styles of these suits made for children’s performance costumes.

These skin-tight costumes aim to entertain young audiences while telling a story or performing for events, whether on stage or at someone’s backyard birthday party. These costumes may also include fantastical designs with extra props or accessories like fairy wings, ninjas, power rangers, and others. 

Fetish Fashion

Fetish fashion often uses leather, spandex, and latex materials for their texture and form-fitting features.

Most fetish fashion garments also have features usually associated with fetishism, like tight corsets, straps, revealing slits, and even bunny or dog masks.  The second skin used in fetish fashion often caters to the kinks of the niche. Fetish fashion covers many kinks, like rubber fetishism, BDSM, leather fetishism, stepping into another body, and masking.


Some costumes are made exclusively for cosplay purposes. This clothing may have the color or marks seen on specific characters.

It’s an excellent alternative for those who don’t want to spend money and time painting their bodies purple or blue. Some cosplayers also use second-skin costumes to achieve particular effects, like enlarging their muscles or getting a “zombified” appearance.


Second skin is most popular in the Bondage and dominance side of BDSM.

It has a restraining effect, which can easily fall under the “bondage” principle of the practice. People who partake in BDSM activities also wear skin-tight materials like leather because of the material’s association with dominance, power, ruggedness, or control.

Character or Personality Expression

Finally, a second skin can function as a way to express oneself.

In Japan, zentai suits allow the user to remain anonymous while they describe themselves in various ways. The anonymity that the zentai suit provides frees the wearer from the responsibilities placed on them, allowing for more accessible and more authentic expression. Even without a zentai suit, other types of skin-like clothing can help you with self-expression and boost your self-confidence.

How to Get Started the Second Skin as a Beginner?

how to get start the second skin

Are you ready to try wearing second skin but don’t know where to start?

Consider looking for underwear first. Look for lingerie that is smooth and tight-fitting. It should give you a sense of being wrapped.

It’s okay to feel uncomfortable at first. Please don’t wear it too long, especially for first-time users. Slowly ease yourself to get used to it. Once you get used to wearing second-skin underwear, level up by looking for tights. Buy those that you can use casually or when you go outside. Continue the cycle until you’re comfortable enough to wear a full-body suit if that’s your goal.

The Notable Trend of a Second Skin Muscle Suit

A muscle suit works well as a second skin. It’s a suit made to look like the male human body but with enlarged and well-defined muscles.

A muscle suit is an excellent option for all who want to achieve an overnight body transformation. Thanks to the striking figure it cuts, wearing it will improve your self-esteem.

muscle suit can trasform your body easily

A high-quality silicone muscle suit will wrap snugly and comfortably on you, giving you a tightly wrapped feeling. Because it consists of silicone, it will move, look, and feel like real skin. You can even wear the muscle suit to give off a fully naked appearance without exposing your true nakedness.

A quality silicone muscle suit is safe for use, even with sensitive skin. It’s easy to clean, maintain, and store if you follow the proper cleaning and storage procedures.


The second skin is clothing, usually latex, silicone, leather, or spandex. Depending on their use and designs, these garments can function in the sports, fashion, cosplay, costume, BDSM, kink, and fetish industries. A second skin can offer improved movement, higher self-esteem, increased sensuality & sexuality, and the feeling of being wrapped tightly.

If you want an option that can make you feel naked without being in the nude, consider our muscle suit.

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