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What is the gay furry lifestyle? Furries are a subculture that has been around for over 30 years and has since gone global. Furries, in a nutshell, are animal characters who have been given human traits (anthropomorphic).

Over time, homosexual male furries have also entered the community. Read ahead to have an insider’s scoop and learn more about gay furries. What does it mean to identify as a furry, and how does that relate to the LGBTQ+ world? This is the central question when talking about gay furries.

Gay Furry Lifestyle

Furries, or fans of anthropomorphic animals like Sonic the Hedgehog or Pokémon, have been the target of much mockery from internet users over the years. It is even worse on sites like Something Awful and 4chan.

Most media outlets paint furries as a subculture of sexual fetishists who bond around a shared passion for dressing up as animals for sexual encounters.

However, data from surveys show that many of these preconceptions can be misleading. There is more to homosexual male furries than what is seen in traditional media portrayals. This article delves into the life and conceptions of furries, especially those belonging to the LGBTQ community.

A Review on Furries: What Is a Furry?

Many people, known as “furries,” enjoy the idea of anthropomorphic animal characters or the concept of applying human characteristics to animals. Think of Egyptian gods, Disney animal characters like Simba from The Lion King and that fox from Zootopia, and other cartoon characters like Bugs Bunny.

They all have human-like eyebrows, facial features, gestures, and other human qualities.

What Is a Furry?

However, they do not lose the capabilities of the human mind. Human-like in every way, even the expressions on their faces. They are bipedal, able to carry on conversations and even move around. They don animal costumes that are both entertaining and intriguing.

Furries often portray their fursonas in various forms, including visual art, literature, and online personas, as well as via the building of “fur suits,” which are elaborate outfits depicting the individual’s animal. Fursuits can range from whole costumes to just the ear or tail of an animal or even just the gloves.

The Furry Community and Furry Fandom: What Is a Fursona?

What Is a Fursona?

Many Furries have what is called a “Fursona,” an avatar that combines human and animal features. With that persona in tow, they might go to cons, engage in online roleplay, or make films. Some of them engage in sexual activity while dressed in elaborate costumes.

The term “furry fandom” is used to describe the subculture that celebrates fictional animals. Furries don’t necessarily always develop sexual attraction with animals. Sometimes, a furry just admires an animal character.

While many members of the furry fandom spend their time online, others travel to connect with others in their community or across the country. All around the United States, furry fans gather once a year for conventions. The community is often praised for its welcoming and diverse population.

Is Being a Furry Always Sexual? No, It Can Be Both Sexual and Non-sexual

Being a Furry

Sexual themes are prominent in the furry community just as they are in video games, comic books, and other media. However, other members of gay furry communities also stated that the majority of their fandom participation was not sexual.

Some also claimed that they only spent 21.4 percent of their online roleplaying time on sexual stuff. Furthermore, nearly half of gay furries claimed that sexual content had little to no influence on how they first became fans.

This goes to show that the furry fandom subculture may be with or without sexual aspects. However, the incorporation of the sexual aspect is more dominant.

Interesting Fun Facts About Furries

They Produce a Great Deal of Slash Fiction

Fun Facts About Furries

When you think about it, people who identify as furries aren’t all that dissimilar from those who identify as Pottermaniacs or Transformers. They dress up in very specific costumes, discuss obscure subjects that only a small group of people find interesting, and produce some of the most vile pornographic literature you’ve ever read.

The fact that there is no one particular style of fur erotica is fantastic. There is a tale out there for you if you enjoy bondage with a transgender griffin queen in a medieval setting. Or, if you’d like, there is a Dances With Bears parody that uses bears in place of Native Americans.

Furries May Emerge as a Result of Suppressed Sexuality

Suppressed Sexuality

A fursona can be seen as an “original and subversive response to western sexual restriction,” much as how leather, PVC, and rubber personify someone’s inner sexual inclinations in the BDSM community. To others, the act of immersing themselves in the furry community is an effort to break away from reality and realize their innermost, primal, animalistic desires and instincts.

The Kinky Side of Furries: What Is Gay Furry Sex?

Furry fetish is known as the intimacy with or love for furries or people who like to imagine themselves as anthropomorphic animals. This often leads to furry sex, which refers to the sexual activity that furries do. Furry sex is not exclusively heterosexual.

Furries identify as being gay and get sexually aroused with partners of the same gender.

gay furry lifestyle Kinky

It’s possible that “Yiff” refers to the sexual content of furries or sexual encounters between them. The term’s etymology is up for question. However, it could be an onomatopoeic name for the sound arctic foxes make when they are having sex.

Furry fandom has a lot of sexual tension because people may be themselves when they adopt a fursona (furry persona) they create for themselves. The sex lives of furries and non-furries are not drastically different. It’s fine if they’re entirely ordinary.

While some furries opt to yiff out of their outfits, others prefer to embrace their wacky side in full fursuit form.

Interested in the Fur Community? Here Are 5 Ways To Explore It

There are several avenues open to anyone curious about the furry subculture to investigate these sentiments.

1. Participate in a Furry Convention

Gay furry lifestyle

Conventions for furries (sometimes called “fur cons” and “furry conventions”) are one option. Hundreds, if not thousands, of furry enthusiasts may be seen at these open gatherings, enjoying anything from panels and seminars to merchandising stalls and live performances to games and more.

Local furries can get together at smaller events known as “furry meets” to chat with other fans in their area. Other furries can also enjoy science fiction conventions featuring furries in the geeky side of things and dystopian references.

2. Join Online and Virtual Furry Communities

gay furry lifestyle

You can interact with other people from around the world in real-time by taking part in online communities like message boards and chat rooms. The Internet provides novel opportunities for participation in the furry subculture, such as creating one’s fursona, disseminating furry content, and participating in online discussions with other furries.

3. Playing the Part

Playing the Part

One of the best ways to learn about furry sex online is through roleplaying. On the Internet, furries frequently engage in roleplaying activities with their fursonas. Furries may find this a fun way to hang out with like-minded people and express their creativity. Others may use it as a place to experiment with sexuality.

4. Watching Furry Porn

furry lifestyle furry porn

The results of a research project revealed that out of the general population of respondents, 93.6 percent of men admitted to viewing furry pornography on an average of 41.5 times per month. Many furry fans love to explore more about the community by watching furry porn.

Most times, furry fans create sexual content, which can be both their original porn or based on the fandom they referred their fursona on. Other furries may comment on this content for community engagement and interactions.

5. Experimenting With Furry Kinky Sex

gay furry lifestyle

Take your furry fandom exploration to the bedroom and try some furry sex fun. Talk your partner into trying out furry sex with you. It can be a thrilling and unconventional sexual experience for both of you. Make the most out of your furry sex by wearing the right sex gear and costumes. Wear fur suits and animal masks.

A large majority of kinksters prefer to get their masks from Smitizen. Smitizen is the leading provider of kinky sex gear and equipment. Smitizen has dog masks and pup play suits that you can mix and match for your furry sex.

These puppy masks are made of premium-grade silicone material that fits like a second skin and is also highly realistic.

Gay Furry Lifestyle Final Thoughts

There is a big misunderstanding of furry culture. The group is still regarded as a lower class of geeks despite raising interesting points regarding sexuality, gender inequality, and identity. Naturally, one of the reasons is that furry people appear unconventional.

gay furry lifestyle

At this point, you now have a wider understanding of what the gay furry community really is. This compilation of furry facts and trivia can help you comprehend a subculture that appears to be in constant motion and help yourself ease into it.

Through the furry community, people across the world may have discovered their inner dragon, fox, or raccoon as the furry population increases with each new click on the Internet.