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Like Pillow Princess or Prince, the LGBTQ language is very rich in slang words and phrases. This article will help you understand what kind of bottom you/they are.


Meet The Pillow Prince or Princess

After addressing your sexual orientation and role during sex, your next challenge is figuring out what type you are. Like tops, there are different sub-categories for bottoms in the LGBTQ community, and Pillow Princess or Prince is one of them.

They are the type of partner who is only there in bed to receive sexual pleasure and do nothing else.


In same-sex relationships, characters play an important role depending on the partners’ type of connection. You don’t need to fall into a specific category, but it helps your partner to know your preferences to give you the utmost satisfaction.

What Is a Pillow Prince or Princess?

The slang phrase pillow princess comes from “pillow,” which indicates passiveness. On the other hand, “princess” refers to someone who deserves special treatment like royalty. Thus, a pillow princess means a bottom who prefers laying their head on a pillow and letting their partner do all the physical work during intimacy.

Although this is most common in lesbian relationships, it can also be seen in other LGBTQ relationships.

what/who ia a Pillow-Prince

For gay guys, the term prince or king is used instead of princess. This is rare, and most people prefer to use the original term. Pillow princes can also be called “lazy partners” because they are not very active in sexual activities.

In these cases, their partners are not only a butch but a domineering top. People are not born pillow princesses and princes, and they have various reasons to be one, such as:

· They have little to no experience.

· They are afraid of exploring their sexuality.

· They got used to their previous partner’s sexual preferences.

· They suffer from traumatic sexual experience/s.

The Origin and Use of the “Pillow Princess” Slang Phrase


The term is used in the 1990s to describe bottoms in a femme-butch relationship. Femme pertains to a lesbian with a feminine appearance and behavior, while butch is the masculine partner. It’s also used to classify baby lesbians, queer, or gay guys who are still exploring and afraid to take control, so they just lay flat in their beds and completely give the power to dominate their partners.

This phrase originated in the LGBTQ community. It has become widely used even among straight individuals by the 2010s due to the amount of media press using it primarily in heterosexual contexts. At this time, they called a woman with this sexuality and position “the starfish.”

How Are These Gay Bottoms Different From Others?


Pillow princes are considered experts in getting pleasure from their sex partners more than other gay bottoms. Insider says the pillow princess and prince are like “stone bottoms” because they want to be on the receiving end.

These bottoms have strict limitations on touching, penetrating, and giving oral sex to their top. The only thing a stone bottom will do during sexual intercourse is to get their top in the mood, and then the rest is up to the top.

Types of Bottom


Although there are different types of bottoms, their characteristics sometimes overlap. To see the main differences between the common gay bottoms and a pillow prince, you must observe their actions during intercourse.

· Power Bottoms are the dominant bottoms who dictate or teach their tops how they want to be pleased during sexual intercourse. They also like to complain if their top did things wrong or failed to meet their demands. They are sometimes described as the bottom who can’t get enough even after hours of intercourse.


· Bossy Bottoms are also known as high-maintenance, annoying, and controlling bottoms. They are very demanding, and tops often find it difficult to delegate or lead tasks. The power and bossy bottom are similar and different to the pillow prince because they can all demand or do what they want during sexual intercourse. Power and bossy bottoms are also fond of riding their top, while princes will not.


· Bratty Bottoms are similar to other types above regarding their being vocal. However, they have a unique quality — they are a tease. They tend to misbehave, have difficulty following orders, and tease their tops seductively and playfully. This type is like a pillow king because he talks back, challenges, and does dirty talk instead of submitting quickly.

Bratty-Bottoms pillow princess

· Submissive Bottoms have a lot in common with pillow kings. They enjoy giving up control and letting their top do whatever they want to their body during intercourse. However, they also obediently follow their demands, such as changing positions, giving oral sex, and more.

Submissive-Bottoms pillow prince

How To Know if You’re a Pillow Prince

How-To-Know pillow prince

Now that you’re familiar with a pillow king, it’s time to know their qualities. Look for these signs to see if you’re a pillow prince in the bedroom.

You Cherish the Moment More When You’re Lying Down


If you like missionary, dog style, spooning, and lying on your stomach instead of riding your partner, you may be a pillow prince. It also includes sleeping, lounging, or napping positions that make it easier for you to fall asleep. Instead of impressing your top with complex sex positions, you want to be completely comfy and relaxed during sex.

You’re a Vocal Person in the Bedroom


This quality does not pertain to moans but being vocal when you’re uncomfortable doing sexual activities. Because you prefer comfort, you will quickly talk to your top if something feels unbearable, such as body parts (arms, etc.) being squished. Some pillow princes love silks, so they will also complain if their pillows and bed sheets don’t feel right on their skin.

It’s different if you’re a first-timer in this setup or are uncomfortable being open about your sexuality and preferences. At first, you’ll be shy and won’t know what to do. You may expect your top to control the conversation, flirting, and intercourse.

You Want To Feel Cute and Pretty in the Bedroom


A pillow princess or prince doesn’t only act like royalty. They also want to look like one. They want to be lying there watching their top admire their beauty. You may be a pillow prince if you want to look cute and pretty and be praised by your top.

You Talk More Than Act

Talk More Than Act pillow prince

While some don’t enjoy talking dirty, you’re the type of bottom who talks dirty but doesn’t act much. Sometimes, you initiate and order your top to do the physical work instead of lifting a finger to do it on your own. Your approach to showing intimacy is through communication, encouragement, and moans.

You Are Kinky


If you want to be tied up and use sex toys, you can be a submissive or a pillow prince. Once pillow princes are comfortable, they enjoy bondage as they are not required to do anything but stay in place and let their partners devour them.

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You Do Other Things Than Sex

Other Things Than Sex

These types of bottoms want to be pampered all the time. So, being intimate with their lovers will not stop them from watching TV or doing other things with their devices like phones or laptops during sexy times. However, there is a thin line between being comfortable and disrespectful, so talk about this boundary with your partner first.

You Only Receive Oral Sexual Pleasure

Pillow prince

You’re a pillow prince if you enjoy receiving oral but don’t want to return the favor. Oral sex may be common among gay men, but in this case, you are just looking for someone who is also passionate and enjoys giving head without expecting anything in return.

Some gay men receive oral sex but don’t like the giver’s arms on their bodies, especially their legs. Some may also be against hugging, kissing, or anal sex.

Is It Okay To Be a Pillow Prince?

ok to be a pillow prince

Because this slang carries positive and negative connotations, most people think being a pillow princess or prince is bad. However, the answer will ultimately depend on you and your partner’s dynamic. Preferring to be catered to during sex doesn’t mean you never give anything in return.

For example, they may be fond of having sex with someone passive and love to be pleased.

Trying out new things often makes gay sex spicier and more pleasurable. Talk to your partner if you would like to return a favor or try to be a pillow prince. Be proud of what you are and what you can offer.