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Do you love escaping into new worlds, putting yourself in another character’s shoes, and experiencing a different life? There’s more to consuming written literature and watching movies to escape into other worlds, and that is roleplay.

It is an imaginative and social activity that you can use to boost your creativity and add an interesting new twist to your life.


This guide will teach you more about roleplaying, preparing for it, and getting started. We also included some tips that you can use to make your first and succeeding roleplay experience enjoyable for everyone involved. Put on your adventurer’s hat and continue below.

What Is Roleplay?


You can look at and understand roleplay in various ways. The first definition is the practice of imitating the actions and speaking of the character you’re portraying. It is how the game Dungeons & Dragons or activities like cosplaying work. Essentially, acting in a play and taking actor training is roleplaying. In counseling, psychiatrists also use clinical roleplaying to help a client improve his mental well-being.

Roleplay can also become a sexual act when you use it to act out a sexual fantasy by becoming a character. Erotic roleplay often functions as foreplay for many people by arousing them. The narrative they create and enact can be exciting for them. Our focus in this guide is on erotic or sexual roleplay.

Reasons to Try Roleplay


Participating in roleplay helps you exercise your creativity and acting skills. When you roleplay, you learn to see the world through another character’s eyes. You widen your worldview by imagining yourself as a person of different status, gender, race, origin or fantasy world, and more. There is an unlimited amount of roleplay worlds and scenarios you can join and enjoy. If you’re new to roleplaying and feel apprehensive about doing it in bed, consider joining roleplaying games. Find your local roleplaying community or join an online group. Create original characters or launch your own game.


Roleplaying also becomes a way for you to heighten your sexual pleasure by tapping into your sexual fantasies. Like art and dancing, roleplaying is one of the best methods for self-expression. It all comes down to your creativity.

The Different Genres of Roleplay

The genres in erotic roleplay are as diverse as genres in movies, written works, books, and other media. Below are a handful of the different roleplay genres and examples of how you might do them. We also included popular books, games, movies, and other media that depict the genre to help you understand each one better.



Fantasy roleplays often cover imaginative fiction, unrealistic elements, and magical worlds. The fantasy world has many subgenres, like high fantasy, dark fantasy, superhero fantasy, urban fantasy, paranormal fantasy, mythology, fairytale, and folklore. Think of works like The Game of Thrones and Harry Potter as your baseline.


In high fantasy roleplay, you can become a knight or priestess flirting with an orc or sorceress. In the superhero fantasy, you can roleplay a well-known superhero, like Batman, who catches and punishes a criminal. Or you can roleplay a Harry Potter-themed scenario where a spell goes wrong, and you must deal with the consequences.

Modern or Contemporary

The modern or contemporary genre covers fictional roleplay set in the modern world. It is one of the most popular genres in erotic roleplay because it’s easy to emulate and enact. You can also create a fictional world that mirrors a current location. Contemporary roleplay examples include getting down and dirty with the plumber or pool cleaner, being a company employee, and having fun with your boss at his office. Your current workplace or works like 50 Shades of Grey are decent sources of inspiration.



The medieval genre is a specific subgenre of fantasy set during the Middle Ages, often in Europe. It’s a subgenre of fiction because many people who like this roleplay genre also want to incorporate fantastical elements from European folklore in their scenarios. For example, a not-so-innocent village girl stumbles upon a werewolf in heat. Consider the movie Braveheart or TV series like The Witcher and Vikings.

Science Fiction

Many people imagine Star Trek and Doctor Who when they hear the term. However, like fantasy, this genre is broad and can cover many subgenres. Some popular subgenres of science fiction include space opera, cyberpunk, apocalyptic events, and more. An excellent example of a science-fiction scenario is discovering a new alien species with many thick tentacles and a penchant for carbon-based life forms.



This genre is a subgenre of science fiction that incorporates aesthetics and technology inspired by the industrial movement in the 19th century. It has a retrofuturistic appeal that mixes steam-powered machinery, a romance element, and 19th-century fashion. An erotic steampunk roleplay idea is to have a mad scientist craft a life-like wind-up doll that develops a curiosity for sex.



Like the medieval genre, many people overlap the historical genre with fantasy. Two famous examples are Gladiator and Titanic. When creating a historical roleplay scene, the guide is to imagine you’re a character from that timeline. Consider roleplaying as a countess in England who has fallen in love with her dashing and rugged stable boy. You can also roleplay as a Viking entering a widow’s home to pillage it.


What Are Some Good Roleplay Ideas and Scenarios?

You already know the famous and hidden categories of roleplay that you can try. It’s time to create the specific scenarios you want to roleplay with your partner or partners. We’ve listed some popular and common roleplay ideas people use when they want to add more zing to their sex lives. You can start with the examples below or create scenarios that focus on your interests.


The beginning of a new relationship is often one of the most exciting parts. Sometimes, it’s more exciting playing as strangers who have only met online and are talking about meeting up in person. Set a meeting point with your partner about where you’ll meet up and speak to each other like you’re strangers. You can use movies as references for the perfect sexy meet-cute of your dreams.

Royalty and Servant or Maid and Homeowner

Take the role of a king or queen who has the hots for their servant. It’s an excellent way to enact an adventure or historical genre roleplay. If you decide that you want a modern take, consider playing as a homeowner, getting your service from a maid or butler instead.


The role you can take as employed is not limited to a maid or butler. The other person’s role can be a plumber, pool boy, or pizza delivery guy.

Nurse/Doctor and Patient

Being injured and in someone’s care is another exciting setting. Many people often think about what it would be like to have some harmless fun with their hot nurse or doctor. Use this roleplaying scenario to enact and decide the outcome of that fantasy.


Teacher and Student

In this scenario, you take the teacher role and punish your student for failing their Math or Foreign Languages subject. Or you can be the naughty student who likes teasing and testing your teacher. You can make this a group roleplay by inviting other students to play around with your teacher. It’s a good scenario if you like playing with your power dynamics.

Massage Therapist and Client

Receiving a massage can make you highly horny because of the intimacy involved. Take the masseuse’s role and give your partner a relaxing full-body massage with a happy ending. It has the same dynamic as the doctor and patient scenario.

Protagonist and Antagonist and Other Fictional Characters

Do you love a story so much that you’ve thought of becoming one of the characters? This is the roleplay idea for those who have always had a crush on a character from computer games, books, movies, and more. For example, play the vampire Edward from Twilight, who can’t control his lustful urges whenever he’s around Bella.


Prisoner and Guard or Police and Detainee

Do you get excited thinking about being under someone’s control? Try roleplaying as a prisoner with a mission to annoy the jail guard and suffer her punishment. Or be the police who caught a thief and must penalize him in a sexy and unconventional way. It’s another option if you enjoy having a power dynamic.

Breeder Roleplay

Taking the breeder role focuses on the idea of getting impregnated by your partner. You might have seen the breeder roleplay idea in your search. Since this is an odd scenario, please talk with your partner about it first. The most common lines used in breeder roleplay often urge for impregnation. It can also be the opposite: “Stop, or you’ll get me pregnant.”

Passed out or Asleep

Play out your fantasy of making love to someone asleep or passed out. Having sex with someone asleep or passed out can be dangerous in the real world. However, when you do it as a roleplay scenario, you know that the other person is consenting to the idea. It’s also a good scenario if you have an injury that limits your movements but wants to get down and dirty.

Amateur Porn Star and Film Crew

Have you always imagined what it would be like to get naked and do sexual acts in front of a camera and filming team? Prepare a camera and speak with your partner about filming you like you’re an amateur porn star ready to perform. If you’ve ever felt tempted to film yourself doing sexual acts and upload it to online sites, it’s the scenario for you. With this roleplay, you can pretend that you’re a YouTube or porn star without suffering the consequences of having your private videos put online.

First Time to Roleplay

You only get to have your “first time” once, but you can pretend to have it again with someone else with roleplay. In this scenario, you can recreate your first time to be the ideal event you’ve always thought it’d be. This scenario is an excellent way to forget about your real first time if it had been embarrassing, painful, or unfulfilling. With this roleplay scenario, you have more control over all the factors and experience. 

How to Start Roleplay?

You’re ready to do roleplay but don’t know how to start. Here are the steps and what to expect when you start.

Figure Out Your Fantasy

The first step is to choose the story or fantasy you want to enact. Think about the character or role that you and your partner want to become. Search for the genre that matches your fantasy. It also helps to turn to the hypothetical erotic situation you’ve always thought about performing.

Communicate with Your Partner When Roleplay

Next, speak to your partner or partners about the roleplay idea. If they don’t know what roleplay is, open the discussion with them first. You can also ask about any story or characters they’ve considered bringing to life.

As with all sexual activities, agree upon a safe word or safe sign and the rules of the roleplay. Spell out and be clear about what you’re comfortable with and aren’t. Your partner may also want to give additional terms, so stay open-minded.

Set the Scene

Next, recreate your room or home to match the fantasy according to the roleplay story and setting. The scene can also occur in your imagination if you don’t have the resources or time to set the scene. However, getting into character is more exciting and more accessible if you feel like you’re in the right place. An alternative is to go to a different location for a few hours that matches the story you’re re-enacting.

Is your roleplay taking place outdoors or out of the bedroom, like literally rolling in the hay in a barn or getting jumped in a dark alley? Find a safe and private spot outdoors where you and your lover feel comfortable doing sexual activities. You might have to make do with a backyard instead of an actual alleyway, but the setting change should be enough to help your acting.

Prepare Some Props

Add details that will help you act better by getting props. One of the best props in the market is the muscle suit. A silicone muscle suit can transform you into a hunky, rugged, and handsome hunk of an adventurer or vigilante, depending on your story. You can check out our website for the best and highest-quality silicone muscle suits. If you want to change how you look, consider buying a silicone mask, also available on our site. The muscle suit can turn you into an entirely different person. For example, you transform into a stranger with a mask and suit for the stranger’s scenario. You can even wear a costume on your muscle suit and mask to bring original characters to life.

dog mask

Search for a wig that can make you look like you have the blood of the fiercest dragons running through your veins or are an actual magical girl. Other props may include tentacle-looking dildos, vibrators, or handcuffs.

Practice Makes Perfect

It will initially feel awkward, but keep pushing through and act your best. Think of roleplaying as acting training. It takes practice to become comfortable with a role and start talking like a different character. One way to help you act better is to use a particular word or expression that your character typically uses that you don’t. Take a page from famous actors.

Joining casual D&D games with friends can also boost your roleplaying skills for your private bedroom games. If you don’t have time to play with friends, join an online community. Trying online roleplaying games (RPGs) is another way to help you boost your performance. The more interactive and social the game, the better for your private and erotic role plays. After your sexual roleplay activities, don’t forget to discuss the experience with your partner and how you might improve it.

Roleplay Conclusion

Roleplay is where you and your partner pretend to act, think, and sound like a different person or become another character to make a fantasy come true. Roleplaying can also occur with a group or multiple groups. Some methods of improving your role plays are learning improvised acting, waiting, reacting to your friends’ characters’ decisions, and joining tabletop roleplaying games.

Erotic roleplay incorporates sexual activities into your fantasies or stories. Erotic roleplay is how you satisfy specific scenarios that you’re otherwise too afraid to try in real life or can’t. The best props for roleplay include muscle suits, silicone masks, wigs, costumes, and sex toys.