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Lead-in: Learn the fastest way to get a bodybuilder physique with these fake muscle hacks. Read here for tips and tricks on getting instant muscle gains.

Bodybuilding is an art that many people don’t have the patience to work on. If you want to learn how to get the form of a bodybuilder without doing the work, you’ve found the right place. This guide will discuss how to use fake muscles to make your body look more muscular.

The thing about getting a bodybuilding physique is that it doesn’t always need to work months or years to get the form that you want.

Below are some tricks to make yourself look ripped and toned. Remember that the goal of bodybuilding is all about aesthetics and giving you a body that looks good, not just strong. You will learn to fake it until you make it with the hacks we’ll share with you. 

What Is a Bodybuilder? What Does a Bodybuilder Look Like?

Before we get to the bodybuilding tips and tricks, here is a quick rundown of the definition of a bodybuilder.

What Is Bodybuilding and What Is a Bodybuilder?

Bodybuilders dedicate their time and energy to the gym to strengthen and enlarge their muscles through strenuous exercise. Bodybuilding is often so all-encompassing that it impacts a whole person’s lifestyle, including diet, daily schedule, and life goals.

Bodybuilding aims to enhance and optimize the body’s muscular development and display pronounced muscle mass, symmetry, and definition in an artistic fashion.

In this sense, bodybuilding is two things: first, it’s about building one’s muscles to have more definition and size. Secondly, it has the aesthetic purpose of creating balanced, pleasing proportions.

Shaping and Sculpting Muscle Groups for Aesthetic

With bodybuilding comes a specific focus on shaping and sculpting individual muscles and muscle groups.

You can’t build up your whole body without working on particular parts one by one, after all. Thus, it’s common for you to hear bodybuilders divide their workout days by specific body parts, like leg day, back day, chest and upper body day, et cetera.

A bodybuilder possesses a certain blend of muscularity, shape, symmetry, proportion, definition, and other visual qualities of the modern bodybuilder. Today, a bodybuilder looks like a walking anatomy chart with muscles as large as humanly possible.

Common Bodybuilder Misconceptions

Many people wrongly assume that all bodybuilders take steroids or other growth-enhancing drugs. While most professionals use steroids and other similar drugs, you can be a bodybuilder without taking them. A person who doesn’t take any form of steroidal medicines calls himself a “natty,” which comes from the term “natural.”

Can Anyone Become a Bodybuilder?

Yes, anyone can become a bodybuilder.

However, since bodybuilding is a self-focused art, every person has a different timeline and can use varying bodybuilding training methods to reach their goals. However, in bodybuilding, your own body can also limit your progress.

Genetics plays a huge role in both the output and process. For example, you’re born with uneven or unaligned rectus abdominal muscles.

You can work as hard as you can to get a six-pack, but you can’t do anything to change how your muscles are aligned. Or, let’s say you have a slow metabolism. It means you need to be stricter with your diet and frequency of eating to see gains.

You Need a Professional Gym for the Best Results

Another limitation of bodybuilding is gym facilities.

You’d need professional gym facilities to work on your muscles as much as possible. An at-home gym can usually only hold a training bench, free weights, and a barbell set. It will lack the other machines, like the hamstring stretch machine, cable and pulley machine, lat pulldown machine, and leg curl machine.

How Long Does It Take to Look Like a Bodybuilder and See Results?

Reaching your body’s ultimate form can take years, or even decades, of hard work.

Bodybuilding is a prolonged process. The earliest that you’ll see visible changes is three to four weeks. Depending on your training routine and body at the start of the training, you could take as long as twelve weeks to see real results.

As we mentioned, the results and the timeframe will vary for each person. For example, you start being overweight or obese. In this case, you’d have to work harder to cut the unnecessary weight while also building muscle. You’d need stricter and better self-discipline to avoid bouncing back to your old overeating habits.

A Muscle Suit Is Your Shortcut

The good news is you can gain big, proportioned, and defined muscles overnight. The answer is with a muscle suit.

What Is a Muscle Suit?

Do you need to get a bodybuilder’s physique for a costume party or a fetish party within the next week?

Are you unwilling to change your lifestyle to build your body?

A muscle suit is an answer to your problems. It is a suit made of silicone that looks like a built and well-sculpted male body.

It Gives You a Muscular Appearance Without Requiring Hard Work

With a muscle suit, you won’t need to go to the gym every day to build up your muscles.

It’s perfect for those who can’t find time to go to the gym or can’t risk getting the resulting muscle soreness from working out. A muscle suit can give you the body you need within only a few minutes. You need not go to the gym or touch a dumbbell.

It’s Made of Skin-Friendly and Durable Silicone

The silicone material used to create muscle suits is skin-friendly, highly elastic, and durable. A high-quality silicone muscle suit won’t affect you if you have sensitive skin.

When worn, cleaned, stored, and maintained correctly, the elastic silicone can last many years. You don’t need to worry about the material tearing or breaking easily from one stretch. Remember to keep the suit away from pointy things that can easily puncture or tear the fabric.

It’s Realistic-Looking Enough to Seem Like Authentic Muscle

Another benefit of the silicone material used in making muscle suits is that it creates an authentic look.

Silicone looks, moves, and feels like natural skin. Paired with a well-proportioned muscle design structure, you don’t need to worry about others doubting the realism of your muscle suit.

What Is a Muscle Suit Good for?

A muscle suit is perfect for wearing costumes that require an enlarged body. For example, in the kink and fetish scene, the best way to wear harnesses is when they complement your enlarged and defined muscles.

Use it for roleplaying in bed or out of it to spice up your sex life.

In the cosplay scene, the best way to cosplay characters like Kratos, the God of War, Logan/Wolverine, or He-Man is with a muscle suit.

Muscle suits are great for overnight transformations for events like photoshoots and Halloween costume parties. You can even use a muscle suit for daily wear. Use it to impress the people around you.

How Muscle Suits Can Help You Change Your Appearance Like a Bodybuilder

A muscle suit can impact your appearance significantly and instantaneously.

Below are the top ways to build your body and your self-esteem.

Give You Well-Defined Six-Pack Abs

If you go the traditional bodybuilding route, the rectus abdominals or abs are the hardest muscles to form.

Muscle suits can give you defined and even abs without spending sweat, blood, and tears at the gym. When you wear a muscle suit, you can easily show others your strong core.

Enlarge Your Pectoral or Chest Muscles

Your pectoral or chest muscles are involved in many upper-body movements, like pushing, throwing, and swinging—the pectorals presented by a muscle suit move as naturally as real pecs.

On top of that, a muscle suit’s pecs can help boost your posture and balance your overall form.

Broaden Your Shoulders

Broad shoulders symbolize strength, attractiveness, and status among many men. Being naturally born with narrow shoulders can impact your self-esteem and make you self-conscious. The good news is that muscle suits exist to help you feel what it’s like to have broad shoulders. 

Gain Monster-Sized Thighs

The “leg day” is one of the most mentally and physically challenging gym days. It takes a lot of mental strength to go through and complete a leg day regimen. The good news is that you can gain bullfrog-like thighs with a snap of a finger, thanks to muscle suits.

Bodybuilder Conclusion

Bodybuilding takes years of hard work, extreme self-discipline, and sacrifice before getting the desired results. If you can’t or don’t want to go through this lengthy and challenging process, the next best thing you can do is to use a muscle suit to look like a bodybuilder overnight.

A silicone muscle suit is a safe, realistic, and durable alternative that will save you time, effort, and gym fees.

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