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Have you ever felt hot or acutely interested in latex clothing or materials? Latex fetish is the term you use when you have a thing for latex. In short, it’s the type of sexual desire and pleasure you get when you come across the material, wear, or see a person wearing latex clothing or fashion. Standard latex clothing pieces include catsuits, masks, gloves, and more.

Even though many people have this fetish, you may still feel anxious about having it if you come from a conservative society or community. Don’t worry because we’re here to help you understand this fetish and how to enjoy it safely. Continue to explore your latex-focused desires a little more!

Latex Fetishism

What Is a Latex Fetish?

Before discussing latex fetish, let’s quickly define what a fetish is.

A fetish refers to a sexual desire where pleasure is derived from a particular object, body part, or activity. It often plays a frequent or significant role in a person’s sex life or daily routine. Examples include attraction to feet, undergarments, spanking, or specific body features.

Fetishes range from common interests with established communities, such as bondage or S&M, to more niche preferences, like adult diaper-wearing or animal-themed outfits. It’s important to remember that fetishes are personal and can vary between individuals, and consent and communication are crucial in exploring and engaging in fetish-related activities.

History of Latex Fetish

Latex Fetish Explained

Latex fetishism, or rubber fetishism, is a fascination or sexual attraction towards people wearing latex clothing or the garments themselves. It involves a strong interest in latex’s tactile and visual aspects, a stretchy and shiny material. PVC fetishism is closely related, involving a fascination with shiny polyvinyl chloride (PVC) clothing.

Individuals with these fetishes may refer to themselves as “rubberists” or “rubber men” within the gay male community. It encompasses various practices, including wearing latex, role play, sensory play, and exploring power dynamics.

These unique characteristics of latex material and why they might evoke arousal include the following:

●It wraps well around the wearer’s body without showing skin.

●It has a shiny, velvety, or “wet” look that accentuates the wearer’s curves.

shiny look of latex

●It has a unique smell and taste.

●Its form-fitting boosts the wearer’s confidence.

●It’s comfortable to wear and feels like a “second skin.”

second skin

●The elasticity and versatility make it easy to don and remove.

●Latex is a common rubber material used in making condoms, clothing, sex toys, and accessories.

Latex fetishists may derive their pleasure from positive experiences with latex products. Other people also use the term “rubberist community” for latex fetishists.

Characteristics of Latex Fetish

How do you know if you have a latex fetish? The most obvious sign is if you start feeling arousal or excitement whenever latex is part of the sexual activity or foreplay. You may also encounter latex materials in a non-sexual environment and react similarly.

For others, it takes wearing a latex bodysuit or pair of boots to get turned on. Some want partners to wear latex clothing when they perform sexual activities.

How Do People Get Turned on by Latex?

Latex material is unique in many ways. It has a one-of-a-kind sound, feel, taste, smell, and look. These characteristics can trigger your arousal and stimulate you.

Experience Freedom and Perceived Nakedness

Another reason behind the latex fetish is how it creates the feeling of having a “second skin” when you wear it. Do you enjoy the feeling or perception of being naked without actually being in the nude? Try wearing latex, and you may enjoy the experience.

You may also feel a level of freedom when you wear latex. Its clingy and form-fitting nature may give you the freedom that standard clothing materials can’t provide.

Don a New Identity

The simple act of stepping into clothing a person doesn’t usually wear is enough to turn her on. For example, you often wear very formal and specific clothing for your job and family life. Donning a latex catsuit or corset could create a new identity—someone who is more daring, sexual, and knows what she wants.

Undergo Sensory Deprivation

You may have a more specific kink or fetish that has brought you into the rubberist community. An excellent example of this kink is sensory deprivation, the action of neutralizing a sense or more to boost excitement and pleasure.

Many sex products for sensory deprivation consist of latex, including:

●Hoods and blindfolds

latex hood




●Arm binders

●Collars and cuffs


●Neck corsets

neck corsets

What Are the Different Types of Latex Fetishes?

Like clothing fetishism, latex fetishism comes in many forms. The types of latex fetishes include the following:

Latex Shoes and Boots Fetish

This particular latex fetish focuses on latex shoes, boots, and other types of footwear. It may also involve a fetish for the shape of the legs or feet wrapped in latex material.

boots fetish

Latex Bodysuit or Clothing Fetish

This latex fetish type arouses the fetishist when he or she wears latex clothing. Some people get sexually excited when their partners wear latex clothing. Latex bodysuits are the common objects of arousal, but they can extend to a latex shirt, pants, or underwear.

latex bodysuit

Fetish Focused on the Look of Skintight Materials

You may feel provocation when you see yourself or another person wearing skintight materials. It may not matter if you’re wearing latex, silicone, or other materials. Since latex is one of the best materials for making form-fitting fetish clothing, you may have a specific fixation on the material.


Latex Hood and Latex Fetish

If you’re in the BDSM community, you may also prefer latex hoods and masks. Many gimp suits, hoods, neck corsets, cuffs, and collars consist of latex material. Because latex is smooth, elastic, and shiny, it’s one of the best options to create such accessories. Of course, you can find matte latex hoods and masks, too.

latex fetish

What Are Some of the Most Popular Ways to Enjoy Latex Fetish?

Do you want to know how you might enjoy and explore your latex fetish? Here are the different scenarios you should try out if you haven’t yet.

BDSM or Dom/Sub Scenario

Dommes and Subs who need something new to spice up their sex may enjoy trying out latex clothing or accessories. The sub could wear frilly latex underwear on your next session. The dominant could also wear a form-cutting latex skirt framed with leather harnesses. Latex gags, collars, and straight jackets provide more specific BDSM scenarios.


Sensation Play

One of the most erotic types of play is sensation play. As mentioned earlier, latex is the material used in many sensory deprivation and sensation play products.

Gently running a latex whip or flogger on a person’s skin while he has a latex blindfold on is one example of sensation play involving latex. Latex also has a distinct rubber smell and sound. You can use these characteristics to heighten your partner’s arousal.

sensation play

Pet Play

Pet play is a more specific BDSM kink that you can try as a newcomer to the rubberist community. The most popular latex mask used in pet play is the dog mask. In pet play, a variety of kinks can create arousal. It could be the restriction of moving on all fours, drinking out of a bowl on the floor, or begging
for treats.

pet play

Be a Plastic Doll

A specific type of roleplay with latex is the plastic doll scenario. In this roleplay, you or your partner wear a latex bodysuit and makeup to look like a life-sized plastic doll. Depending on your preferences, you could also cover up with latex from head to toe. The person wearing the latex bodysuit will pretend to be a sex doll, at the mercy of the other person who can change their positions and do anything to them.

The scenarios above are also the most popular regarding latex materials and clothing. If you still lack experience, a knowledgeable partner is likely already familiar with them.

plastic doll

How Can Someone Get Started If They’re Interested in Exploring Their Latex Fetish Further?

Are you still unsure about going too deep into sex scenarios with your latex fetish? New rubberists may enjoy the following latex garments, which are all very accessible and beginner-friendly:

Pair of latex gloves

Your hands need to move properly, despite the coverage. Choose gloves that have the right thickness and size. The thinner they are, the freer your fingers can move.

latex gloves

Pair of latex briefs

Latex briefs should be 0.4 mm thick if you want to move well. However, if you’re staying in one position, briefs as thick as 0.6 mm could easily hold their shape and wrinkle less.

latex briefs

Latex skirt or shirt

Latex skirts are less durable when thinner, but they’re also stretchier. Consider reading reviews and testimonials first if you’re buying a latex skirt.

latex skirt

Where to Buy Latex Fetish Wear

Honour: Wide Range of Latex Clothing and Accessories with Various Sizing Options

  • Offers a wide range of latex clothing and accessories.
  • Provides various sizing options for different body types.
  • Pay attention to size charts and measurement guidelines to ensure proper fit.
  • Check customer reviews or contact customer support if you have specific questions about products.

LatexCatfish: Custom-Made Latex Clothing with Extensive Customization Options

  • Specializes in custom-made latex clothing.
  • Allows customization options for colors, sizes, and designs.
  • Take accurate measurements and provide detailed customization instructions.
  • Understand the store’s return or exchange policy for custom items.

Libidex: Broad Selection of Latex Clothing for Men and Women with Size Charts and Customer Reviews

  • Offers a broad selection of latex clothing for both men and women.
  • Check size charts and follow measurement instructions carefully.
  • Consider different styles and designs to find what suits your preferences.
  • Read product descriptions and reviews to understand quality and customer satisfaction.

Westward Bound: High-Quality Latex Fashion for Men and Women in Various Styles

  • Provides high-quality latex fashion for men and women.
  • Explore the range of styles, from classic to fetish-inspired designs.
  • Consider the care and maintenance requirements of latex garments.
  • Check for information on shipping options and costs, as they may vary based on location.

Considerations for First-Time Buyers

– Research: Take time to explore different websites, product options, and customer reviews to make informed decisions.

– Sizing and Measurements: Follow each website’s size charts and measurement guidelines carefully to ensure a proper fit.

– Material Quality: Look for information on the thickness and durability of the latex used in the products.

– Personal Comfort: Understand your preferences and limits. Start with items that align with your comfort level and gradually explore new styles or designs.

– Care and Maintenance: Learn about proper latex care techniques to extend the lifespan of your items.

– Privacy: Consider your privacy concerns when making purchases. Check the website’s privacy policy and ensure discreet packaging options if desired.

Safety and Health Concerns with Latex Fetishism

Latex has some drawbacks, too. Firstly, you might have a latex allergy. You may also develop sensitivity to latex with incorrect use or overexposure.

Finally, latex is porous. You must clean all your latex paraphernalia well after using and storing it.

latex fetish


Latex is “the most sensual fabric there is,” so there’s a lot to enjoy from it as a latex fetishist. You could have a latex fetish for its form-fitting nature or wet look. You could also be a specific type of latex fetishist. For example, you get the most excited when you see latex footwear.

Because it’s highly versatile, latex can be a garment, sex accessory, or other. It matches a diverse range of scenarios, especially BDSM and pet play.