Many clients wanna to know how to clean our silicone mask after wear it,so this article will introduce several tips about how to clean the mask.

What types of alcohol/spray disinfectants are safe for the masks & suggested contact times:

-Unlike latex, silicone will not break down or corrode over time with the use of an alcohol based cleaner. You can use 71%, %91 or 99% Isopropyl Alcohol in a spray bottle, or a non-scented Lysol spray. Both of these kill 99.9% of germs relatively quickly, and not need to be left on the mask to be soaked in to be effective. A simple spritz inside the mask, a few seconds to grab your paper towel/cloth and a wipe out to prevent excessive moisture build up in the mask. The alcohol will eventually evaporate, but its always best to not leave any water or liquid in the mask while storing as mold can happen. You can also use baby wipes to get a quick clean on the exterior and interior of the mask – a gentle wipe is all you need.

How to wash the masks and how regularly they should be washed:

– There are a few ways to clean/ wash your mask! Depending on how often you wear your mask, the length you wear them for and what you’re doing can come into play when cleaning your silicone products. Regardless of use, I would recommend that you “simple” clean your mask/gloves after every wear.

Generally, if you’re the only one wearing it for events like photo shoots, character appearances where you don’t build up too much heat via movement or just wo lounge around your house (we don’t judge), a simple cleaning with quick spray inside and out with alcohol or Lysol will be perfectly fine (remember to wipe out any excess moisture with a lint free cloth).

If you’re in a haunt environment, do LARP events, a crowded convention hall and/or are doing activities that build up a lot of sweat, I recommend giving your mask a bath. Relatively easy, you can wash your masks in a deep sink, tub or even a 5-gallon bucket (whatever you have available to you)! All you need is some Dawn dish soap, warm water and a lint-free cloth; Drop about a dime sized amount of soap into the water and pop the mask in. Dredge the mask in and out of the soapy water, turning it inside out if you can to give the mask good contact with the soapy water. Once you’re satisfied with the mask, rinse under water (or have a second 5-galon bucket nearby) until it runs clear. Pat dry both inside and outside of the mask with a lint free cloth. Using a lint free towel or cloth is the best as they don’t leave things behind on the inside OR outside of the mask, but a paper towel will work.

DO NOT SCRUB AT ANY POINT –there is a chance the paint will wear if you are scrubbing areas with any sponge, rag or the like; Let the Dawn do its magic.

Other Helpful Tips:

-Covering your masks/gloves/silicone props while not in use with a plastic bag will help prevent any dust/dirt build up on the exterior.
-Remember that mold CAN occur, so be sure to completely dry all silicone products before putting into any kind of storage after use.
– You don’t need any talc or powder to put your mask on! If you’re unfamiliar/uncomfortable with putting the masks on you can use a little but generally it not needed and personally I have not used powder since my first go at putting a mask on.
-You can use the alcohol spray in your gloves for an easier put on! A quick spritz down the sleeve and your hand/arm should slide right in. you may need to massage/wiggle in still, but not as greatly as if you were using nothing at all.
-You can also use a LIGHT spray on your display head form to help slide the mask over it for storage.