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Gay Men Kissing_ The Art of Kissing Foreplay


Gay men kissing — is there anything hotter than two men locking lips? A good kiss can really get things going in (and outside) the bedroom.

In this guide, I want to explore the different kinds of kisses we gay men love — from a quick peck to a passionate make-out sesh.

We’ll also chat about how to use kissing as foreplay to heat things up.

There are so many sexy ways to kiss your man, may he be your husband or a casual hookup. So pucker up and get ready to learn the art of gay kissing!

This will be one steamy lesson on how to drive your man wild, all before getting to the main event!

The Gay Men Kissing Meme

Gay Men Kissing_ The Art of Kissing ForeplayLet me segue a bit and tell you what inspired me to write this article.

It’s seeing the Gay Men Kissing meme — it’s a reaction meme popular on X and Reddit.

It shows two Black men kissing (obviously).

I know it’s a meme that has been around since 2012, but it made my heart flutter nonetheless.

It made me want to look closer into the magic of kissing in gay men’s lives.

The Sensuality of Gay Men Kissing

For me, kissing is one of the most intimate acts between two people.

The sensation of another man’s lips on mine, the warmth of his breath, the taste of his mouth,

it’s something no toy can mimic.

Kissing plays a huge role in gay men’s relationships.

There’s just something deeply intimate about pressing

your lips against another man’s that ignites passion.

It Builds Intimacy

Kissing triggers the release of oxytocin, a.k.a “cuddle chemical” or “love hormone,”

which promotes feelings of affection and attachment.

It’s an activity perfect for connecting on an emotional level before things get more physical.

For many gay couples, kissing is a way to express love and strengthen their emotional bond.

It’s a Turn-On

Kissing also releases the happy hormone dopamine.

I’m getting science-y here, but dopamine doesn’t actually make you feel happy,

it makes you want to do that same thing again.

When you kiss someone, dopamine tells you “Hey bub, do that again because it feels nice!”

Dopamine isn’t wrong either.

Kissing sparks desire and sets the mood for what’s to come.

There’s an Art to It

Have you ever had a kiss that made your knees go weak?

The way someone cradles your face in their hands,

gently sucks on your lower lip, or flicks their tongue in just the right way?

Mastering the art of kissing is a skill every gay man learns early when exploring their sexuality.

It opens doors to many other stages in a gay man’s life.

Kissing isn’t just a means to an end.

It’s a way to flirt without words, to spark something primal and announce

“I desire you” without ever opening your mouth.

No wonder they call the lips “the gateway to the soul.”

A good kiss can transport you to a place of pure pleasure and connection.

Different Kinds of Kisses to Drive Him Wild

Everyone has an idea or two about the wonders of great kisses.

You don’t even have to be an experienced lover to want to crave it.

It’s common knowledge to understand how much passion and intimacy can be expressed through kisses.

For innocent kisses:

Forehead Kisses

Nothing says “I care about you” like a gentle kiss on the forehead.

Gay Men Kissing_ The Art of Kissing Foreplay -7It’s intimate yet chaste, conveying affection without an expectation of anything more.

When my partner gives me a soft forehead kiss, I feel cherished and safe.

Hand Kisses

There’s something undeniably romantic about hand kisses.

Gently grasping his hand, looking into his eyes,

and placing a tender kiss on the back of his hand makes me feel like a prince courting his love.

Shoulder Kisses

In my experience, most of the shoulder kisses I gave

happened when I was relaying my support to my partners during an emotional time.

Smiling gay man For instance, my ex-boyfriend received devastating news once when we were hanging on our sofa.

He was holding himself together, and all I could do was hold his hand

and kiss his shoulder to remind him I was there for him.

On the other side of the spectrum, shoulder kisses can also be innocent yet arousing.

Coming up behind your partner and placing a trail of kisses along his shoulder

is a perfect way to be affectionate and spice up a quiet moment.

Shoulder kisses can awaken your partner’s senses and

make his whole body tingle with pleasure and excitement.

For sensual kisses:

Jawline Kisses

jawline kissWhen I’m in the mood, I snuggle to my partner’s side or sit on his lap and start kissing his throat and jaw.

This obvious sign is enough to make any man put all his attention on you, trust me on this.

Jawline kisses are excellent for building tension.

Neck Kisses

The neck is an erogenous zone for many guys, so neck kisses are a surefire way to get him aroused.

Take your time, alternate between kisses, licks, and gentle sucks while breathing in his intoxicating scent.

Body Kisses

Kisses are great because you can leave them on any part of your partner’s body.

The usual locations to kiss are down his chest and abdomen.

Pay extra attention to sensitive areas like his nipples.

Other lovers even kiss their partner’s armpit, the inside of the thighs, and even the belly buttons.

Kissing and touching your partner’s whole body with your mouth

is an excellent way to show how much you desire every part of him.

French Kiss

How can we ever forget French kisses?

A French kiss, where you use your tongue, is one of the most sensual ways to kiss.

Do it by caressing your man’s tongue with your own.

Do it with abandon and explore the inside of his mouth as much as you want.

Start slow, then be more demanding. Take everything your man has to offer.

For kisses you should try at least once:

The Spiderman Kiss

Made famous by the 2002 Spiderman movie, this upside-down kiss is sure to make your head spin — literally.

The rush of blood to the head combined with the thrill of the kiss will make it extra memorable.

Just be careful and take it slow so no one falls! To do it, have your partner hang upside down.

It can simply be you sitting on the couch and him standing behind wherever you are.

The key here is the height difference.

The Notebook Kiss

You know what I’m talking about — that iconic kiss in the rain from The Notebook.

Whether you plan it or the weather just happens to be in a corner,

why not jump into your lover’s arms and kiss him?

The sensation of the cool rain on your skin combined with

the heat of your embrace will make this a kiss you won’t soon forget.

The Titanic Kiss

titinic kissThis one’s the simplest legendary kiss yet. Just find any railing, and let your man hold you from behind.

Look back at him et voila! You can even do this while you’re washing the dishes

and he comes behind you, no need to stretch your arms out and say “I’m flying!”

What do you think of these scenes? Corny? Maybe. Memorable?

Absolutely! Doing something over-the-top and theatrical now and then keeps the romance alive and the kissing more satisfying.

More Gay Men Kissing Techniques

One of my favorite things to do is add a little extra spice to my kisses.

I like to gently bite my partner’s lower lip while we’re making out.

Not too hard, just enough to make him gasp.

I also love running my fingers through his hair and giving it a firm tug.

You’ll know you’re going in the right direction when you hear your partner moan.

Feeling adventurous? Then break out some props to take your kisses to the next level.

For example, if your lover is into muscle worship, go slip into a silicone muscle suit.

I assure you — the feel of the firm, bulging muscles under his hands will be a feast for your beau.

What if he’s a furry? Then be his pet! Go wear a dog mask or kitty ears while you’re smooching.

Some other tips to boost passion:

  • Use your tongue and explore his mouth.
  • Grind your body against his.
  • Learn breath play and make his head feel light, literally.
  • Play with sensitive areas like ears or nipples.
  • Add other accessories to your play, such as kissing him while he’s tied or handcuffed.

Feel free to use other BDSM gear.


Gay men kissing is an art form that takes practice, patience, and passion.

For gay men, it’s so much more than just lips touching — it’s a sensual dance of intimacy and connection.

Though the “gay kiss meme” is just for laughs, it reminds us of the unique beauty of man-on-man make-outs.

Let your kisses tell the story of your desire.

And remember, there’s no right or wrong way to smooch the guy you’re with.

Just have fun, be present, and let your inner master kisser shine through.

The rest will come naturally.