Lead-in: Want to spice things up and turn him on through dirty talk and sexting? Naughty words can have a have a great impact on your sex appeal and overall experience. Read ahead to learn foolproof tips on how to dirty talk gay men.


Gay dirty talk


Arousing a partner during sexual encounters solely through the use of words and sounds, from soft moans to role-playing, nasty conversation, can be an effective way to improve your sexual experience. Your choice of words can heighten sensations while doing the deed.

This guide will share some tips and tricks that can turn guys on through dirty talking. Read ahead to learn how to polish your dirty talking skills. Before delving in, let’s first have an overview of what dirty talking is all about.



Defining Dirty Talking: What Is Dirty Talk?


Defining dirty talk


In dirty talk, also called sex talk, couples engage in verbal and aural exchanges intended to heighten sexual tension and pleasure. Sex talk can be as simple as a single sound or word (such as “yes,” “more,” or a groan) or as sophisticated as a series of ideas outlining forthcoming action or constructing a sexual fantasy.

When used appropriately, dirty talk can be a powerful tool for fostering closeness and sexual health in a variety of contexts, including but not limited to foreplay, sexual intercourse, solitary masturbation, and long-distance relationships.

The sexual technique is a core part of the BDSM lifestyle, in which the dominant partner uses dirty language to stimulate and dominate the submissive partner.


Three Examples of Dirty Talk


Sex partners can indulge in a wide variety of sex discourse, including the following:


A Single Word or Sound Can Do 


Gay dirty talk


Others prefer to use fewer, more meaningful words in the bedroom, while those who love more raunchy banter may continue to do so. Arousal can be signaled in the bedroom with a single word or sound, such as “yes,” “harder,” “more,” and “faster,” or with a moan, sigh, or gasp.

Saying your partner’s name during a passionate moment can be highly arousing for certain people since they prefer hearing their own name during sexual intercourse.


Describing Your Sexual Deeds


fantasy gay dirty talk


Using the present tense to express what is occurring or how you feel is a simple method to add nasty talk. It can be really stimulating for your spouse to hear you say things like, “I am so turned on right now.”

By keeping them focused on the present and bringing attention to the sexual activity, these expressions can assist both partners in setting the mood.


Creating a Fantasy




The most sophisticated kind of dirty talk takes the form of a tale in which one partner describes actions to the other in order to create an idealized mental image of the action.

You and your partner can describe anything from what’s to come (“I’m going to go down on you. “), to a sexual experience you both found particularly satisfying (“You looked so hot last night. “), to a shared fantasy (“Pretend someone is watching us having sex.”)

The sexual energy and excitement that a partner’s fantasy can release are priceless.


7 Tips to Up Your Dirty Talk Game


Now that you know some of what to say, it’s important to learn how to tell them. If you want to make the most of your next steamy encounter, try out these ideas for chatting or talking dirty:


Take Your Sweet Time in Dirty Talking 


dirty talk


This situation calls for a patient strategy that allows sexual tension to build. If you can prolong the sexual tension, the climax will be more satisfying. When just beginning out, it’s best to ease into the sexting practice or session.

Gays should never be rushed into sex talk. Make the most of the initial few minutes by playing a lighthearted game and gently tickling your date’s fancy. Also, this is the perfect moment to inquire about any restrictions or taboos.

To get things going, send a few racy pictures. For example, pictures of your V-shaped muscle in your crotch area or the curve of your lower back are sure to turn heads. Combining it with slander is a must. Check out a site dedicated to slang or pornographic content and take notes.


Breadcrumb Them


breadcrumb your partner


With breadcrumbing, you share enough material with your boyfriend or partner to keep wanting more. People love a challenge. Create thick sexual tension before heading to dirty talk.

Pick a hot outfit and make him comment on your appearance. Tease him connected with the outfit you wore. A great example is the Smitizen muscle suit, made with high quality silicone material to make your body look more toned.

You can also entice him by giving arch pictures or videos highlighting your ass to crave for. These acts can spice up relationships and can build the tension for hot dirty talk.


Keep the Mystery Alive While Talking Dirty


mystery gay dirty talk


Maintaining an air of intrigue is quite attractive. Nothing is more attractive than a man who knows how and when to express himself. It can get boring and even exhausting for your part when you talk dirty all the time.

Overdoing it might have a negative impact on one’s sex appeal. Guys enjoy intentional dirty talk rather than random ones.


Know What Makes Your Partner Tick


make him tick


Those that engage in sex conversation frequently have favorite phrases and words they like to use when they’re in the bedroom. The examples of such inclinations are the preference for one word over another and the favoring of one vocal tone over another.

Further, the dirty discussion might shed light on the kinds of things your spouse could be interested in learning more about in the future. If they discuss a certain sex position or sex toy, make a mental note of it and ask them if they want to test it out later.


Read Webtoons or Classic Erotica


read classic erotica


Erotica can be a good source of ideas for naughty conversation when you’re at a loss. Sexually explicit literature, also known as “erotica,” provides a plethora of material for stimulating sexual conversation in the bedroom.

Explore some of your favorite tales and see if you can’t steal a few ideas for your filthy discussion with your boyfriend.


Diversify Your Language


different voices


While sexy, serious, and kinky are all appropriate contexts for dirty talk, there are also more innocent contexts in which they can be used. The two of you might discover that you bond over a sweet or taunting tone or a wackier tone with lots of laughter.

Experiment with different voices while engaging in sexual activities, or observe the tone that develops naturally between you and your partner, then adopt it.


Unwind and enjoy yourself




The goal of engaging in dirty talk is to enhance sexual pleasure between the couple. If you try dirty conversation and find that you’re becoming too tense, anxious, or self-conscious to enjoy yourself, stop.

One option is to give it another shot at a later time, while another is to determine that obscene conversation isn’t their thing entirely.


How To Make Him Talk Dirty Back: 3 Easy Steps


You’ve been working on the dirty talking for a while now. It’s also great to lead your partner to talk dirty back to you. If you want to get his balls rolling, er, your ball rolling, here are eight tried and true tips. Don’t hold back; employ them all to your advantage.


Emphasize How Hot He Is


Gay dirty talk


Men are more receptive to visual cues than other genders. Observing his outward form is, thus, of supreme concern. Tell him he’s hot, but make it sound sincere.

Here’s a sample:

“Have you noticed that people are staring at you as you stroll down the street? Simply put, you give off a really alluring air.”


Stroke His Ego


stroke his ego - gay dirty talk


Let him know that his horny antics make you go wild. You’ll need to stroke your man’s ego if you ever want to get into his underwear.

If you want to get a response from your man, you need to talk dirty to him in a way that appeals to his sexual instincts.

Here’s a sample:

“At night when I’m indulging in sexual gratification, your handsome face is the only thing I can think about.”


Tell Him the Nasty Things You Want


The nasty talk


Men enjoy being the object of others’ adoration. They might not tell you this, but you should know. The clearer a mental image you can paint for him of what you want from him, the more receptive he will be.

Here’s a sample:

“Simply lie down on the bed, and I’ll take care of everything else. I want to give you as much pleasure as I can.”


Final Thoughts


gay talk


To what extent would you like to improve your sexting skills? The key to a successful relationship is learning to tune into your partner’s desires and proclivities. Take this information and build on it to have a better discussion. When talking with a decent companion, both of you may relax and feel safe enough to share what’s on your mind.

We hope this sexting advice improved your success rate and self-assurance. Check out our other Smitizen items to help you ‘walk the talk’ while dirty talking.