Do you take time to know your body, specifically your penis? What do you know about your penis beyond its physiological functions? Unfortunately, the only thing that most people know about their penis is that it can pee and perform sexual functions.

As a man, learning about your dick, which is one of the essential organs in the male anatomy, can help you live a more informed and fulfilling life. Understanding how your sexual organs work can help you become a more skilled lover, protect your physical and mental health, and maintain good hygiene.

In this article, we will discuss what a penis is and everything you need to know about the human dick.


What is a penis?

Can you explain what a penis is without mentioning its functions? The answer to the question of what a dick is may seem obvious, but you may be surprised that there are people who don’t know much about it.

While there is a lot of information about the penis, this amazing body organ is still a mystery, and we need more research needs to understand it better. Most men know that a penis contains blood vessels that allow blood flow during arousal and erectile tissue, but after that, they are hard-pressed to give more details about the penis.

So, what exactly is a penis?


In layperson’s terms, a penis is an organ in cisgender men that consists of three main parts: the root, body, and epithelium. The root of the dick lies within the perineal pouch and is attached to your pubic arch. The root, also known as the radix, contains the crus and bulb of the penis.

The body of your dick, also known as the corpus, contains the dorsal and the urethral. Another significant part of the dick is the epithelium, which consists of several sections, including the foreskin and shaft skin. The epithelium also consists of the preputial mucosa, which covers the glans penis.

Everything you need to know about your penis


As a man, you need to learn as much as possible about your sexual organs. Whether you are sexually active or not, you should be able to tell a dick shaft from a penis head or what a normal penis discharge looks like. Here is everything you need to learn about the male penis:

·         Penis come in different sizes

Do you know what the average penis size is across the globe? Men are pretty sensitive about their dick sizes, which is understandable because of the assumption there is a close relationship between penis size and male masculinity.

How can you tell whether you have a significant, average, or abnormally small dick?

You can’t go around measuring people’s dick sizes, and you can ask them their dicks sizes because people lie, so all you can do is rely on health professional studies, which are suspect at best.


Studies show that the erect dick is around 5.17 inches long, which is comparable to our close primate cousins, the chimps. If you have a smaller or bigger-than-average penis length, that’s understandable because dick sizes vary in length and girth.

Men have varying penis sizes because of various reasons, including environmental factors, genetics, and fertility medications. The reason you may have an abnormally small or big penis might have something to do with environmental pollution or your family’s DNA.

So, does penis size matter, and should you be driving crazy looking for ways to increase your dick size? It depends. Some men, especially in the queer community, prefer partners with endowed packages, while others couldn’t care less.

You shouldn’t be giving yourself a brain aneurysm trying to change your penis size to make others happy. Ideally, go for someone who loves and accepts your body without making you feel insecure.

·         Pathway to sexual pleasure


The human penis is one of the major sexual organs for cisgender men. Whether you are having sex solo, with a partner, or in a group, stimulating your penis can lead to explosive orgasms that will leave your body tingling with pleasure.

Because of its convenient location, you can easily bring out your penis to stimulate sexual pleasure without having to bend backward to enjoy yourself. As a man, sexual pleasure is only a hand-job or blowjob away, meaning you don’t even need to take off your clothes to achieve an orgasm.

Unlike prostate gland stimulation, which most men are unaware, uncomfortable, or unwilling to explore, penile stimulation is pretty straightforward, making it easy for a human male to stimulate sexual pleasure.

·         Penises have different shapes

Did you know that human penises have different shapes? Don’t expect your penis to look like your partner’s or those of your friends. People subconsciously associate penises with bananas; for a good reason, some penises a banana have a shape.

However, that doesn’t mean every dick under the sun has a banana shape.

One of the most common human penises is a curved upwards penis that looks like a banana. If you have a curved upward penis, your dick is likely to face upward when you get an erection. A curved upward dick shape is ideal for a man that likes prostate stimulation because it gives easier access to the male G-spot.

Another common shape among men is the curved downward penis. The curved downward penis tilts downwards when you get an erection, allowing you to hit the right spots when you are having penetrative sex with your lover.

The slight tilt downwards allows you to caress your partner’s derriere, giving him heightened sensations that can result in explosive orgasms.

Some men have straight penises without any fancy bending or curving, whether you are flaccid or have an erection. The straight dick is ideal for someone who likes experimenting with different angles during sex.

·         Penises have a mind of their own


Your dick is its own master. Just because you want to have sexual intercourse doesn’t mean your penis will stand at attention, ready to work. Sometimes, you can have the perfect partner, a conducive environment, and the desire to have sex, but you can’t have sex because your penis won’t get an erection.

Not because you have erectile dysfunction but because the penis dances to its tune or, in this case, refuse to cooperate.

As a man, you can get erections at the most inappropriate times. You could be in a supermarket line, talking to your in-laws, or giving an important presentation when you feel your little guy standing at attention.

Having uncontrollable erections is totally normal, so you don’t have to worry that you are turning into a sexual pervert just because you are experiencing a penile erection at inappropriate times. Keep in mind that, to a large extent, sexual function and sexual arousal happen subconsciously, meaning you have little to no control over when and how it happens.

·         You can modify your penis


Have you ever looked at your penis and wished you could change it? Do you sometimes wish you had a bigger, fuller, or more endowed dick? You are not the only one. Men from time immemorial have been searching for creative ways to make their dicks bigger and better.

One of the most common penis modifications for men across the globe is circumcision. Depending on your sexual preferences and cultural or religious background, circumcised dicks are either a big yea or a non-issue.

Even in the queer community, male circumcision is a pretty contentious issue, with spirited discussions about whether circumcision is necessary and when is the right time to get circumcised. Pro-circumcision procedures believe that an uncircumcised dick can be unhygienic, while those against it believe the practice is cruel and no different from female genital mutilation.

Another way you can modify your dick is through piercings. If you are a gay man looking for a way to increase sexual stimulation, consider getting a dick piercing. Dick piercing can increase sexual pleasure by giving you heightened stimulation during coitus. And finally, there’s one more way – penis sleeve.

A penis sleeve or penile extender is a device designed to be easily slipped onto the male anatomy. Consider it an augmentation for your manhood, crafted to replicate the authentic dimensions and intricacies of a real dick. Its purpose extends beyond mere enlargement, offering varied textures to enhance your intimate experiences.

These sleeves are crafted from diverse materials, often featuring high-quality silicone, latex, or rubber. Additionally, some versions are equipped with vibrational elements or can be utilized as strap-ons for added versatility.

·         Health-related concerns


How often do you check your sexual health? Are you the type to have sex with anything that walks without worrying about health risks?

As a sexual being, you are at risk of contracting several sexual-related health risks, including sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) and sexually transmitted infections (STIs), which can cause severe pain, painful urination, erectile dysfunction, and affect your mental health.

As a man, having regular health checkups is important to ensure your male anatomy is working perfectly. Regular checkups can help you keep track of your reproductive health, including sperm production and the quality of your sperm cells, especially if you plan to have kids.


The male penis is an essential part of the male anatomy. It is an instrument of pleasure and also an important organ for reproduction and other physiological functions. Learning about it can help you understand your body, become a better lover, and maintain good hygiene.

Whether you are actively having sex or cooling your loins for a minute, it’s important to keep yourself informed about the workings of your body.