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DIY muscle shirts have been making a big comeback lately. They are not only stylish but also very easy to make and can be done in a matter of minutes. This blog post will show you how to make your muscle shirt and give you tips on how to style it. So whether you’re looking for a new workout top or want to add a little bit of edge to your style, DIY muscle shirts are the way to go!

What is an undershirt?

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A good, comfy undershirt is a must-have in your closet whether you wear sports, smart casual, casual, or business suits. It doesn’t even matter if you spend the whole day in sweats or beach wear; an undershirt is a handy cloth item to have in your closet. But before you rush to buy the latest collection of undershirts, understand what it is, why it’s essential, and how to wear it.

muscle shirt

An undershirt is a clothing item that provides a layer of protection for your clothes. Think of an undershirt as underwear that protects your expensive or favorite garments from sweat and deodorant stains. An undershirt also provides warmth and comfort beneath your clothes, keeping you warm, especially in winter.

A brief history of undershirts

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Did you know that undershirts have been around for centuries? They may be popular today, but these bad boys were around in ancient China and Rome. Roman soldiers wore undershirts beneath their armor for warmth and functionality. It was easier and quicker for soldiers to wash the sweat from undershirts than military uniforms. Today, an undershirt is a handy outfit for men because it keeps their clothes in perfect order because of the absence of stains.

What types of undershirt styles?

Whether you wear undershirts for comfort, to look good, or to protect your garments from sweat and deodorant stains, you can never underestimate the value of a good undershirt. If you want your favorite t-shirt or dress shirt to last for long, consider investing in a couple of quality undershirts. Luckily, there are different types of undershirts you can buy, including:

V-neck undershirts

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If you like wearing dress shirts, a V-neck undershirt is a perfect undergarment. A V-neck undershirt can leave a button or two undone, allowing fresh air to hit your chest on sunny days. V-neck undershirts are also ideal for guys that play polo or like wearing polo shirts. If it’s super hot, a deep V-neck will allow you to unbutton more than three buttons at the top. The next time you go to the store to shop, you can search for a form-fitting V-neck undershirt with a soft fabric to keep you warm and comfy.

Crew-neck undershirt

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The crew neck undershirt is the most popular undershirt for men. A crew-neck undershirt is ideal because it covers your body up to the neck and is usually suitable for those who wear suits. You can also wear a crew neck undershirt if you like to button up your shirt to the neck. The crew neck undershirt is popular because it gives you adequate protection against sweat and can be worn as a T-shirt. So the next time you forget to do your laundry, don’t be shy rocking your crew neck as a T-shirt, but only as casual wear.

Tank tops

Tank tops are ideal for someone who doesn’t sweat a lot. A tank top has large arm and neck holes that offer minimal protection for your clothes against sweat and deodorant stains. Because of their simplistic design, tank tops, also known as wife-beaters or A-shirts, are mass-produced and relatively cheap.

Long-sleeved undershirts

When it’s super cold and you need an extra layer of clothing to keep you warm, look no further than long-sleeved undershirts. The long-sleeved undershirt looks classy under a layered shirt and comes in various colors and sizes. You can wear the undershirt as a stand-alone without a garment on top, but only if you are attending a super casual event or just hanging around with friends.

Muscle shirt

Muscle shirts are popular with men that like to work out. The muscle shirt is ideal for working out because it is light, absorbs sweat, and is breathable enough to facilitate air circulation.

What is a muscle shirt?

A muscle shirt is an undershirt you can wear beneath your clothes to absorb sweat and deodorant stains. The name muscle shirt stems from the undershirt’s ability to help people show off their buffed chest, large arms, and broad shoulders. Because it quickly absorbs sweat, a muscle shirt is popular among bodybuilders, athletes, and gym enthusiasts. Muscle shirts are also popular because of their functional design. The sleeves of a muscle shirt have large arm holes to facilitate movement during exercise with the added benefit of showing off your guns and ripped chest. The muscle shirt shoulder sleeve is also close to the top of your shoulder, allowing you to show off your broad shoulders.

You can get a muscle shirt from your local store or mall. If you can’t get the muscle shirt from a local store, create an online account and buy from eCommerce stores. Depending on the retailer or the country you are buying from, you can get the same-day delivery, or the company can ship the products to your address. Before you confirm your purchases, check out customers’ feedback on the company’s official and social media pages.

Reasons to wear a muscle shirt.

It enhances your physique.

A muscle shirt can flatten your body frame, making you appear fit and masculine.

Protects your modesty when you wear modest clothes

A muscle shirt protects your modesty when wearing white or light-colored clothes because it makes it impossible for people to see your skin.

It acts as a security blanket.

A muscle shirt provides an extra layer of protection in cold seasons, keeping you warm and comfy.

Makes you fashionable

A muscle suit makes you look like you know how to dress. It makes you appear put together.

How to cut a shirt into a muscle shirt 

Do you wonder about what to do with your old -shirts? Instead of tossing them, you can give them a new beginning by turning them into muscle shirts. Think about it. You get a new muscle shirt to show off your beautiful body, save money, engage your creative juices, and protect the environment from the trash. Sounds like a win-win, right? The good news is you don’t need to be a professional tailor to pull this hack off, nor do you need fancy equipment.

Materials to make a muscle shirt

Some of the materials you will need to create a muscle shirt include:

· Scissors

Use the scissors to cut the T-shirt into a muscle shirt.

· A piece of chalk or a marker pen

You will use chalk or marker to highlight your cut lines to avoid cutting too much material.

· T-shirt

Find an old or new T-shirt you can cut to make a muscle shirt.

· Ruler

It helps you to measure how much fabric you need to cut.

Simple steps to help you cut your T-shirt into a muscle shirt:

Choose a quality T-shirt.

It doesn’t matter whether your T-shirt is old or new as long as it’s made from quality material. Choose a T-shirt that looks good and fits your body comfortably without being too tight or loose. If you want a muscle shirt specifically for working out, consider choosing a T-shirt that absorbs a lot of sweat.

Iron out the wrinkles

Press the T-shirt with a hot iron to smooth the T-shirt and remove wrinkles. It will be easier to cut the fabric if it’s smooth.

Mark where you want to cut

· Place the T-shirt on a flat surface and get a ruler to measure how much you will cut.

· Mark two inches from the shoulder seam of the right sleeve. You can use a marker pen or a piece of chalk to make visible dots. Repeat the process on the left side.

· Mark two inches from the bottom of the right sleeve seam. Ensure your marker points are visible. Do the same for the left side sleeve.

· Connect the mark on top of the sleeve with the bottom mark by making a straight line with a slight swoop in the middle to give you a perfect curve.

Cut off the sleeves.

Use a pair of scissors to cut along the dots you marked. Hold the T-shirt steady and carefully cut the sleeve without deviating from the line.

Finishing touches

Remove any jagged edges by cutting more in areas where edges are more pronounced. If you want to expand the neck area, you can cut off the neckline to make it more comprehensive.

How to look more muscular in a muscle shirt?

A muscular appearance has advantages: Good looks, a legion of admirers, and self-confidence, to name a few. So how can you look muscular wearing a muscle shirt?

  • Choose a muscle shirt with the fitting cuffs.·

You can wear a padded muscle shirt that makes your chest muscles bigger, your abs more defined, and your shoulders broader.

  • Work out

Simple workouts to keep your body in shape can make you appear muscular when wearing a muscle shirt. Consider arm training exercises like lifting dumbbells.

An upper body muscle suit can puff up your muscles, making you look ripped and powerful. Whether it’s an emergency photo shoot, special occasion, or a desire to look ripped every day, a muscle suit is a great costume to help you change your appearance quickly.


Undershirts are one of the most fantastic fashion items in a man’s closet. They are equally fashionable and functional, making you look good while providing a layer of protection for your clothes.