As silicone mask is very realistic, many lovers prefer to wear it to participate in various activities. But due to the particularity of the material, silicone masks cannot be worn for a long time. Let’s explain the reason about that:

The skin is a largest organ in the body and it needs air to flow over it to dissipate heat and moisture. Inversely the top layer of thr skin can also absorb moisture. The skin is also covered in head and bad micro-organisms.

If you permanently wear a silicone mask, the following will happen:

There will be a build up of heat which will impact the body’s thermoregulation.
Moisture will build up under the mask which leads to swelling of the skin. Same as when you had been too long in the bath. Eventually it leads to maceration which is failure of the structural integrity of the skin.
A warm, wet environment is an ideal breeding ground for microorganisms. Infection sets in very quickly and you will end up with gangrene and pieces of skin just falling off. In world war 1 it led to the infamous “ trench foot”.

It could get a little uncomfortable after three or four hours. However, other silicone masks that go the realistic look might be more worth it.


We also recommends powdering the inside of the mask before use. This makes it easier to slip on. These materials can be clingy when you’re wearing them and powder alleviates this. After use and cleaning, apply new powder to keep a silicone mask fresh and ready to use again.


Silicone masks can help us transform into another person totally, so from my perspective, silicone masks are very worth having. Hope this article can help you to know more about the mask.