Silicone masks are so popular as they are very realistic: they canmake some daily expressions, such as laughing, crying, etc,and the material is very soft and comfortable to wear. There are many mask lovers want to put on their favorite makeup after buying masks,is that possible?The answer is yes, this article will describe more details:

We suggest to use powder makeup (like eyeshadows, blush, cosmetic powder) and lipstick (not permanent lipstick). Avoid cream makeup like foundation, oily foundation, grease pencils.

Avoid contact or use of products that contain: sulfur, latex, ammonia, oils and alcool to much aggresssive.

Unfortunately we do not have the possibility to test all the cosmetic products available on the market.

if you don’t use anything with harsh chemicals in it, you should be fine.

Wipe down the inside with a damp soapy wash cloth and let dry after each use. Storage doesn’t really matter. You can store it in a plastic bag if you want because silicone always keeps it’s shape.

Can I apply makeup on the silicone mask

There is no problem with applying makeup on silicone masks. But please take a notice that do not use corrosive products.And that is also important about how store silicone masks,we will talk about that in the following article.

You can have a look if you need,hope that can help you.