Have you ever wondered how awesome it would be to date yourself? If you are hot, have a nice face, are shredded to perfection, are funny, and have a personality that can vibe with anyone, it is not a surprise that you would want to date yourself. Since cloning or dating your blood twin is heavily frowned upon, you’ve got to settle for boyfriend twins.


Boyfriend twins have given the phrase go fuck yourself a new meaning. From having the same eye color, body type, height, weight, and hair color to the same sense of humor, boyfriend twins have perfected the art of dating look-alikes.

Whether you are in each other lives for a moment or until you are old and grey, dating someone who looks like you is exciting and self-gratifying. In this article, we will explain what a boyfriend twin is and discuss why some gay people pursue men who look like them.

What are boyfriend twins?

Boyfriend twin

Is it narcissistic to date someone that looks like you? Certainly not! No rule says you must date your opposite in looks, fashion, or personality. While the queer community has normalized sexual relationships between individuals with different body types, it’s not okay since different people have varying interests.

For instance, there is an assumption that bears should date twinks, which creates a perception that only opposites attract. Fortunately, the rise of boyfriend twins has poked holes in dating stereotypes within the gay community. So, what exactly are boyfriend twins?

The phrase boyfriend twin refers to a couple that shares similar physical traits, clothes, or personalities. Boyfriend twins are continuously becoming popular in the gay community, where gay men consciously or unconsciously choose to have romantic relationships with men who look like them.

It’s common to see boyfriends and partners that can effortlessly pass for twins because of how much they look alike.

Boyfriend Twins: dating and looking alike


What’s sexier than dating a cute boyfriend? As a gay man, being in an intimate relationship with a twin is arguably one of the most gratifying experiences you can have as a sexual being. Being with someone with similar features and who shares your interests can take off the pressure, contributing to the downfall of most romantic relationships.

While twin relationships are increasingly becoming common, they are notoriously high in the gay community. Some of the reasons boyfriend twins are popular include:

·         Egotism


Most boyfriend twins’ relationships have an element of egotism, where partners have a preference for people with similar physical traits. Whether consciously or unconsciously, you might be only attracted to people who remind you of the most important person in your life.

As a gay man, you are likely to be attracted to a man you feel is your equal in looks, wit, humor, fashion sense, and who has similar personality traits. If you are an alpha male who perceives himself as the best, it only makes sense that you would go for the creme de la crème of the gay dating pool, your doppelganger.

·         It’s a much safer choice


Choosing a person with a genetic makeup that resembles your relatives can also be an unconscious safety measure for gay couples. While hate crimes against homosexuals have become less common, gay men are still vulnerable to verbal and physical attacks.

Dating someone who could pass for a brother, cousin, or a close male relative makes it possible to do everyday things as a couple. With a boyfriend twin, you can easily get a mortgage, lease a house, share a meal in restaurants, or go on a trip without receiving too much attention from people.

·         Selection of good genes effect


If you sometimes stand before a mirror and wonder how such a perfect human will ever find a worthwhile person to love, consider dating your twin. You are likely to strike up a conversation or flirt with someone you perceive to be in your league, which makes sense that you would go for a person who is your mirror image. A common theory in gay dating circles is that attractive people will always end up together.

Have you ever wondered how two gay dads can have kids that eely look alike without sharing the same DNA? Dating a man you share common physical traits, including hair color, weight, eye color, and height, makes it possible to have kids that can easily pass as siblings even when you have used different sperms.

·         Daddy issues


Daddy issues can manifest in the most peculiar ways, including choosing romantic partners that remind you of your biological father. When people hear the phrase daddy issues in gay relationships, they instantly think about an older-younger gay man dynamic, where the older partner takes up more of a parental role.

However, daddy issues can manifest unconsciously, where you date partners that remind you of the younger version of your dad. Some gay men had the best dads growing up, so they are driven by sentimentality to find partners that replicate that childhood nostalgia they had growing up.

Sometimes, men who had absentee dads growing up pursue men who are the younger version of their parents, so they end up unknowingly dating their twins.

·         Mimicry


Not all couples that look like boyfriend twins started out looking alike. Research shows that couples start looking alike the more time they spend together. You start looking like your partner the more time you spend because of mimicry.

When you live in the same environment with your partner for an extended period, you share similar emotions, and with time, you start mimicking each other’s facial expressions. Mimicking each other’s facial expressions can lead to having similar aging patterns, making you and your partner look alike as you spend time together.

·         You strive to become what you like


People go to unimaginable extremes to look like what they like. Think about the craziest copycat stories you have heard from pop culture and the art world. It’s common to see Justin Bieber, Angeline Jolie, or BTS look-alikes, not because they were born with similar features but because they liked these pop icons and set out to look like them.

Boyfriend-twin relationships have a similar mirroring element, where partners unconsciously try to become mirror images of each other. You can start with something simple like changing your dressing style to match your partner’s, wearing their cologne to feel closer to them, or getting a similar haircut.

With time, you erode your sense of identity by merging your life with someone else to the extent that people perceive you as a unit, not as different entities that can exist without each other.

What are the benefits of twin relationships?


Boyfriend twins are slowly becoming the trend in the gay community, and with good reason. In addition to sharing a life with someone you love, you experience the joy of living with someone who completely understands you because you have similar looks and interests.

Some of the benefits you can derive from twin relationships include:

·         You can share clothes

boyfriend twin

The great thing about living with someone with physical characteristics and fashion interests is that you can share clothes. Whether you are in a hurry, too lazy to shop, or want something peppy to complete your fit, you can grab something from your partner’s closet without worrying it won’t fit.

Sharing clothes means you will have fashionable clothes even when you are short on cash because you can share clothes with your man.

·         Avoid non-judgmental confrontations

non-judgmental-boyfriend twin

Sharing similar physical traits with your partner can save you from verbal, physical, or legal attacks in society. If you live in a homophobic society, dating someone that looks like they fell out of your family tree can save you from persecution, stigma, and idle gossip.

You can use your similar traits to create the perception that you are siblings until you can move to a place where you can freely claim your sexuality.

·         Easier to make plans

boyfriend twin

It’s easier to plan for dates, holidays, the number of kids, or where to live when you are practically dating yourself. You don’t have to break out in a sweat when you buy a particular car model or set the dinner plates a certain way because there is a high likelihood your partner would have done it the same way.

Are boyfriend-twin relationships different?

boyfriend twin relationship

No, boyfriend-twin relationships are different from any other type, gay or straight. The only reason boyfriend-twin relationships are receiving attention is that they are creating a new trend that deconstructs dating stereotypes within the gay community.

The gay community has a culture of creating stereotypes that create a narrative about who people should date based on their looks. Until recently, there was a perception that you had to date your opposite to balance out the relationship.

While there is nothing wrong with a masculine man dating a twink, creating a perception that such pairings are more favorable has been harmful to people whose sexual interests go beyond such limitations.


Can you imagine not having the confidence to flirt with someone that could pass for your twin? Fortunately, as a boyfriend twin, you don’t have to worry because clonefucking is right up your alley. Whether you date your twin because of egotism, daddy issues, or safety reasons, dating someone who looks like you is a big flex as a gay man.