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Gaydar helps a well-experienced gay see or sense if a person has the same sexual orientation as them. But it can’t detect their behavior between the sheets with their partner. Learn many things about gay sex, such as their hobbies in the bedroom, by reading this article.


What Are the Common Gay Men’s Sex Hobbies To Know?


In 2022, the number of people in the LGBTQ community increased from 3.5% to 7.1%. However, these people also have unique preferences, especially regarding sex and their hobbies before, during, and after sexual intercourse.

To get an idea, here are the seven common gay men’s sex hobbies between the sheets to make it more satisfying and enjoyable.

They Ask Things Before Sex


Asking questions before the deed is vital to gay men. Whether meeting someone new or preparing an intimate night for their long-time lover, queries are constant to avoid miscommunication and misunderstandings. These questions are not only sex-related but are also about the factors that lead to the sex, such as if they drink, are prepared to visit another person’s home, have condoms and lube, etc.

Having gay sex can’t be spontaneously done because you and your date must be prepared for what’s supposed to happen.

Although it may seem awkward, asking about a potential sexual partner’s health bill and cleanliness is critical. If you plan to bottom, then it’s best that you clean and prepare yourself first before visiting a bar and picking up a partner.

They Consider Their Roles

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Another sex hobby of gay men is talking about their preferences. Usually, when gays meet someone and get involved with a new lover, they talk about their sex roles to ensure they know who will give and receive. They will also discuss what sexual acts they want to try to tell if their partner is willing to do it with them.

A healthy connection means the partners know where to draw the line in case the other is uncomfortable with a suggestion.

For example, the dominant tops want to be in charge of everything, so their partners should be someone willing to obey their every demand. A pillow prince, on the other hand, doesn’t participate much and wants to be pampered.

You must know what role you want to be in and what you’re willing to do for your partner.

They Try Out Toys

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Gay men are not unfamiliar with toys. Aside from these toys helping them get used to the real thing, they also stimulate and assist in having mind-blowing sex. From butt plugs to remote control prostate vibrators, finding toys that suit your taste is easy with the many physical stores and websites you can visit.

If you’re a newbie and want to be lowkey, many websites creatively hide their products’ specifications so you don’t have to worry about others judging your package.

These toys offer a vast experience for gay men. Some stimulate nerve endings for better sensation, delay ejaculation for longer intimate time, and others. Anal toys can also be a significant part of foreplay, while cock rings prolong the activity and offer a more intense orgasm.

Because of these benefits and prevalence, more gays have become open to including adult toys in their sex lives.

They Want To Experience New Things

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Gay men are adventurous. They like to keep things exciting and fun between the sheets to keep their lover wanting more. They don’t like having the same kind of sex for a long time and ask their partners to experiment with toys and explore what their bodies want.

Through the process, gay men also discover various fetishes they might be interested in. Such as rope bondage, uniforms, and adult babies, which become their stepping stones for a new sex adventure. Gays openly communicate their fantasies to their partners as they believe it will make them feel comfortable, have more fun, and ultimately have better sex.

They Aim for Their Partners’ “P-Spot”

p spot

The p-spot or prostate is equivalent to the g-spot in men. It’s a small organ located in the base of the penis and rectum that provides immense pleasure when stimulated. Some gays don’t only like the classic penetrative sex and coming undone.

They have a particular goal they want to achieve between the sheets, including giving their partner the maximum pleasure, which they do by stimulating the prostate with their fingers, sex toys, or penis until their partner has one of the best and most intense orgasms.

They Maximize the Use of Dating Apps


It was a challenge to meet and confirm who was gay before. This is why the rise of applications such as Grindr, Hot or Not, Lex, and others has made it more convenient for gay men to meet and find potential partners.

As it’s still hard to find partners in the real world, most gay men maximize the use of dating apps for their hunt, and the profiles displayed on these accounts make it easier to find what they’re looking for. Gay men can also talk and lay down what they want in these app’s chatrooms to choose the best mate they can find.

They Know the Importance of Aftercare

Aftercare-between the sheets

Aftercare includes cleaning you out, changing sheets, giving you water and food, massaging your body, watching movies, and so on. Gay men know the importance of aftercare, not only to build stronger connections with their partners but also to keep the hygiene and health of both individuals.

Although some gay men may not like to cuddle, most do. This may also be included as an aftercare activity. So it’s best to ask what you want and provide or let your partner give you aftercare.

Debunking Gay Sex Myths


Many gay sex myths are deeply rooted in misconceptions and hate for the LGBTQ+ community. Some of them are:

Gay Men Sex Don’t Need Preparation

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It’ll be nice if this myth is true and any gay can drink with an attractive guy and then just have sex soon after. Unfortunately, gays can’t just have anal sex wherever and whenever they want to because they have a lot of things to prepare before having sex.

It includes douching or cleaning the anal tract with a water enema or anal douche, identifying what and what not to eat to avoid an upset stomach after the deed is done, planning suitable foreplay, and doing proper stretching.

Without these preparations, anal sex will be painful.

Gay Sex Is All About Penetration

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Gay sex is not just about a man penetrating another man through the anus. Not every gay man wants always to have anal or penetrative sex, especially not on consecutive days. Gay men also appreciate non-penetrative sexual acts like rubbing, humping, or mutual masturbation.

Some would also rather have oral sex than anal as it requires less preparation.

Sex Roles Are Permanent


There are three sex roles: tops who penetrate, bottoms or the ones getting penetrated, and verses who do both. Unlike what most people believe, these are not fixed roles, and a gay man can switch roles whenever he wants as long as he’s ready for them.

One’s preferences constantly change, including what one wants to be during sex.

Another issue related to roles between the sheets is the belief that in a gay relationship, gay men assume the roles of a “man” and a “woman.” Usually, someone with more feminine characteristics is considered the “woman” in the relationship.

Not only is this myth wrong, but it is also offensive. There are no predetermined traits a top, bottom, or verse should have. Whatever the partners want to be in their bedroom is between them alone.

Gays’ Only Hobby Is To Have Sex

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The last myth that makes gay men look bad to society is the belief that gays constantly have sex with many people, no matter if they are in a relationship or not. This misconception comes from how media portrays gays and the growing number of hook-up apps and websites.

Although there are gays who have many experiences between the sheets and have had many partners, it doesn’t mean that they are only driven by sex, nor is having sex a hobby. Much in the case of heterosexual males and females who have a rich sexual history, gays should not be judged based on their number of partners and how much sex they’ve had.

What To Keep In Mind Before Getting Intimate Between the Sheets


One critical hobby every gay must have is practicing safe sex. This is important as there is a possibility of getting infections like HIV, AIDS, or Hepatitis through sexual activities, whether with your long-time partner or on a one-night stand.

So, to avoid that, you have to:

· Use a condom all the time

· Try to stick to one sexual partner.

· Don’t drink alcohol

· Don’t use drugs

· Get vaccinated

· Get regularly tested

· Ensure your partner is tested and clean

Turn Yourself Into a Ripped Gay Man and Get Laid

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