Are you looking for your next sex doll purchase? Read through our guide to get your hands on the top 8 furry sex dolls just for you.

Furry Sex Dolls: All About Fur and Fun

Amusement and companionship are ever-evolving notions of intimate play. In this area, a curious and yet widely popular phenomenon emerged: the creation of furry sex dolls. Are you raising an eyebrow or two? Bear with us (pun intended) as we explain the allure of these incredibly detailed and sought-after sex toys.

After all, they are more than just eye candies. They’re a lifeline to fulfilled fantasies and satisfaction. These sex dolls are your keys to unlocking a world of unlimited pleasure – all on your own.

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What are Furry Sex Dolls?

“Furry” refers to anthropomorphic animals – creatures that have human-like qualities. Furry sex dolls blend human intimacy with the irresistible charm of anthropomorphic creatures. These meticulously crafted companions cater to the specific desires and fantasies of those who appreciate the world of fur and fantasy.

Furry Sex Dolls

What to Consider When Buying Furry Sex Dolls

Before shopping for your furry companions, check out this list:

· Material Matters: Consider the material used in crafting your furry friend. Silicone and TPE (thermoplastic elastomer) are popular choices, each with its unique feel and durability.

· Customization Options: Look for dolls that offer customization options, from fur color and patterns to body type and facial features. Tailoring your companion to your desires is key to a satisfying solo play.

Material Matters and Customization

· Size and Weight: Size does matter when it comes to storage and handling. Be sure to choose a doll that fits your preferences and living space. Weight can also vary significantly, so think about what you can comfortably manage.

· Articulation and Pose-ability: Check for articulation points that allow for a range of poses and positions. Flexibility can enhance your experience with your toy.

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· Budget Constraints: Furry sex dolls come in a range of price points. Determine your budget beforehand and explore options within your financial comfort zone.

· Maintenance and Care: Proper cleaning and maintenance are vital for the longevity of your new companion. Make sure you’re up for the task.

· Discreet Packaging and Delivery: Privacy matters. Ensure the seller offers discreet packaging and shipping to protect your personal space.

The Best 8 Furry Sex Dolls to Choose From

Take a look at our carefully curated list of furry sex dolls to enjoy below:

1. Lucario Plush Pokemon Sex Doll

Loved by fans for its ancient Egyptian lore origin, Lucario is an Anubis-inspired Pokemon. It’s no wonder many fans and furries have a special place in their hearts for Lucario. This plush doll has a silicone insert between its legs. It’s discreet – so much so that you can even put it up for decoration when not in (sexy) use.

Price: $1,899

Lucario Plush Pokemon Sex Doll


· A very realistic depiction of the Pokemon character

· Has fur instead, making the doll warm and huggable

· Easy maintenance by simply wiping

· You have the option to customize your plush doll


· Pricey

· The average delivery time is at least 20 business days

2. IRONTECH Shemale S7

If you’re up for some dressing up, then this doll is for you. It depicts a female physique with a male organ. This full silicone sex doll also comes with a lot of accessories, such as lingerie and cotton gloves. Plus, it’s fully customizable!

Price: $2,339



· Made of full silicone material

· Realistic, with keen details

· Fully customizable

· Has many freebies, including a second head


· Pricey

3. Silicone Bull Muscle Petsuit Set with Penis

Want to wear and be the doll? Smitizen has many petsuit sets that you can do to take your bedroom activities to the next level.

One of the site’s newest additions is its Silicone Bull Muscle Petsuit Set, which comes with a Monster Bull mask, Monster arms, and Monster feet to truly live out your furry sex fantasies. What makes it even better? The monster pecker between the petsuit’s legs, of course!

Price: $1,499

Silicone Bull Muscle Petsuit Set with Penis


· Top-notch, high-grade quality, and breathable silicone

· The seller offers a “Careful Crafting Service” where refined craftsmanship is guaranteed

· You can get yours in just 15 working days

· You can pay for it in installments via Paypal


· Pricey

· It weighs 20 kg

4. Velvet Remedy My Little Pony Onahole Sex Plushy

Are you a fan of the MLP universe? Then, let us introduce you to Velvet Remedy! Just like its name, it has a velvet body that you can hold on to at a realistic height of 165 cm. Plus, it has an easy-to-clean onahole that you can have fun with.

Price: $2,399

Velvet Remedy My Little Pony Onahole Sex Plushy


· Secure transaction

· High-quality and handmade

· With a refund if the product is broken


· Pricey

· The average delivery time is at least 20 business days

5. Tatsu

Tatsu from Naughty Fox is a dildo inspired by the Chinese dragon. It has scales near the base, with a knot to keep you in place. This sex toy is ideal for furries who want to experience what it’s like to mate with a powerful beast. It’s also excellent if you don’t want a full-body furry sex toy… yet.

Price: $60



· Very affordable

· The product is made in Berlin, Germany, with platinum-cured silicone

· Its design, color, and firmness are customizable


· Some buyers report delays in shipping

6. Silicone White Tiger Muscle Petsuit Set

Who can say no to a full-bodied white tiger? This furry sex toy set is another masterpiece from Smitizen. It’s a combination of a tiger muscle suit, pants, gloves, and paws. You are sure to want nothing for your next furry roleplay. Oh, it also has a big pink-tipped dangler to enjoy yourself thoroughly!

Price: $1,959

Silicone White Tiger Muscle Petsuit Set


· Made from high-quality silicone

· Superb details, making it realistic

· Can be paid for in installments via Paypal


· Pricey

· It weighs 21 kg

7. Dakimakuras Body Pillow

Let’s take a step back and return to the simplest sex play of all – humping. What better way to enjoy this fun activity than through body pillows? These Dakimakuras, yes – those large pillows that you can hug with your favorite furry character, are worth every penny.

Price: $100

Dakimakuras Body Pillow


· Easy cleaning

· Free shipping

· Both the front and back sides of the pillow covers have your furry friend’s images

· With an extended return and exchange window of 30 days


· Shipping delays

8. Loki the Ice WereFox Dildo

Looking for something to please your eyes and your backside? Then, this toy is sure to answer your prayers. It’s not just a feast for the eyes with its iridescent color scheme. Reviewers also attest to its “just right” firmness.

Price: $75

Loki the Ice WereFox Dildo


· Made with body-safe silicone material

· Free shipping, with a return and exchange window

· Very affordable price


· Buyers report issues with discreet delivery

· Buyers say it not being big enough despite the description being XXL

Furry Sex Dolls FAQs

What is a furry sex doll?

A furry sex doll is a meticulously crafted, lifelike, anthropomorphic animal-themed sex toy designed for intimate companionship. These dolls blend human-like features and can come with installed animal-like features like a paw or ears. Others can be decorated after.

Furry sex doll

Why should I buy a furry sex doll?

Furry sex dolls provide a safe and satisfying outlet for exploring fantasies and desires. They offer companionship, customization, and a non-judgmental experience. They cater to those who appreciate the unique allure of anthropomorphic characters.

Furry sex doll

Where can I buy furry sex dolls?

You can purchase furry sex dolls from specialized online retailers and discreet sellers. Ensure the seller is reputable, offers customization options, and provides secure and discreet shipping for your privacy.

Where to buy furry sex dolls

How do I have sex with furry sex dolls?

Engaging with a furry sex doll is a personal experience. You can follow the manufacturer’s suggestions or read through online forums to get ideas. Nonetheless, it’s all up to you how you’ll have fun with your toy. Experiment with poses, positions, and accessories that cater to your desires.

Always follow cleaning and maintenance guidelines to ensure hygiene and longevity.

how to sex with furrry sex dolls

Furry Sex Dolls and Closing Thoughts

Furry sex dolls – these furry companions truly offer more than meets the eye. They provide a unique blend of intimacy, customization, and fantasy fulfillment. You can find a partner (or three!) that suits your every desire and preferences.

When choosing your perfect toy beauty, be mindful of the materials, customization options, and maintenance requirements. Your satisfaction and comfort are top priorities. So, whether you’re seeking a cuddly buddy or a passionate partner, these furry sex dolls are here to make your fantasies come to life in a way that suits you best.