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What is a fetish? Fetishes are objects, activities, or body parts that are not typically sexual but can cause someone to feel sexual arousal and pleasure. They develop over time and vary from person to person. There are many different types of fetishes, and this guide will introduce you to some of the most common ones. It is important to remember that fetishism is a personal experience, so what turns one person on may not do the same for another. If you’re thinking about exploring your fetish desires, it’s essential to be prepared first!

What are fetishes?


A sexual fetish is an extreme sexual attraction or fixation on a body part, tool, or object. A fetish is anything considered non-traditional that contributes to a stronger connection to sex. If you have inanimate objects, body parts, or situations that help you derive sexual pleasure, it’s safe to say that you have sexual fetishes.

Where do fetishes come from?


Behavioral theorists hypothesize that sexual behavior such as kinks and fetishes are linked to early development experiences, which can condition a person towards certain sexual acts. For example, watching your mother give birth to a sibling can unconsciously result in you developing a pregnancy fetish. Some behavioral theorists also believe that sexual excitement can be born out of accidental pairings with unconventional sexual stimuli, which later proved rewarding in helping achieve sexual gratification. For instance, gagging as a child might result in a fascination with gaging that can manifest as a fetish.

What are the differences between kinks and fetishes?


While the terms kink and fetish are interchangeable, they have subtle differences that help enhance your sexual play in varying ways. Kink is an umbrella term that involves various sexual acts, including fetishes, cuckolding, voyeurism, sadism, group sex, virtual sex, animal play, and bondage. The main difference between a kink and a fetish is that a fetish can be a necessity when you want to get sexually aroused, while a kink is a form of exploration to spice things out.

20+ Fetishes, kinks, and sexy words to know for an explosive sex life

Here are some fetishes to transform your sex life:

Objectification fetish

Sexual objectification is about viewing your partner as a sexual object without respecting them as a person. Strange as it might sound, some people enjoy being humiliated and dehumanized. If you love the idea of being a sex doll for your partner, this sex play is ideal for you. Deriving sexual pleasure from degrading your sexual partner is okay as long as enthusiastic consent is involved.

Foot Fetish

Foot Fetish

A foot fetish is one of the most common fetishes among sexually active individuals. Fetishes exist on a spectrum, and foot fetishes are no different. Foot fetishes can range from something as simple as getting turned on when you smell feet to kissing and worshipping feet like a holy grail. You may derive sexual excitement from touching, smelling, or thinking about feet if you have a foot fetish. You can also derive pleasure from someone caressing, stomping, licking, or massaging your feet.

Nylon Fetish


For some people, nylon and sexual arousal go hand in hand. A nylon fetish involves finding sexual pleasure from looking, smelling, or touching nylon or someone wearing nylons. Wearing nylon apparel is a fetish if you need to feel the material to climax and a kink if you use it to enhance a sexual experience.

Body fluids fetish


Have you ever heard of golden showers? Nope, golden showers isn’t a cute name for a shower that rains tiny gold speckles. It’s about deriving sexual pleasure from body fluids. Mucus, saliva, blood, fecal matter, or urine, name it, and there is a human somewhere who gets so sexually excited you would think they just swallowed a bottle of Viagra.

Voyeurism fetish


Voyeurism is a fetish where a person gets sexually aroused by watching other people engage in sexual activities. Whether you derive pleasure from listening to people having sex, monitoring an individual masturbating, or looking at people having sex, ensure you have their consent. Consensual voyeurism ensures that the watched don’t feel exploited or exposed, and the watcher doesn’t cross any moral lines.

Whole-body wear fetish

latex clothing

A whole-body wear fetish involves wearing a body suit to get sexually excited during sex. The feel of whole-body wear against your skin, such as a latex catsuit or muscle suit, can trigger sexual arousal, helping an individual to develop a healthy sexual life. 

Muscle worship fetish


Are you the type to see muscles and get all hot and bothered? You are not alone. Muscles are just hot to look at, kiss, caress, massage, or hold onto when having sex. There is just something sexually arousing when you or your partner clench or unclench your muscles as you move against each other. The great thing about a muscle fetish is that you can enjoy the fetish even without spending hours hitting the gym. You can wear a muscle suit costume to gain realistic-looking muscles quickly.

Mummification fetish


If the first thing you think about when you hear about mummification is your dear precious mother, shame on you. Mummification isn’t about the person who pushed you out of their vagina but rather about ancient mummies. If you get sexually excited by wrapping your partner like an ancient Egyptian pharaoh, this kink is perfect for you.

Exhibitionism fetish


Exhibitionism is where a person derives sexual pleasure from being watched, taking off clothes, masturbating, or having sex. An exhibition can be foreplay where you and your partner watch each other as you undress or masturbate to increase the sexual intensity.

Gagging fetish


If the idea of your partner choking when you are having sex turns you on, you might have a gagging fetish. It involves inserting an object or penis down your partner’s throat far enough that they start making gagging sounds that turn you on. You can engage in breath play using choking masks or restricting breathing by applying minimal pressure around the neck. Breathe play is extremely dangerous when done by an amateur.

Dominant and submissive roles

Do you sometimes wish you could tie up your partner and dominate them sexually until they climax or use a safe word? You may have a BDSM fetish. Your desire to dominate or submit to your sexual partner may be because your sexual interests lean towards BDSM play, which is pretty common. BDSM is a sexual relationship where a dominant partner performs sexual acts such as bondage, discipline, controlled torture, collaring, power play, or edge play on a submissive partner.

Age play fetishes

sex games

Do you get an intense sexual attraction when your partner calls you baby or daddy in bed? Age play is where one or both partners act out a different age than their own during sexual activity. You can have a mild play kink where a partner pretends to be older or acts like a baby to spice things up in bed. Depending on your preference, you can take on the role of a little- a person who enjoys childlike play sessions, middle-role playing as a teen, or a daddy dom who is an older playmate.

Shoe fetishism


If shoes’ sight, feel, or smell turns you on, you may have a shoe fetish. A shoe fetish can involve getting excited sexually at the thought of shoes or the idea of having sex wearing your favorite shoes.

Underwear fetishism

Underwear fetishism attributes sexual excitement and gratification to certain types of undergarments. The fetish can get aroused when you touch, smell, see, or visualize different types of underwear.


If the glow of pregnant women turns you on, you may have a pregnancy fetish. A pregnancy fetish can manifest in an intense need to have sex with a pregnant person, play with a large belly, getting excited when you see heavy breasts on pregnant women.

Electric shock kink

Electro-stimulation is a sexual kink that involves getting shocked to stimulate sexual arousal. Electric shock stimulation kink falls under the edge play category because it’s risky and can cause bodily harm. This sexual preference can involve shocking specific body parts such as your balls with electrical gadgets.


Dirty talk

Dirty talk is a pretty common phrase in the liberal world. It involves using sensual and sexually expletive words to turn on your partner.

Scene play

A scene play is a word that alludes to the entire time a sex act involving a kink takes place.



This person can take up dominant and submissive roles during sex. You are a switch if you can comfortably dominate someone and follow instructions as a sub.


RACK is an acronym for Risk Aware Consensual Kink, which provides standard safety guidelines for members of the kink community.


24/7 in role-play refers to a 24-hour consensual power exchange between parties. For instance, you can agree to be dominant or submissive for 24 hours without breaking your chosen role.

mask kink


Sexual freedom has enabled people to explore fetishes and kinks without the shame of exploring different sexual preferences. A consensual kink or fetish between partners can help transform an average sexual experience into something memorable.