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Do you have a secret gay crush that you want to want you? Are you wondering if there is a magic trick you can use to make him notice you? Let’s be honest. Unrequited love can crush your little gay heart and make you feel like you never want to have feelings till your last breath.

Dramatics declarations aside, having a crush on a cute gay guy who doesn’t know you exist or treats you like a little brother can hurt. So, is there a way to break the cloak of invisibility and friend zone and make your dream man notice you? Definitely!

In this article, we will discuss tips that will make your ultimate gay crush notice you.

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The ultimate secret of a gay crush: How to make him want you

Don’t you just hate it when your ultimate gay crush has a crush on someone else, who has a crush on someone else? Having a crush is scary because it makes you vulnerable to getting hurt. So, how can you get your ultimate crush to notice you?

Here are simple tips you can use to make your crush notice you:

 Give them attention

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How will your crush know you fancy him if you don’t shower him with attention? The best way you can show a gay guy that you like him is through actions and words.

Talk to him. If your crush is someone you meet in the morning, go out of your way to say good morning and wish them a fantastic day. Notice little things about their personality, looks, and dressing style. If your potential boyfriend wears a new shirt or changes his hairstyle, be the first to notice and complement his new look.

Please don’t assume that your crush can read your mind and know that you like him. Gay guys can be pretty clueless. Just because your heart races every time your crush passes by or says hello when you meet doesn’t mean they automatically know you have feelings for them.

Contrary to what romance novels and movies have taught us, you gay guy won’t trip and fall on your lap. I mean, he might trip and fall on you, but the chances of that happening every time you have a crush on someone are minimal.

Making someone notice you takes hard work, so you need to wear your big boy pants and find ways to stand out in the eyes of your ultimate crush.

Show interest in him.

interest in your crush

How you show interest in your crush sets you apart from other men who want his attention. Cute gays are a hot commodity because they are in demand, so there is a likelihood your potential partner has dozens of love interests ready to whisk him away to relationship land.

So, what should you do to show interest in the cute guy you have been eyeing? Simple! Be creative. Creativity will set you apart from other gay men wooing your crush. Avoid making the knowing each other stage sound like a job interview.

For instance, you can take your crush on a nature walk where you can get to know each other while enjoying nature’s beauty. Alternatively, you can ask his friends about his hobbies and surprise him with something he has been dreaming of doing.

Remember, showing interest in your gay crush doesn’t mean you bore him with boring topics just to keep him around. Stick to interesting topics such as hobbies, interests, or opinions on different topics. If your idea of a hobby is arson, dismembering animals, or bullying, shove them deep inside your backside, or better yet, find something better to do.

Unless your ultimate crush is a certified psycho or has an obsession with dark and morbid stuff, mentioning dark hobbies is a recipe for getting dumped before you can start your love affair.

Please support their efforts and interests.

Support their efforts and interests

Nothing makes the heart happier than receiving unconditional support from people who care about you. If your crush has a school, work, or a project, go out of your way to support them. For instance, you can help market their business, subscribe to their YouTube channel, accompany them to their work functions, or show up in places where they need support in terms of numbers.

A great way to show interest in someone is by paying attention to their opinions. Bring up topics they are passionate about and pay attention to their thought process and how they perceive things. Understanding how your crush perceives the world makes supporting and advising them in their efforts easier.

 Share your passions

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Passionate people are attractive. Please don’t be shy to show your ultimate crush the things that interest you because they reflect your personality. Sometimes, crushes need a little push to open their eyes to the things or people that are right under their noses, and sharing your passions can be a great way to show them who you are.

If your passion is in music, invite your ultimate crush to studio sessions and invite them to listen to your favorite songs. If you like sports, invite your crush to watch you play or on a game night to watch a match.

The trick with sharing your passions with your crush is to invite them to places where they can witness your greatness while having a good time. While the goal is to introduce your crush to your passions, it can be a bit counterproductive if they can’t enjoy themselves because they feel out of place or don’t understand what’s happening.

Whether it’s a crush or an acquaintance, it might be a good idea to introduce them to the basics of whatever hobby you love so that they feel comfortable and included. This shows you are sensitive and intuitive, endearing you to your crush.

Don’t be aggressive.

Don’t be aggressive

Desire, lust, or love are strong emotions that can make even the smartest minds act stupid. As a human, it’s natural to want someone to like you back, especially when all you can do is think about them. While the desire to give and receive love and affection is understandable, pressuring someone to love you back is not okay.

You can’t force a guy to develop feelings for you any more than you can stop yourself from loving someone. Once you talk to your crush and express your feelings, you can only hope they feel the same or are willing to explore a relationship with you.

Remember, your ultimate crush doesn’t have to love you back or care about your feelings. If your crush is decent, they might let you down easily, but they are not obligated to treat you with kindness just because you are in your feelings.

Avoid being needy and overwhelming your crush with your feelings. It might not be easy to hold back, but it’s a decent thing to do. If you are tempted to send your crush a thousand roses, expensive gifts, or a singing marionette, don’t.

Unless your crush has positively responded to your romantic interests and you know they like extravagant gifts, consider holding off on big romantic gestures until you know them better.

Sex can wait

Sex can wait

Don’t be in a rush to have sex with a crush. If your ultimate goal is to have a relationship with your crush, consider playing hard to get until you are sure they reciprocate your feelings. Being in lust or love with someone doesn’t mean you drop your parts every time they come crawling.

Don’t let someone take advantage of your affection because loving someone isn’t an excuse to be a doormat. Be kind to yourself and only have sex when you are ready.

Bring out your charming and funny side.

Does the thought of a certain hot gay guy make your stomach churn, cloud your mind, and weaken your knees? Having a crush can be overwhelming and exciting.

gay crush

It can be scary how someone can come into your life and turn you into a blubbering fool just by existing. So, how exactly can you show your sense of humor and charming personality if you can barely string words together when they are in your orbit? Simple!

Think of the reward. You want your gay crush to respond to your magnetism, so you might have to make sacrifices no matter how uncomfortable they might make you feel.

Remember that you don’t have to be a comedian to make someone laugh. A little joke here and there to make your crush laugh can help you create a good impression on them, increasing your chances of making them fall in love with you. If jokes aren’t your forte, don’t force it.

The last thing you need when you are with your crush is to look like you are trying too much because you come off looking like a fake. Consider dressing in something ridiculous or taking them on a cutesy date that will provide the perfect environment for you to be charming.


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How to make a crush like you back is a question many people experience at one point or another. When you like someone, it’s natural to want them to reciprocate your affection, but that doesn’t always happen.

If your crush doesn’t know you exist or that you have feelings for them, there are some things you can do to get and keep their attention, including giving them your attention, playing hard to get, and sharing your passions.