Has it always been your goal to become one of the sexy homosexual hotties on the face of the earth? Have you always thought about exploring your sexuality and potential as a hot gay guy? For many gay and bisexual men, their dream partner is a spicy-hot husband or boyfriend. While not everyone is a naturally sexy gay man, there are ways to become one.

hot gay men

Genetics plays a significant role in making a person attractive and sexy. Those who feel like they didn’t get the best traits from the gene pool don’t lose hope because being a hot gay guy isn’t only about looking good. There are practices and things you can do to make yourself more likable and irresistible. The guide below discusses everything you need to know and learn to become the hottest gay guy.

Develop Your Appearance as an Openly Gay Guy and Be Comfortable in Your Style

Remember that we live in a world wherein appearance is everything. While everyone has the liberty to dress and groom the way they like, you need to put extra care into your appearance if you want to achieve your goal. Your aim should be to pay attention to how you appear as a gay person. Yet, it shouldn’t be too meticulous that you come off as a man who cares too much about the views of others. In short, balance out how you appear. Actors and other public figures are experts in attaining this balance.

hot gay men

Before grabbing well-fitted clothes and styling your hair, always start within. If you hate yourself, no amount of high-quality garments, makeup, or feigned confidence will make you happy about being one of the expressive gay guys. Below are some tips on developing your mindset and on helping you remember that you don’t need to look like Chris Colfer or have a chiseled jawline like Matt Bomer to look good.

Cultivate Your Self-Esteem

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Confidence is a vital factor regarding appearance. You can look immaculate and hot on paper but have no impact on other people because of a lack of self-esteem. Thus, the first step is to develop your self-esteem and eradicate self-doubt and internalized homophobia. Take the time to be alone with your thoughts, then use this time to identify what you find beautiful in yourself. It helps to take notice of your assets that other people earnestly see as beautiful. It can be how you do certain things, posture, lips, eyes, height, or even your way of speaking. Nurture this beauty and find ways to remove all your doubts about it.

Never Compare Yourself With Others

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You might know a gay friend who seems to have it all figured out. Never compare yourself to that person, no matter how tempting it is. Remember that every person is unique and born differently. If you’re ever in doubt and want to feel proud of yourself, listen to Born This Way. Avoid thoughts that make you want to compare yourself to other people by focusing on yourself. Embrace your looks, quirky brows, crooked teeth, and all. Start telling yourself that these assets are beautiful, and you’ll eventually gain a certain kind of confidence that will make you feel more comfortable in your skin.

Make It a Habit to Groom Well

hot gay men

A stereotype often shown in the movies and television is that gay guys are always well-groomed. This stereotype exists because it applies to many gay men, whether in Canada, the UK, or other parts of the world. Hygiene and grooming are factors that can make or break other men, women, and people’s impressions of you. It won’t matter to most people if you look like a Hollywood actor. It’s a big turnoff to lack good grooming and hygiene. Below are several tips to follow to stay well-groomed and consequently highly attractive.

Maintain Good Sexual Hygiene

Maintaining one’s sexual hygiene doesn’t only apply to the ladies. Men also need to practice hygiene in their genital areas. Wash and dry your genital area to avoid foul odors and irritation, especially the testicles. Also, remember that no one wants to be with a partner with STDs. When you participate in sexual activities, always have the presence of mind to wear condoms.

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Manage Your Hair

How you wear your hair plays a massive role in your appearance. Some guys look great with long hair, like Jason Momoa, while others look great with a short ‘do, like Zachary Quinto from Star Trek. No matter how you wear your hair, always make sure it fits your facial structure, shape, and lifestyle.

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It should also fit your career choice or work. After all, not all white-collar workers can have Adam Lambert’s emo hair and get away with it. Your hair management and care must extend beyond your head. You should also consider your beard, chest hair, and other hair on your body.

Other Ways for Maintaining Good Hygiene

Here are other tips to help you keep good hygiene:

  • Shower or bathe at least 2-3 times per week
  • Invest in skincare
  • Trim your nails
  • Change your socks and underwear daily
  • Floss and brush your teeth daily

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Wear Trendy Gay Apparel

Clothing and fashion are two more factors that play a vital role in your road to becoming a hot-as-hell gay man. How you dress should resonate with your personality, preferences, lifestyle, and quirks. You can be as dapper as James Bond or wear simple fashion like Wentworth Miller. Below are a few types of trendy gay apparel to consider adding to your collection for fun times.

Jumpsuits, overalls, and Rompers

Gay rompers or playsuits are the perfect outfits for LGBTQ-related events. They come in all colors, including rainbow colors, flower patterns, and even stylishly abstract designs. Jumpsuits are one-piece outfits that look like a conjoined pair of full-length pants and a shirt. Rompers are the same thing, but with shorts instead of pants. These pieces can easily make you look handsome and bulky if that’s your style.

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Leather Harness

If you want to appear firmer and sexier, consider adding a leather harness to your wardrobe. Leather is already strongly associated with gay fashion. When turned into saddles, it adds a visual appearance of looking masculine, robust, and manly. On top of that, harnesses can easily frame your best assets to give you more confidence.

hot gay men

Mesh Clothing

Mesh is more low-key in that it still provides good coverage and allows the lookers a peek into your physique. Sexy mesh tank tops are most popular with gay people, but you can also choose other mesh garments, like shirts or boxers.

hot gay men


Do you want to appear tall and dapper? A perfectly fitted suit will do wonders for you because it gives off a sense of formality, respectability, and masculinity, regardless of whether you’re a gay teen or a man. It’s one of the reasons why it’s a go-to choice for the average straight guy and openly gay people.

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Muscle Suit

Explore your sexuality and inner strongman by adding a muscle suit to your wardrobe. These silicone pieces are elastic and skin-friendly. Because it imitates authentic muscle look, feel, and movement, a muscle suit can also instantly transform your body. It’ll give you all the right curves, muscular structure, and stature to become the ultimate gay man you dream of being.

short sleeved muscle suit with zipper 03

Don’t hesitate to find your style through experimentation. For example, muscle suits can easily fit any scenario. You can wear it for pet play, gay parades, or even while lounging in the house. Of course, you can also wear the muscle suit with the gay apparel we mentioned for a strong and irresistible impression.

Focus on Your Passion and Skills

Don’t focus only on your appearance on your journey to transforming yourself into the hot man you’ve always wanted to be. You should also have some substance, personality, and talent. First, develop a sense of humor. Being too serious or sensitive can burn more bridges than build them.

Next, sharpen your intellect by reading books or widening your world. Learn about other cultures or subjects that interest you. It’s also good to improve a career aligned with those interests. Grab the moment and get that starring role, write movie reviews, or become a singer-songwriter. If you can’t let go of your day job, consider pursuing your passion through your hobbies.


As a gay man, you can become hot and appealing by accepting your beauty, gaining confidence, and improving your appearance. Groom well, develop your skills and add pieces like muscle suits to your wardrobe to begin your journey.