Being a homosexual (Homo) is one of the greatest experiences any man can have. The gay world is synonymous with acceptance, diversity, inclusion, and freedom, making it one of the most fulfilling communities across the globe. A homosexual identity transcends race, class, economic status, religion, and place of origin, meaning anyone is allowed to be gay. While gay people have a shared experience falling in love with a same-sex partner, they each have individual quacks that make them unique.




The gay community is not a monolithic whole that acts, dresses, speaks and thinks the same way. It’s a culture of subgroups with varying interests and characteristics that share a common goal. This article will discuss how to be gay, how to come out, the experiences every gay man should have, and how to be a monster in bed.



How to be gay (homo guide)


How to be gay-homo guide


Contrary to mainstream stereotypes, gay people don’t act the same way. Not every gay man you meet will want to give you a makeover or go weak at the knees when they hear Gaga or Nicki Minaj songs. The truth is, no universal manual can teach you how to be gay because every person has a pretty individualistic experience. Whether you are questioning your sexuality or want to immerse yourself in gay culture, you can use a guide to help you learn the best of the gay world.

Here is a simple guide to help you learn how to be gay:


·         Think about coming out


Coming out - hommo guide


How do you come out? What is the best way to come out? Should I come out? If you are a member of the queer community, chances are you have asked yourself some of these questions. The truth is there is no better way of coming out. Whether you send a raven, print a billboard, or tell people using a podcast, coming out as a homosexual is scary, especially if you come from a conservative society. What if you come out and get thrown out, beaten, prosecuted, or killed? As much as you hope coming out will be a joyous experience, it’s not always the case for most people. If you are not financially stable or live with a guardian, weigh the risks versus the rewards before coming out.

Coming out is all about accepting your identity as a queer person. Before coming out to the public, come out to yourself. Once you are comfortable with your sexuality, it’s easier to navigate the world as a gay man.


·         Find your people


find your people


The gay community is alive and vibrant across the different corners of the planet. Gay culture has a colorful history, interesting people, and loads of activities you can immerse in to feel like part of a community. Whether in Africa, America, Europe, or Asia or at the North Pole, you can interact with people who can help you get comfortable within the gay community. Remember that the queer community is a spectrum of identities, including lesbians, asexuals, trans, bisexuals, and questioning, so don’t limit your interactions with exclusively gay men.


·         Identify your gay identity


If you are familiar with gay lingo, then you are familiar with words such as bears, wolves, cubs, otters, or chickens. The gay community contains taxonomies that categorize men into different groups depending on their physical attributes.


gay identity


Members of specific subgroups tend to hang out together, making it easy for baby gays to hang out with people that share the same interests. For instance, if you have a slim, clean-shaven look with a youthful look, you may identify more with twinks or twunks. A gay man with clear-cut muscles, a broad frame, and hair all over his is likely to identify with bears. Keep in mind that the subgroups within the gay community are born out of stereotypes, which can sometimes be misleading. The bottom line is you can use the pre-defined identities within the queer community to help you find your footing when exploring your sexual identity.


Experiences every gay man should have


experience - homo guide


Do you ever feel like you are not gay enough? Wouldn’t it be easier if there was a universal code of conduct that taught gay men how to exist? Every gay man deserves to have a great life full of fun experiences. Some amazing experiences you can put on your bucket list include:


·         Become a drag queen




While not every gay man wants to become a cross-dresser, you can wear drag at least once in your life to cross it off your bucket list. For generations, gay men were forced to conform to compulsory heterosexual norms to hide their true nature. Gay men spent years with the fear and anxiety of discovery, living unfulfilling lives that often ended in tragedy. Most cultures perceive wearing feminine clothes as the ultimate symbol of homosexuality. You can wear feminine clothes as a symbol of pride, remembrance, and support for gay men who couldn’t or can’t wear clothes that feel natural to them. Even if feminine clothes are not your cup of tea, you can wear clothing of the opposite gender to fuck with social norms that suck the joy out of gay men.


·         Attend pride


Attend-pride homo


Pride is one of the biggest celebrations for members of the LGBTQ+ community and its allies. Every gay man deserves to attend pride to experience the diversity, freedom, and inclusivity within the queer community. Millions of queer people flock to major cities across the globe to celebrate the colorful queer history, culture icons, and icons that continue to fight for gay human rights. The pride festival, which kicks off in June in most countries, is an opportunity to interact with like-minded people, gay or straight. If it’s your first pride, you can participate in the pride parade, attend flashy parties, sample delicious foods, and enjoy amazing music from talented queer artists.


Tips on how to find other homo


Tips on homos


Gay men don’t have a secret mark on their forehead alerting other gays about their sexual orientation. If you want to meet someone, you must put yourself out there to increase your chances of meeting other homos. In a world full of homophobes, religious fanatics, homophobes, and psychos, finding a gay man can sometimes feel like you are playing Russian roulette with your life, especially if you don’t know where to look. Even within queer circles, finding a good man is pretty challenging. From fuck boys, cheats, and players to abusers, the gay community is full of checkered characters. However, it’s not all dark and groom in the gay dating pool. Some amazing spots you can snug a cute homo include:


·         Club/Bars


Club Bars


A gay club is an ideal place to meet other homosexuals. Simply dress to kill, learn the dos and don’ts of your chosen bar, build your confidence, and have a great time. The trick to having a great bar experience is befriending patrons at the club. A bartender or bouncer can be a great source of information.


·         Dating apps and websites


Dating apps


Popular dating apps are filled with millions of gay users, giving you a vast dating database to explore.

You can start by creating a profile in your favorite dating app or website and begin your search for your forever love.


·         Queer shows




If a man is spending his hard-earned cash at an Adam Lambert, Lil Nas, Troye Sivan, or Sam Smith concert, there is a high probability that he is a homo. Make a habit of attending queer shows and socializing with attendees; you never know. Your potential partner might be closer than you think.


·         Spas




Gay men are notorious for pampering and pimping themselves with various luxuries, including professional massages, pedicures, facial treatments, and manicures. If you are interested in meeting a partner that will not hesitate to splurge for a weekend of pampering, consider hunting him at your local spa.


How to be a monster in bed


monster in bed


Sex can be intimidating. What if you suck, underperform, or hurt your partner? While sexual anxiety is normal, too much of it can cripple your performance, causing you to have underwhelming sex. Lucky for you, we have a comprehensive list of activities to help you become a monster in bed.

Tips that can enhance your homo sex life include:


·         Work on your communication




Honest communication with your partner about what you like in bed can significantly enhance your sex life. Tell your partner about your turn-ons, what feels good, and new ideas you would like to try, and your sex life will gradually improve.


·         Never underestimate foreplay




Foreplay creates suspense in mind, which is the biggest sexual organ. Once your brain knows what to expect, the body readies itself to experience pleasure. You can create sexual tension and anticipation by sexting, sending nudes, and erotic vids to create anticipation for what will happen when you get home.


·         Continue learning new techniques


New techniques


Sex will become boring and monotonous if you perform the same tricks daily. If you want to be a monster in bed, learn new techniques, explore new sex positions, use toys, attend sex parties, or do whatever you have to do within reason to ensure you have an amazing sex life.




As a baby gay, navigating the queer culture can be frustrating because of the various subcultures and coded language surrounding the queer community. However, with a detailed homo guide, you can effortlessly navigate the gay community, getting the chance to have an amazing queer experience.