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Part of gay sex life is spent exploring an impact play to elevate the intensity of their sexual desires and satisfaction. One hot example is bringing sex whips to the bedroom, as the kink community has opened their discussions to the uses of different impact toys.

Here, we will discuss how gay people have escaped the traditional and straightforward versions of sex and are now venturing into the sadomasochistic sex.

Sexual whipping

Sexual Whipping: Defined

The BDSM community defines sex whip as sex involving tools with sturdy handles and tails for hitting and spanking in impact play. It evolves from the sexual practice of hand spanking using the palm to hit a flesh, usually the butt of your partner.

Since most people like to experiment, they later discovered whips like the ones used in horseback riding as sensational tools in bed.

Sadomasochistic Sex

Sexual Whipping

The idea of whips during sex falls within the definition of sadomasochistic sex, a kind of pleasure obtained from inflicting (sadism) and receiving (masochism) pain.

Although years ago, most experts considered whipping and other perverse sexual activities such as disgrace and beatings as a mental illness, new evidence comes to light for psychological experts as they begin to understand the positive impacts of fulfilling these sexual desires.

In the modern world, activities like these are now considered “normal” and “healthy.”

Why Gay Partners Enjoy Sex Whips

There exists a fine line between pain and pleasure. When someone is spanked, it causes their adrenaline to intensify sensations and emotions.

Sexual Whipping

As gay men become more involved in kinky sex, they feel turned on when they do roleplaying with their bedroom partners. Whether aggressive and wild plays or slow and sweaty scenes, using a whip enables them to play submissive or dominant roles and elevate the pleasure felt during intercourse.

Medically, sex whips with the right force and control can regulate blood flow in the areas being whipped. As blood accumulates, hitting it continuously can lead to orgasm and satisfaction.

Popular Sex Whips Use by Gay Men

There is a variety of whips available to use in practice. Gay men prefer one over the other for different reasons, such as the force they provide and how painful the sting left is. Here are some of the different types of toys used in whipping:

Riding Crops

Sexual Whipping

Riding crops are the same as the ones used for horses and are usually made of a long shaft covered with either leather or fabric. The handle is intended to be thicker to secure the grip of the hand and prevent it from sliding. The other end is thinner with a flexible tress to facilitate the spanking.

A riding crop can also come in different designs, such as dual-sided with surfaces made of different coverings, so you can experiment with what material you’re most comfortable using. Although the intensity of spanking largely depends on your partner’s power hitting, a riding crop generally hurts less during impact than other whips.

The Floggers


The floggers

This whip has several strands made of rubber or leather. A flogger is commonly used in hard-core sex roleplays, so it is not recommended for new users.

Role play

Although other designs have narrow strips, floggers with 20 or more strands are normally heavy. Others also use a braided flogger for a more concentrated impact during bedroom scenes.


A bullwhip is made of a thong and a handle. The thong is the primary part of the whip, and it is made of braided nylon or leather, with a size ranging from 3 to 5 feet long. Depending on the design, the thong may be multi-layered, made with at least two bellies, and the circumference narrows to the tip.

The handle is covered with thicker material, and a butt foundation is placed in the palm to assist grip.

sexual whipping

The use of bullwhips in kinks and BDSM play requires skill in throwing and striking, so beginners shouldn’t use them. Due to its length and flexibility, like a rope, it can also be used for tying hands or feet while in play.

✪ Faux Leather Slappers



These are whips of faux leather in different sizes and layers with one to three strips. In the three-strip slappers, layers are bolted together to form a single slapper with triple blows when spanked. Whether you’re a beginner or an expert player, you can use this to deliver spanks.


Sexual whipping

Paddles consist of round and flat surfaces with rectangular handles. These are usually made of bare wood, but you can also cover them with rubber or other materials of your choice. Some gay men are afraid of using these as spanking and flogging toys as they’re worried these may hurt a lot.

But, using a paddle inflicts less discomfort than a braided flogger and a bullwhip.

Exploring Ways to Use Sex Whips

After choosing what whip works for you and your partner, it’s now time to explore the ways you can use whips to have a more enjoyable sex life:

Intense Spanking

sex spanking

You’re probably familiar with this one, and you may have done this to your partner during bed scenes. You can use any whips to spank your partner, but harder hits can be achieved using paddles, floggers, and slappers.

Ensure you aim in flesh-full areas, such as the buttocks and thighs. Note that skin that turns red tends to be more sensitive. Give your submissive mate a thrilling experience by delivering suspenseful blows and gently massaging the spanked parts afterward for more pleasure.

Tickling Foreplay

Most BDSM play starts with a tickle around the body to initiate sexual arousal. Using a whip this way is also intimate, as you can figure out where your mate is most vulnerable. You can use the tip of a riding crop or bullwhip or the strands of the floggers for your tickling foreplay.

tickling foreplay

Some gay partners use arm bondages when doing this scene to restrict their sub from resisting the tickles.

Mild to Firm Slap Play

Slapping has the same rules as spanking, only it involves hitting cheeks and chest boobs. Slapping your sub can be mild to firm, depending on your mate’s tolerable torture. Ensure to deliver the right power with your slap using the slapper or a paddle.

sexual whipping

Gentle Stroking

Gentle stroking is best practiced before a spank to let your sub anticipate a hard blow. Use floggers to perform this, from the spine to the buttocks. A bullwhip and a riding crop can also be used in stroking, provided you know how to use them safely.

Health And Safety Measures When Using Sex Whips

It’s best to plan if you intend to use a toy and make sure the scene is appealing to both you and your partner. Understanding different safety measures is necessary to avoid any harm during your play, too.

Here are other precautions and tips to remember:

· Use only a whip if you know. If you’re a beginner, it is better to practice using a pillow before doing it with a person. You can also watch tutorial videos on how to whip, particularly for bullwhip and riding crops.

· Agree to use a safe word when to continue or stop a whip. It is important to talk with your partner first and communicate your BDSM and kinks first. Set safe words to utter, especially when things escalate and one becomes more aggressive and overpowered.

· Engaging in a sexual whip can cause you or your partner some injuries. Asking for consent before starting your scenes is essential.

· Learn to control your blow, as your mate can only handle a specific threshold of torture. If you see blood coming out, stop and clean the wounded area. Unless he gives you a green signal to continue. Preparing emergency kits and soothing cream to massage the spanked areas afterward is best to avoid blood clotting.

· Wear eye protection, especially when using a riding crop and a bullwhip, as they can reach the eyes when struck.

· Hit only the body areas full of flesh and avoid hitting bones because these are off-limits. You don’t want to suddenly stop during your session and lose orgasm just because you hit a bone, so it’s better to be careful.

· Whip plays can only be pleasurable when done with someone you’re comfortable with, so find a partner that you trust.

· Remember that you aim to experience BDSM and sexual satisfaction, not to inflict wounds or injuries on your mate.

· If you can commit to everything mentioned above, you’re good to go! You can also level up your bedroom roleplays with other costumes and toys, such as masks, muscle suits, and gloves. Visit the SMITIZEN page and scan our silicone-made products designed to give hot and exciting experiences.

Final Sex Whips Thoughts

sexual whipping

Sexual whipping exists for gay partners who want to discover their BDSM and kinks in spanking and flogging. Different whips are designed to personally fit each user’s preferences, including the choice of materials used to bring sensations in every blow.

As you involve yourself in these activities, it’s still best to take extra precautions to prevent harmful events.

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