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Do you have an exciting sex life? Are you aware that no matter how great your sex life is, there is always something you can do to improve it? Sensuality play, a form of BDSM, is one of the most exciting ways you can enrich your sex life. This article will discuss what sensation play is, how it heightens your arousal, how you can explore it, and give tips for beginners.

Sensation Play

What is sensation play?

Have you ever wondered about the role your senses play in sexual gratification? Can you get turned on without engaging your senses? There is a direct relationship between the physical sensations you experience, your nerve endings, and your brain. Your feelings, such as touch, sight, smell, or taste, can awaken your sexual desire, stimulating your brain to release pleasure hormones such as Oxytocin, resulting in sexual pleasure. But what exactly is sensation play?

Sensation play, also known as erotic sensation games or sensory play, engages all or some of your senses to heighten your sexual pleasure. Sensation play refers to a range of sexual activities you can perform to stimulate sexual pleasure. Sensation play activities fall on a spectrum from vanilla sexual activities such as kissing to extreme activities including whips, gags, canning, and electrocution.

How to explore sensation play?

Sensory play is effortless, but it can sound challenging, especially if it’s your first time. Sensory play deprives one or more senses of heightening pleasure derived from other purposes. Whether you are experienced or a newbie in sensation play, you can derive several benefits from the practice that can strengthen your relationship. Sex play can improve your sexual relationship by creating a deep connection between you and your partner, enhancing arousal, and improving intimacy.

Sensation Play

Simple activities you can engage in to explore sensation play include:

Sensory deprivation: Sight

Are you aware dimming one or more of your senses heightens your other senses? With the right partner, there is no limit to the heights of sensation pleasure you can derive from erotic play. When you can’t see, you over-rely on your other senses to compensate for your lack of sight.

Sensation Play

If you are used to making love with the lights, switch up your routine by having sex under the pitch of darkness. Alternatively, you can wear a blindfold to deprive you of your sense of sight. This ensures you rely on other purposes, such as touch or smell, to stimulate your sexual arousal. Without sight, every touch, caress, or stroke is magnified, heightening your sexual stimulation. If you are in a relationship, the natural scent, cologne, or perfume, your partner uses can drive you crazy. You can anticipate his touch, increasing your sexual excitement if you can smell him.

If you want to give your partner explosive sexual pleasure when blindfolded, consider direct sexual stimulation with a sex toy or mouth. The feel of your mouth on your partner’s skin, especially on their erogenous zones, can drive them crazy with desire if they are bound and blindfolded. If using a toy, ensure you get their explicit consent before you can insert any foreign object into their body. Please pay attention to their body language to ensure they are enjoying and not enduring the process.

Never underestimate your sense of smell.

A pleasant scent can be why you are sexually attracted to a person. If you are lucky, you have a scent or aroma that reminds you of your partner. Your sense of smell is your most important link to fond memories and emotional states. A fond memory is linked to a smell that can trigger sexual arousal.

Everyday items you can use to explore your sense of smell in sensation play include:

Massage oils

Unless it’s in a playful sexual context, no one likes to feel like a sexual object for pleasure. If you want better sex with your partner, you must be creative in how you approach sex or get him in the mood. A massage session allows a romantic activity that can seamlessly blend into sex. Get massage oil with a scent your partner adores and set the scene before he comes in.

Massage candles

The trick with using candles to set a sex scene is getting the correct type of candles. The last thing you need when trying to be romantic is lighting a votive candle or pillar candle. Choose a candle that tells your partner they are valued and treasured because you took the time to select something that pleases them. You can drip hot wax from the candles on your partner to induce some light pain, which is an aspect of BDSM sensation play.

Taste can be an aphrodisiac.

You can explore different ways to taste your partner. Is it better than oral sex when you want to have your partner’s essence on your taste buds? Absolutely! Imagine the influx of sensations you would get combining your partner’s taste with your favorite food or drink. 

Sensation play

Food can change how you experience sensations. If you love chocolate, melt a generous amount, paint your partner’s skin with it, and spend your time licking every last bit. If you have a thing for tasty wine, you can dip your finger in a glass and coat your panter with it to taste. You can also experiment with different foods, including cherries, creams, honey, or even sauces. The various sensations from food and your partner’s body enhance your sexual stimulation, creating a recipe for an explosive orgasm.

Explore activities that stimulate arousal through touch

Through touch, you can experience myriad pleasurable sensations triggered by pain, vibrations, changes in temperature, or pressure. Depending on where your sexual interests, such as kinks and fetishes, lie, you can engage in some of the following activities:

Explore your partner’s body with your fingers

With the right touch, the human body comes alive. Sometimes running your fingertips on your partner’s body stimulates more pleasure than penetration sex. Touch increases intimacy and sexual connection because it allows you to learn your partner’s body.

Sensation play

Temperature play

Tired of the same old vanilla sex, consider experimenting with temperature play. Temperature play involves stimulating sexual arousal by exposing your skin to hot and cold sensations. When you are getting hot and heavy with your partner, and their skin is overheated with sensations, you can dip stainless steel sex toys such as nipple clamps in ice and use them to add new sensations.

Sensation play

Impact play

Impact play involves striking your partner with your hand or sex toys to stimulate sexual excitement. While it may sound scary, it’s not because you can only inflict an amount of pain your partner is comfortable with. Impact play can be as simple as a light tap or extreme as padding, caning, or flogging.

Sensation play

Experiment with sounds

If you have never listened to audio erotica, you miss a fantastic experience. People with insomnia usually use autonomous sensory meridian response (ASMR) to sleep, but you can also use it to derive sexual pleasure.

Listening to a recording of your partner talking dirty can enhance sexual excitement, resulting in better sex.

Sensation Play Tips For Beginners

Some tips to help you in sensation play as a beginner include:

Communication is key

Develop a precise communication method with your partner before, during, and after a BDSM scene. Clear communication removes any ambiguities about what you are willing to do during the sexual activity. Only engage in sensation play with someone you trust, who respects your boundaries and has your best interests at heart. Ideally, choose someone that can read your body language to see what gives you pleasure.

Get/give explicit consent.

BDSM is about seeking and giving pleasure in a consensual manner. Before engaging in any sensation play activity, have a safe word to use when you are not comfortable with something.

Sensation play

Never compromise on safety.

Suppose you want to engage in risky BDSM activities that can put you or your partner at risk, do so under the supervision of an expert. You can talk to experienced members of the BDSM community to help you master safety measures in role-playing.

Sensation play

Experiment in moderation 

Don’t rush to try everything under the BDSM banner at once. You may end up injured or disillusioned by the practice. You can start with simple sensation play activities and work towards complex and dangerous practices. Taking your time also gives you the time to learn about essential elements of BDSM, such as hygiene, safety, and consent.

Sensation play


Sensation play is one of the most exciting elements of BDSM. The practice involves engaging one or more senses to stimulate sexual excitement.