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Are you worried about receding hairlines and warning signs of baldness? Many factors can lead to male pattern baldness, but heredity is the most common explanation for thinning hair and bald areas. Read ahead to learn more about pattern baldness in gay men, its causes, and the treatment you can apply.


As troubling as it seems, men cannot escape the curse of hair loss. If you’ve noticed a receding hairline or thinning at the crown, you might be curious as to what’s causing it. Maybe you’re also thinking, “What can I do to stop this?”

Keep reading to get the lowdown on male pattern baldness, including the causes and potential treatments.

Hair Loss Among Gay Men: What Is Male Pattern Baldness?


Androgenetic alopecia, or male pattern baldness (MPB), accounts for 95 percent of hair loss and baldness in men and is one of the most common causes of hair loss affecting men. Those affected by male-pattern baldness often experience hair thinning in a regular pattern.

The following are examples of the two most frequent types of hair loss:

· The top of the head and the area surrounding the temples begin to lose their hair. An eventual “horseshoe” of hair around the head’s perimeter may result from this pattern.

· The hairline shifts backward on the head as it moves back from the front.

Sign of the Times: At What Age Does Men’s Hair Loss Typically Begin?


Your hair thinning is a common problem, so don’t feel bad about it. The vast majority of men have male pattern baldness at some point in their lives. As reported by the American Hair Loss Association:

· About a quarter of males with hereditary male pattern baldness experience hair loss before the age of 21

· Sixty-six percent of males will have experienced hair loss by the time they turn 35

· Nearly eighty-five percent of males will have noticeably thin hair by the time they reach age 50

Science Behind Hair Loss: What Are the Causes of Male Pattern Baldness?


If you’re experiencing further hair loss, you might be worried about androgenetic alopecia and what might be causing it. This section lists some of the common causes of male pattern baldness:

1. Baldness Can Come From the Genetics and Male Hormones

You can blame your genes and male sex hormones for male pattern baldness. It typically begins with a receding hairline and progresses to thinning hair on the top of the head. The receding hairline is the process where the hairline gradually moves backward. Male pattern hair loss, also known as androgenetic alopecia, affects males due to hormonal and genetic factors.

Baldness and genetics

The male hormone dihydrotestosterone (DHT) alters the hair follicles on your scalp, which in turn affects the hairs that grow from those follicles. As a result, you may notice thinner and finer hair until the hair follicles finally become too tiny to produce new hair. This makes it difficult for hair growth to continue.

2. Smaller Hair Follicles


Each hair has its follicle, which is a small pocket in the skin. Baldness typically develops due to a gradual reduction in hair follicle size, leading to shorter, finer hair. After a while, the follicle stops producing hair. Since the smaller hair follicles remain alive and are still functional, new hair growth should be possible.

3. Your Lifestyle Influences Male Pattern Baldness


Having said that, MPB can also be caused by other things outside your genes, hormones, and family history.

Your daily habits may significantly impact your hair loss more than you think. Hair-pulling is a common symptom of mental health issues such as stress, anxiety, and trichotillomania. In addition to damaging your follicles, pulling out your hair can also cause additional strands to break or fall out.

4. Diet Can Also Affect Baldness

diet and baldness

Your hair’s health and appearance may be affected by your diet. Deficits in essential nutrients, including vitamins and minerals, can damage hair. For instance, studies have linked iron deficiency to a higher risk of hair loss.

5. Experiencing the State of Telogen

experiencing telogen

Some people experience excessive hair loss 2 to 3 months after experiencing a traumatic event. Accidents, surgeries, illnesses, significant weight loss, and extreme emotional or mental stress are all potential causes of hair loss. In most cases, hair grows back in a matter of a few months.

The Warning Signs: What Are the Early Signs of Male Pattern Baldness?


Baldness occurs inevitably for some men, especially if it’s running within his family history. It’s nothing to be shameful and frightful about. Nevertheless, some would still want to delay, if not totally prevent, male pattern baldness.

Below are early warning signs you must watch out for, which indicate classic male pattern baldness. You may immediately treat male pattern baldness if you know the causes that trigger it.

The McDonald’s Hairline


Imagine the rounded M shape on the McDonald’s logo, and observe if your hairline is turning into that shape. It can be a telltale sign of hair loss. If this is happening to you, it may continue, causing your hairline to recede and gradually take on a U-shape.

Scattered Hair Strands on Your Bed


The presence of several hairs on your pillows, shoulders, or clothing in the morning is another early indicator of hair loss. Hair loss is normal, but if you notice stray hairs on a regular basis, it may be an indication of male pattern baldness.

Hair Loss Around the Top of Your Head


Male pattern baldness may also be indicated by the appearance of a bald spot on the head, which may result from hair thinning elsewhere.

Keeping Your Head in Check: How To Diagnose Yourself for Signs of Androgenetic Alopecia?

In most cases, a diagnosis of classic male pattern baldness can be made by observing the progression of hair loss. Potential causes of baldness should be investigated. Examine your head if you have patchy hair loss, excessive hair loss, frequent hair breakage, or hair loss. Also, check if they come with scaling, redness, pus, or pain.

Keep Head in Check

Other illnesses that cause hair loss may require additional diagnostic steps, such as a skin biopsy, blood testing, or other procedures. Analyzing hair follicles cannot reliably determine the cause of hair loss in patients with nutritional deficiencies or other related illnesses. Yet, it could expose toxins like arsenic or lead.

Possible Treatments To Delay (Or Prevent) Male Pattern Baldness


Baldness can still be delayed and even cured, depending on your genetics. Medical treatments, surgeries, and products can treat hair loss and promote hair regrowth. This section discusses possible treatments for androgenetic alopecia:

1. Medications

Medications for MPB are available both by prescription and without a doctor’s input.


Finasteride (Propecia, Proscar) and minoxidil (Rogaine) are the only two drugs clinically proven to treat or prevent further progression of male pattern hair loss (Rogaine, Ioniten). Finasteride is a tablet that requires a doctor’s prescription to obtain. Minoxidil can be purchased without a prescription and used topically.

Both treatments may take up to 6 months before they begin to bear fruit.

2. Radiation Therapy with a Laser


The use of low-intensity laser therapy has been shown to improve scalp circulation and stimulate hair follicles, two factors that contribute to hair loss. This therapy option is relatively new, yet it has been shown to be safe and well-tolerated so far. When compared to surgical hair restoration methods, it is also less intrusive.

While data on the effects of laser therapy on hair growth is still limited, the first findings are promising. For instance, laser hair surgery increased hair growth by 39 percent among 41 men aged 18 to 48 in a 2013 research.

3. Human Hair Replacement System


A hair transplant is a surgical technique in which grafts of scalp tissue containing healthy hair follicles are extracted and implanted in areas of the scalp where hair growth is poor or nonexistent. It usually takes a few months of healing time and multiple sessions to ensure the treatment is successful.

4. A Procedure for Minimizing the Scalp


Scalp reduction is another type of hair restoration surgery in which the bald portions of the scalp are surgically excised, and the hair-bearing areas are stretched to conceal the scars. Sometimes, multiple sessions are needed, just like with hair transplants.

Platelet-Rich-Plasma (PRP)


PRP’s popularity has skyrocketed in the past few years. You will have your blood drawn and spun in a machine to extract the plasma, which will then be injected into the areas of your scalp that have experienced the most hair loss. PRP usually has a shelf life of about two years; however, this varies from person to person.

Hard Pill to Swallow: How Can Balding Affect Men?

One of the various ways in which men can be impacted by male pattern baldness is through hair loss. Hair loss can affect men of any age, causing them to suffer from low self-esteem and increased stress.

If a man loses his hair and thinks his looks are a big part of what makes him unique, he may experience a drop in self-esteem. To put it bluntly, hair loss can be devastating to a man’s confidence if he places a high value on his appearance and sees himself as a younger man.


The challenges of male pattern hair loss and poor self-esteem can be mitigated with the assistance of medical professionals. The best course of action for a man whose low self-esteem is directly attributable to hair loss is to see a therapist. Boosting one’s confidence is challenging, and most of us could use outside assistance.

Fret Not: Why Male Pattern Baldness May Not Be as Bad as It Seems


One of the most common men’s nightmares is the curse of male baldness. Are you one of those people who worry about hair loss and hair breakage? Fret not because you don’t need to worry about losing hair as much as you might have before.

Below are some newfound reasons why male pattern baldness is not the end of the world for men.

Gay Men Find Bald Men More Attractive

Don’t want to lose hair? Hair loss might be the key to widening your dating pool, especially if you’re a gay man. According to a recent study by the University of Pennsylvania, young men, particularly, regard bald men as more handsome, dominating, and confident than their hairy counterparts.

Albert E. Mannes directed the study titled Shorn Scalps and Male Dominance. The researcher distributed photos of males with varying hairlines to students, who were then asked to score each man’s beauty, self-assurance, and perceived dominance. Researchers even got sly with it. In several pictures, the man’s hair had been digitally shaved off.

The bald guys triumphed in all three divisions.

Bald Men Tend To Stand Out

Gay men determined that bald males were the most beautiful, followed by guys with thick hair and men with thinning hair. The study concluded that those with clean-shaven heads stood out as the most attractive among the men.

Researchers observed that the decision to shave one’s head could be a sort of nonverbal behavior, a mode of expression through which the individual conveys information about themselves that would be otherwise obscured by hair.

It’s interesting to note that men who shaved their heads were generally perceived as being taller (by nearly an inch), older (by four years), and stronger (by 13 percent) than men who kept their hair. It was also thought that they would fare better economically and in business.

Fashion and Styling Suggestions for Bald Gay Men: How to Style Your Baldness?


Most people think balding males and bald guys have limited style options. But that shouldn’t be the case at all. Timeless fashion is all about adaptability, originality, and variety of appearance; it’s open to anybody, regardless of hair length.

For this reason, we will review some of our favorite strategies to improve one’s appearance despite hair loss. These tips are meant to help you highlight your best features and minimize your worst. Your hair is only one part of your total appearance, but it can still make or break your overall look.

Choose an Outfit Based on Your Facial Structure


Your distinct facial structure will stand out more clearly and dramatically without hair to obscure it. In light of this, remember to dress appropriately based on your face shape. Not only should you think about how your facial shape contrasts with your outfit, but also how your skin tone does.

Collars are important, so keep that in mind when shopping for garments. Choose a collar that works with your facial features if you want to look your best. Your appearance and fitness level will greatly benefit from this.

Look for Tops That Stand Out


Naturally, it would be best if you thought about your hair length while deciding how to handle little details like accessories. Neckwear, for instance, is frequently influenced by or can affect the appearance of your hairline due to its proximity to your head.

An overly dense knot on a tie or a bow tie with pronounced “batwings” are examples of such a statement. They are useful for drawing attention to your face. But just make sure the proportions are correct. These accessories will assist you in achieving harmony with the contour of your skull.

Grow Hair Somewhere Else


If you don’t have hair on your head, that doesn’t mean you can’t have hair elsewhere. You can get back some of your face’s original contours and outline by growing some facial hair. If you have a round face or are overweight, this may help you look better.

It’s up to you to decide what kind of facial hair to grow, but if you want to hide hair loss or thinning, a beard is a good choice.

If you’re into the traditional look, you should go for a clean-shaven face and a polished type of facial hair. Shaven or completely shaved heads should have facial hair that is just as neatly groomed and expertly sculpted to complement the sleek look of the head.

Muscle Suits


Picture Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson and other bald men in the Fast and Furious movie franchise. Notice what makes them irresistible and menacing despite complete baldness? It’s their hunk physique and muscular features.

Try to work on your body and build some muscle to look more formidable and dominating as a bald man. But if you want to have a dreamy body overnight, try to put on muscle suits that automatically mold your body into looking more toned and muscular.

Smitizen offers high-quality and realistic muscle suits that accentuate the hotness and appeal of bald men. You can wear skin-toned muscle suits underneath the sheets or printed muscle suits for outdoor and casual wear.

Final Thoughts


Male pattern baldness may be inevitable for some. But remember to hold your head high. Many men place a high value on their hair, which is not something to be ashamed of. Keep in mind that your hair isn’t even the best feature of who you are. In addition, a man’s virility and masculinity shine through when he is confident in his skin and his physical attractiveness.

Sexiness is a lot more about mentality and confidence. It is attractive if you know how to flaunt your bald or thinning head. Many people find it appealing because they perceive it as evidence of their personal growth and development.