Thong underwear is trendy and a must-have for many gay men. These sexy undies feature a single back strap that runs through the butt crack, providing a perfect fit and ample support. This article will show why gay men use men’s thong underwear, its styles, and the best brands.


Things To Know Before Shopping for Thongs


Here’s a great bit of information: Men wore thong-like underwear in Africa thousands of years ago. Since then, it has spread globally and is used in sports such as sumo wrestling, leading to the development of jockstraps that support and protect the athletes’ genitalia.

Thongs are comfortable and versatile, and many use them as everyday wear. They can be worn for the gym, when running, etc. Gay men take advantage of this functional clothing, especially in boosting their confidence and charming their partner in bed.

What Is Men’s Thong Underwear?


The word“thong” has three origins. The only one related to clothing is the Old English word “pwong and pwang,” meaning “a narrow strip of leather.” When connected to men and underwear, men’s thong underwear means a clothing item worn with undergarments.

It features a strip and waistband that connect to a pouch that holds and supports the manhood in one place.

Men’s underwear is distinguished by its big difference from other men’s underwear and structure. Unlike briefs, boxers, and boxer briefs, men’s thongs only provide a little coverage to a man’s masculinity provided by a pouch or sack-like fabric in the front.

Every part of the men’s thong is created from the finest and lightest materials to ensure it’s comfortable and the wearer feels like they’re wearing nothing.

Just like regular underwear, men’s thong underwear can also be worn whenever and wherever you want. However, determining your purpose in wearing a particular belt for a higher potential of success is vital. The sexy underwear styles to wear to prominent occasions are:

1. Romantic Nights – to be glamorous or sexy and show that you’re ready to have a sexy time with your man, wear the skimpiest thong you have in your collection.

2. Workplaces – if it’s uncomfortable for you to wear erotic underwear, opt for comfortable ones that still make you look sexy.

3. Beaches and Pool Resorts – be a head-turner in your men’s thong underwear that’s less revealing but still shows a good amount of skin. However, the area you’re going to may have rules about proper swimwear, especially for gays, so be aware of this and prepare something to cover your body.

The Advantages of Wearing Men’s Thong Underwear


You may wonder, other than feeling pretty and sexy and being a huge turn-on to other gays, why should I wear thongs? Men’s thong underwear has other advantages that make it better than regular underwear.

No Underwear Lines


If you’re one of those gays who don’t want to see their underwear lines in fitted shorts or pants, use male thongs. Just like women’s seamless underwear, men’s thong underwear won’t show even if you wear yoga leggings.

It’s because men’s thongs are made of thin fabric. Manufacturers ensure the edges are not raised and visible and fit one’s body like a second skin.

Comfortability With Fewer Fabrics


Since any men’s thong underwear has a small amount of fabric, gay men feel comfortable wearing them because they are very light and feel like they are wearing nothing. Besides this, it also helps them gain confidence in their skin, increasing sex appeal.

Enhancement of Underneath Assets


If you try to find pictures of gay men wearing thongs, you’ll notice that their assets underneath look enhanced. It’s due to the amount of fabric used on the front and back of the product. For example, the pouch in the front of men’s belts makes the manhood compact while the straps or garters in the back round out the flat butt.

Worth the Price


While you can buy more than one regular pair of underwear for $10, the average cost of most men’s thongs is $10 to $15 each. But the feeling of owning an item with so many benefits and uniqueness is definitely worth your money.

Wide Range of Fabric Options


Shopping for thongs is fun, and there are many things to choose from. Before buying, you must consider the style, design, and fabric you want. With thousands of options, everyone can shop and find something with their desired features.

Great for Tanning


Gay men who want to stay in the sun and get naturally tanned use men’s thongs. They believe it gives a perfect and even sun-kissed glow and elegant-looking tanned skin.

Men’s Thong Underwear Effect on Gay Sex

mens thong

· Boosts your sex appeal

· Creates an exciting foreplay

· It gives you and your partner an exciting sexual feeling.

Styles of Men’s Thongs To Consider


Male thongs come in over ten styles, available both physically and in an online store. So, it’s essential to understand the difference between each and their purpose. Here is the common men’s thong underwear used by gay men:

Cheeky Thong Underwear


Cheeky thongs are for beginners to wear this type of sexy lingerie because of the amount of coverage it offers. If you choose this, you will have wide front coverage, and only parts of your butt will be exposed. You can also opt for this type if your priority is comfort over

Conventional Male Thong


This thong style is for you if you want good coverage for your manhood and a rounder butt. This men’s thong also has a wide, thick, and elastic waistband and thin fabric that goes between the butt cheeks to cover your anus.

Sexy G String Thongs


This is the most revealing men’s thong with very little fabric in the front and a string that rides up your butt crack. Since this is one of the sexiest versions of the men’s thong, it is usually only used by gay men for pleasure or teasing their partners before sex.

Note that T-back male thongs are similar to G strings but with a V-shape and T-form back.

C-string Thong Underwear


Do you hate it when garters rub on your skin? Then, get a C-string thong with a pouch for your manhood and a hard-solid string that holds it in place. This design promotes freedom and is recommended to be worn under tight pants that hug your legs and butt to increase your sex appeal.

Tanga Thongs

Tanga Thongs

Consider choosing a tanga thong if you like the look of G strings but with more coverage. This type of men’s thong underwear has wider fabric on the back and each side of the undies. Although it’s more covered than any string thongs, its high cuts on the sides will show off and elongate your legs.

Micro Thongs


Gay men commonly use this type to surprise their partners on their special day, and it sometimes comes with \silk tops or nighties. With the word “micro,” this is the tiniest and most erotic underwear available today. Micro thongs are sometimes described as women’s accessories because they look similar.

Mens Thong Underwear by Fabric and Nature

Thong Underwear


Mesh Thongs

Mesh Thongs

If your purpose in wearing men’s thong underwear is to improve sex appeal, body parts, and breathability, you should try getting mesh thongs. With mesh thongs, you get enough exposure that you need for that high sex appeal. It goes beyond the high cuts on the sides and the sheer fabric of mesh thongs.

Pouch Enhancing Men Thongs

Enhancing Men Thongs

Using men’s underwear with more visible masculinity has a greater chance of affecting another gay man physically and mentally. Belts with pouch enhancement features make your bulge look more prominent because of the extra fabric in the front of these styles.

Sporty Thongs

Sporty Thongs

Consider choosing sporty thongs if you want broader and more conventional coverage, breathable fabric, and a manhood pouch that defines and ensures that it will not slip and stays away from your legs. Although it is covered, it’s still stylish and a sexy underwear style of men’s thongs for everyday use. It has a pouch that fully protects and supports the front of the belt with thick straps.

Where To Buy the Best Men Thong Underwear?


Since all genders now use thongs, they are widely available worldwide. You can shop at the nearest shopping center like Walmart or Target and well-known brands like American Eagle and Calvin Klein Men. You can also buy on online shopping sites like Amazon or the official online store of the brands below.

The Best Brands of Male Thongs


As a trendy and widespread clothing item, various brands are creating new or upgraded sexy underwear styles and marketing them to men and gay men. Since thongs are more available in online stores, it’s essential to know which brands are legit and make quality products.

With that said, here are some brands to get your thongs from:



Andrew Christian

Cover Male

Daniel Alexander

Good Devil

Intymen Underwear


Joe Synder

Pistol Pete and more

Shopping Thongs Reminders

men thong

In shopping for thongs from a site or shop with a wide collection, pick the best and the one you need by remembering the following:

1. As much as possible, buy from a shop that you’re familiar with and have already tried before. This is to avoid being scammed, getting wrong orders, or dealing with low-quality products.

2. Double-check your actual size and the one you will order; you can add one size to ensure that it will fit you.

3. Be familiar with erotic underwear’s purpose based on its materials, which include cotton, nylon, silk, leather, and more.

What Can Smitizen Do for You?


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