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Do you feel like you need to learn how to look more masculine? You’re not alone. A lot of men think the same way. This blog post will discuss some very practical tips that can help you look more masculine and confident. Follow these tips, and you’ll be on your way to looking better than ever!

What does masculine mean?

The word masculine is synonymous with male power, confidence, and manliness. While some people possess intrinsic masculine energy, others spend their lives questioning their masculinity. So what exactly does it mean to be masculine, and how can you develop masculine traits?


Masculinity is a set of attributes possessed by an individual whose gender identity is male. A masculine person is characterized by features or qualities associated with men. Masculine pronouns usually refer to the male body or a man.

Masculinity is not a new concept and can be described as a social construct. Children are not born with masculine or feminine identities and their roles but adopt these qualities after birth by conforming to gender roles and norms. If you are born with a biological male sex organ, you are often taught to acquire a masculine identity, whether or not you want to identify as a male. Most societies, patriarchal in nature, have associated values such as assertiveness, leadership, courage, and strength with the male gender, also known as the masculine gender. Physically, a traditionally masculine person possesses various masculine qualities, including upper body strength, a high degree of facial symmetry, a V-shaped torso, masculine facial dimorphism, and a relatively narrow waist.

While masculine pronouns usually refer to the male body, they can also refer to a masculine female.


How to look more masculine?

Masculinity is not a destination but a continuous journey of self-improvement. Let’s be honest. It can be not very clearly trying to be a man, more so a masculine man. You are stuck between becoming a masculine man from the middle ages characterized by exaggerated masculine pride or opting for the ultra-modern school of thought that lacks masculine depth and character. A healthy balance of what a healthy masculine gender represents falls somewhere between traditional and modern masculinity approaches to masculinity. Several methods you can use to enrich your masculine persona include:


Adjusting Your Appearance to Look More Masculine

A masculine male is not weak physically or emotionally. I’m not saying you become the poster boy for steroids, but at the very least, have a good-looking masculine form. Men admire physical strength and are attracted to power. Your body is like a walking billboard, so get fit if you want to gain masculine admiration. Make the gym your best friend. Lift weights, jog around your neighborhood, hike, or join a sports team. Consider adopting a healthy diet. The type of food you eat helps build your body’s muscle mass. Create a diet program to ensure you eat a well-balanced diet.


Apply Makeup to Look More Masculine

Wearing makeup may not be considered typical for a man, but it comes in handy when you want to present a masculine appearance. Whether you are transitioning, role-playing, or enhancing your features, makeup can help you change your appearance.

Makeup tips include:



Generally, males have more prominent noses. You can enlarge your nose using makeup to look manlier. Here is how:

  • Enhance your nose width by making it appear thicker. You can use a makeup brush to apply foundation around your nose area. Ensure the top and bottom of your nose are evenly shaded to make your nose darker. The goal is to make your skin darker for the nose to appear more expansive. 
  • You can also use an eyeliner to enhance the inside edge of your nostrils, making them stand out against your face.



If you have high cheekbones typically considered feminine, you can make them less pronounced by contouring.

  • Apply highlighter on your cheekbones
  • Contour the cheekbone area with a contouring blush. Consider using a blush with brown tints because it adds depths that enhance your face.

Wear a hyper-realistic mask

Masculine mask

Wearing a hyper-realistic face mask can help accentuate your facial features. You can instantly gain a sexy run of facial hair, full lips, defined jaw, and model-like cheekbones by using a realistic face mask. The mask gives you a quick, convenient, and safe way to boost your masculinity quickly.

Get a masculine haircut.

If you ask how a mere haircut can give you a masculine appearance, you have never seen a manly haircut. A professionally done masculine haircut can move you from the ‘he looks like an overgrown teenager’ category to ‘a mature man who has his life together’ category.

Create the appearance of a muscular frame

muscle suit

Not every man is lucky to possess an impressive physique. It can be difficult for some people to gain weight, lose body fat, or increase muscle mass. Sometimes, no matter how much you diet or exercise, you may not develop a ripped body. You can gain a muscular frame by wearing a realistic muscle suit to give you fake muscles. Depending on the features you want to accentuate, you can wear a super realistic muscle suit that increases your upper body muscle size.

Dressing in Masculine Clothing

Once you have a hot masculine body and face, wear sexy male clothes to complete your look. Here is a tip, your clothes don’t have to be expensive to look cool. Just know how to mix colors, match designs, and dress for the occasion. A quick way to master your fits is by segmenting your closet into three segments: fun, sporty, and formal work clothes.

Fun fits are the clothes you wear for a night of fun on the town or when hanging around your friends or family. The fun clothes can range from cool leather jackets, hoodies, mesh tops, quality well-fitting jeans, chinos, shorts, or T-shirts. If you like playing sports, a fine collection of baseball caps, sports gloves, light sweats, beanies, shorts, and sports shoes can give you a sporty, masculine look that boosts your attractiveness. Set aside a couple of classy suits to wear to formal events such as weddings, funerals, and black and white events.

Adopting Masculine Behaviors or Attitudes


There is a vast difference between having a male body and being masculine. While you may have been born with the male sex, that doesn’t mean you automatically gained a masculine personality or identity. Masculinity is more than the gender you were assigned at birth or how you look. Your physical appearance may open the masculinity door for you, but your character will determine whether you are worthy of a masculine identity. Masculinity is more profound than gaining a masculine voice and body. Some traits that can increase your masculine appeal include:

Sharp intellect

No matter how attractive, a beautiful body is wasted on someone who can’t think and isn’t willing to learn. I’m not saying you become the next Einstein, but at the very least, have the ability to hold a meaningful conversation. You don’t want to be the guy that spews nonsense every time you open your mouth. Read books, listen to audiobooks, register for an online course, go back for a fun lesson in college, join a book club, subscribe to a newsletter, or spend time to sharpen your world knowledge. Learning helps you develop your relationships, make better decisions, and live a well-rounded life.

Challenge yourself


What sets you apart as a man? What makes you bold and distinct? While every man can dream, only those who try to succeed. Masculinity is about action. The steps you take towards achieving your goals set you apart from other men. Talking about the family you are going to start, the business that will change the world, or the gigantic house you will build is meaningless if you don’t dare to take action to achieve those dreams. To become masculine, rise above the thinkers and dreamers, and start doing.

Move out of your comfort zone.

While modern luxuries and conveniences make your life easier, they may be a stumbling block preventing you from reaching your full potential. As crazy as it sounds, intentional discomfort may be good for you. Instead of watching Netflix all weekend, develop a skill outside your comfort zone. For instance, you can learn pottery, kickboxing, cooking, or martial arts.

Adopt a respectful attitude.

Learn to respect the people or objects around you. Respect people, young, middle age, and old, because they represent the cycle of life, and respect nature by protecting the environment and making it sustainable for future generations. Similarly, respect your work by being ambitious without becoming greedy. Lastly, respect yourself by caring for your physical, mental, and spiritual well-fare to live a well-rounded life.


Masculinity goes beyond physical appearance. Masculinity isn’t about male superiority but about maintaining a way of living that sets you apart from other men, gay or straight.