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A gay cruise is an act or practice of going to cruise grounds or semi-public spots where you can have sex with other men. However, there’s more to gay cruising than most people think! When prepped for or done right, it becomes an exciting, fun, and unique way of exploring your sexuality.

Cruising allows you to meet new people you’d otherwise never meet.

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Below, we discuss everything you need to know about gay cruising. Discover its origins, how the modern practice goes, how to get started, and some tips you can use for a fantastic cruising experience.

What Is a Gay Cruising?

As we mentioned, gay cruising is going to a particular area and looking for a sexual partner with whom you can perform sexual acts. Cruising is often done anonymously. Many gay men don’t go beyond exchanging names, while others don’t even feel the need to introduce themselves.

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The hotspots or areas for gay cruising can vary depending on the locale. In some places, cruising occurs in semi-public indoor spaces, like saunas and bathrooms. Other cruising grounds are semi-public outdoor places, like rest stops, forest trails, or wooded parks.

The History and Origins of Gay Cruising

In semantics, the word “cruising” comes from the Dutch word kruisen, meaning “to cross” or “to sail to and fro.” Today, the term carries a different meaning used in gay slang, primarily and non-homosexual contexts.

The question is, how did this sailing-focused word become a term used for one-off sexual exploits?

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It began long before the 21st century, a time when many societies held homophobic beliefs and traditions. At the time, gay men used the term “cruising” as a code word to refer to their sexual intent. They also used it so they could discuss the practice of having sexual activities openly without directly stating it and outing themselves.

Another use of the term was for gay men to recognize each other while avoiding recognition by homophobic individuals, groups, or systems.

Cruising Is a Modern Term Used by All People

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As the second half of the 20th century rolled in, more people in English-speaking countries began to accept and decriminalize homosexual behavior. The term got broken down and passed into common usage. It became common for non-homosexual individuals to use the word to refer to a similar practice.

Today, “cruising for sex” is the common reiteration of the slang term used worldwide. The slang may differ slightly in meaning or wording depending on the location. For example, “cruising” refers to exclusively homosexual activity in the US. Meanwhile, in the UK and Australia, homosexuals and heterosexuals use it. They may even use variations like “cruising for chicks.”

How to Gay Cruising

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Are you ready to start gay cruising for the first time? Worry no more if you’ve just come out of the closet and have yet to try this exciting experience.

We’ve got you covered here with the steps on gay cruising. Read them to discover the best way to gay cruise.

Dress Up for the Occasion

You want to look your best when you go out. We’re not talking about pulling out your best three-piece suit. All it takes is to wear something that complements you and makes you desirable.

A muscle suit is one of the best things to wear when cruising. This silicone bodysuit can enlarge your body and give you a physique comparable to a Greek god’s (or gay bear, depending on your tastes). The best part about wearing a muscle suit is it’s realistic to the touch and eye. Our muscle suits even have realistic veins and hair on them.

All that you need are clothes that can make your new physique even more irresistible and striking.

Do you prefer staying anonymous when gay cruising? Consider wearing a realistic silicone mask. It can enhance your confidence and make you feel safe about your identity. Silicone masks are great props if you want to feel what it’s like to cruise as a younger or older man than you are.

On top of these features, you can rest assured that our high-quality silicone products are skin-friendly and safe.


Visit the Right Places

You want to be in a hotspot for gay men when you go cruising. Usually, these are local bars or clubs that gay men often visit, but they’re not necessarily gay bars. Remember that cruising is all about walking or hanging out in the hotspot and looking for someone who catches your eye.

You can even park at a spot where you can ogle at all the hot guys who come by and potentially make eye contact with someone who catches your fancy.

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Another place to visit is an online gay website or app. These are far more convenient if you don’t have time to go out and hang out physically at a gay hotspot. After all, there aren’t rules that say you can’t do the partner cruising and planning online.

You can still practice the physical act of meeting up and having fun in a park or wooded area later.

Make Eye Contact

When you’ve found a partner and are ready to play, don’t be afraid to make eye contact. Hold your gaze a few seconds longer so the person won’t mistake it for a passing glance in his direction. Better yet, could you send him a smile or wink?

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Approach the Person

Sometimes, the person you’ve made eye contact with will approach you first. However, this won’t be the case for all gay men on cruise mode. Approach if you see that the other person is waiting for you to make the first move or if you prefer doing it yourself.

For first-timers on a gay cruise, the approach may feel like the most challenging part of the evening. Take a sip or shot of liquid courage if you need it. If you ever feel anxious or nervous, take a deep breath and take one step after another. Sit or stand next to the person if possible.

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Make Small Talk and Flirt

Next, flirt with the person. You can choose different topics and approaches when making a first impression. These range from telling a witty joke, complimenting them, buying them a drink, and discussing a random subject that’ll encourage engagement. You can even ask them outright if they want to have a little fun, but it’s not a strategy we recommend for everyone.

We understand that smooth-talking and charming people aren’t things every gay man can do. Take the approach that works best for you.

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Once you and the other person have found a connection, don’t be afraid to make a move. It can be as subtle as leaning in slightly every few seconds. It can be as outright as winking suggestively and biting your lips.

Have Fun

Finally, this is where you get to have fun. Don’t forget to ask them about anything off-limits for you, and remember to share your limits. Some guys only look for blowjobs, but others want to go all the way. It’s different for everybody, so don’t be afraid to make things clear before you start.

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Tips for Gay Cruising

Here are more gay cruising tips and tricks to make your experience smoother and more fun when you go on a gay cruise.

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Take Condoms and Lube

You know what you want to do, so make sure you have the necessary props and paraphernalia for the activity. Even if you’ve only planned to get or give a blowjob for the night, it never hurts to come prepared. You never know how hot and heavy your partner can make you. Plus, like they always say, it’s better to be safe than sorry.

Leave Valuables at Home

A gay cruise is a fun and often unforgettable affair for many first-timers. However, worrying about your valuables can take the fun out of the experience. You don’t want to reach into the grass every few minutes to ensure your phone and wallet are still there. You don’t want to find out you’ve lost these things and immediately lose the post-coital pleasure and thrill.

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Plan It Out

Did you meet your partner online? Consider discussing the general gist of the activity with them before you go out to the club to meet up. Indeed, spontaneity is part of the fun of a gay cruise, but it helps to know what to expect.

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Gay Cruising Conclusion

A gay cruise involves going to a cruising hotspot, meeting with a random person, and doing sexual activities with them. They’re often anonymous and one-off activities for gay men, especially in the US.

Dressing up and preparing for the action mentally and physically make it an excellent experience.