Ever wished you could be someone else? With a perfect disguise, you can disappear into the field of anonymity and enjoy the freedom of being someone else. Whether you want to disguise yourself for a special event or want to have some fun, we have the perfect tips for you. With a bit of practice, you’ll be able to disguise yourself as a pro in no time!

What is a disguise, and why is it important

A disguise is an apparel or a tool that can help you hide your proper form from people. Think of a disguise as an invisibility cloak that gives you the freedom to act without judging your peers or society. 



Different people wear disguises for several reasons. You can wear a mask to conceal your identity as a fashion statement, explore the world as a stranger, hide skin blemishes, cover scars, Halloween costumes, or role-play. You can also wear a disguise as a sexual fetish to spice things with your partner.

Change Your Features

Everyone needs a breather. When running away to an exotic island isn’t an option, changing your appearance may be the perfect way to escape your reality. While the choice to conceal one’s identity may seem extreme, sometimes anonymity may be the only way to protect your mental, physical, and overall well-being. Whether hiding from your family, friends, or nosy neighbors, creating a false appearance by changing your features may be ideal for you.

Disguise yourself and become someone else with these easy tips!

Change your hairstyle

Your hair is one of the most identifying features. Because of the various creative hairstyles in society, becoming someone else by simply changing your hairstyle is easy and takes a short period to accomplish.


Some hair tips to help you become someone else include:

  • You can wear a wig to change your look if you have a bald head. You can wear the traditional male wig or the feminine wig, depending on the look you want to accomplish. Your wig can be long, short, colored, or black with natural or esthetic hair.
  • If you have short hair, consider a dye job to create colored highlights that can give you a new look. If you are blond, you can get blue, purple, or pink highlights or become a brunette. You can dye your hair with a different color once a week or every fortnight.
  • If you have a clean-shaven look, consider getting a fake beard. You can also get a fake mustache to complement your beard. If you have a beard, you can shave it, style it differently, or trim it to get a new look.

Use makeup


You can become anyone with a good makeup kit and elaborate styling skills. Makeup can make you young, old, ugly, beautiful, or whatever you want to become, helping you become someone else temporarily. Get a fake tattoo to blend in with the cool artistry crowd in your neighborhood. Paint wrinkles on your body and swap stories with the oldies, or paint weird moles on your face to freak out little kids as you stroll down the street. Apply makeup to enhance your features and hang out with the attractive squad in your area. Something as simple as applying eyeliner can change your appearance, making it seem dark and mysterious.

Change your posture

You can become someone else by adopting a new posture and manipulating your size. Adopting an unsure, slouchy posture can change your appearance if you are confident and brush. If you are short, consider wearing high-heels to gain a few inches, which can improve your appearance.

Wear a face mask


A face mask is the ideal disguise because it’s realistic, safe, and changes your appearance instantly. You can get a face mask that enhances your appearance by making you more attractive or one that plays down your looks when you don’t want to draw attention. Consider getting a silicone face mask because it contains realistic features such as a fake beard, mustache, sideburns, and a patch of sexy chest hair running down the chest.

Change your body size

You can alter your appearance by toning up your muscles with a muscle suit if you are lean or slim. A muscle suit makes you appear larger by increasing your muscle mass. A muscle suit is an ideal way to gain weight because it does not permanently alter your body’s physiology, instantly changes your appearance, and you can quickly put it on or take it off.

Changing your dressing style

A simple way to hide your true nature is wearing clothes you would otherwise not wear. If people associate a particular brand, fashion trend, or dressing style with you, consider using their perception to hide your identity. 

Here are simple dressing tips to help you become someone else:

Carry a backpack with extra clothes

It can be not very pleasant when other people’s curiosities about your life start affecting how you live. Other than getting a body double or moving to a different area, the only other option is becoming a camouflage. Carry backup clothes on a backpack to turn you into a different man when you are out and about. You can go to work, school, or run errands wearing sweats, change into a suit for a meal at a fancy restaurant, and walk home rocking sweat pants and a hoodie. The goal is to use your clothes to blend in with any outfit you wouldn’t otherwise wear.

Change your dressing style

What better way to hide your true nature than dressing out of character? How you dress can transform you into a hip guy one minute and an older man the next. If you are a suit guy, you can dress like a punk rocker or own the goth look when you want to become someone else. You can also change your appearance by dressing like an old guy, especially if you are young.

Dressing up in super masculine or feminine clothes can change your appearance. If your dressing style is super masculine, consider dressing up in feminine clothes and vice versa. For instance, if your dressing style leans towards tight pants and t-shirts, you can change your look by wearing baggy pants or a black and tie suit.

Change the size of your outfits

Sometimes people recognize you because of how your clothes hug your body. If you are into fit clothes that perfectly show off your toned physique, consider wearing clothes a few sizes bigger than your ordinary fits. You can also wear several layers of clothes to make you appear bigger, transforming you into somebody else.

Use accessories

Wearing dazzling accessories can change your appearance, giving you a cloak of anonymity. Even when wearing your ordinary everyday clothing, accessories can transform you into someone else by creating a perfect disguise. For instance, a scarf around your neck, low-hanging earrings, shades, a wig, and a feminine necklace can disguise you as a female. 

Change yourself

Creating a perfect disguise sometimes requires changing your personality, mannerisms, and behavior. Creative ways you can change yourself include:

Changing your personality

If you are an extroverted, bubbly individual that likes to command a room, you can disguise yourself by becoming an introvert. You can hide in plain sight by adopting a different persona. If you are an introvert, consider moving out of your comfort zone by engaging people at social functions, work, or school. Once you get your daily fix of being someone else, you can return to being the real you in the confines of your house.


Change the way you talk.

If you have ever wondered what you would sound like with a super masculine or feminine voice, then changing how you talk is the perfect disguise for you. If you have a slow manner of speaking, you can fasten your speech pattern. Another method to become someone else is speaking in a different dialect. For instance, using middle ages English or talking to people like you walked out of a Shakespeare book can help you create a different persona. You can also adopt a new accent to disguise yourself. Different accents can help you camouflage between various groups of people in or around your community.

Transform yourself into the opposite gender


Do you sometimes think the other gender has it easy? You will never know until you walk in their shoes. What better way to accomplish this goal than by creating an alter ego of the opposite gender. If you are a man, shave your beard, bring out your heels and skirts, apply a layer of makeup and see the world from a female point of view. If that sounds too extreme or it’s not safe to dress as a woman fully, you can wear gender-fluid clothes you would typically not wear.

Become an older version of yourself

You don’t have to look far for inspiration when you want to become someone else. You can hide in plain view by aging yourself with simple tricks such as changing your hair color or using makeup. Apply dye to your hair to make it look gray. Consider visiting a professional to color your hair to prevent damaging it. If you prefer doing it yourself, research as much as possible about the best products to age your hair and their side effects, if any. Consider getting a walking stick to add to the old man effect. Bending your back like an older man may require serious commitment, but what’s a little discomfort when you can enjoy the freedom of anonymity.


A disguise can turn you into someone else, allowing you to anonymously enjoy special moments in life. Various tricks you can use to change your appearance include wearing a face mask, using a muscle suit, makeup, changing clothes, or changing your personality.