Do you want to know how to become a tough guy? It’s not as difficult as you might think. 


tough guy


In this guide, we’ll help you become this tough guy who is respected – or even feared – by people. Not to worry, though; toughness doesn’t mean being violent or aggressive. Instead, being a tough guy requires three essential character traits. These are courage, discipline, and self-respect. 


So are you ready? What are you waiting for?


Let’s go and start discussing the step-by-step process of how you can be a tough guy yourself!



Have the Mental Toughness


tough guy


The most important part of being a tough guy is to have the mental toughness it takes to move forward in life with a greater purpose. 


That means that every tough guy becomes one because of their strong belief in life. It also boils down to how they know how to stand by what they believe in. 


Mental toughness is all about not being overcome by fear. It’s also about knowing how to push yourself physically and mentally, and even spiritually. 


The point is that pushing yourself physically will help you become strong and tough. When you become physically strong, you can also become mentally strong to overcome the physical limits you must face. When that happens, you complain lesser and lesser and become better and better mentally, not just physically. 

Know-How to Build the Tough Guy Look


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Once you have that mental toughness, the next thing you have to work on is the physical aspect. 


Now there are many ways how you can build the tough-guy look. 


Here are some ideas to help you out:


Getting a stubbled look or a mustache


tough guy


It may not seem a lot, but getting stubble or a mustache is one of the best ways to make you look rugged and manly. Growing out your facial hair, one way or another, will make you look tough. A clean-shaven face makes you look younger, so growing your mustache or stubble will do the trick if you want to pull off that look of being a tough guy. 


Working out and going on a diet


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Of course, another popular method of being a tough guy is doing it the hard way: tough workouts and strict diets. 


The only thing with working out and going on a diet is that you need to be disciplined to go through all the exercise routines and follow the strict diet to ensure that your efforts will be fruitful. If not, it’ll take you a long time to achieve that ripped body and look like a tough guy. 


Another downside to this is that if you want to look like a tough guy quite fast, going this way is not the best way to do it since it requires much time before you’ll be able to see results. 


Change your hair


tough guy


Another simple yet sure way to make you look tough is to change how you look by getting a new hairstyle. As a rule of thumb, shorter hair makes you look rugged and manly. It also makes you look disciplined, hence the usual close-cropped hairstyle of guys in the military. You can go for the bald look if you feel like doing an all-out change for your hairstyle.  

Try to Dress Up Like Someone Tough


Another way to make yourself look tough is by dressing up. 





You can accessorize and wear clothing items like a leather jacket or even ripped denim pants. Thick chains and other similar accessories will also make you look, though. Also, if you have some hunting gear or have been into the military, old military clothing or equipment will make you look tough. 


The great ways to help you become a tough guy 


If you’re not a fan of waiting too long, here are some ways how you can become a tough guy:

Wear a muscle suit


One of the easiest ways to look tough is to wear a muscle suit, especially one made from high-grade silicone-like Smitizen. 


Muscle suits are getting all the hype right now because they can instantly turn you into someone who looks ripped and all muscles, aka a tough guy. 


muscle suit


With a muscle suit, you get the realistic appearance of muscles in all the right places, and it gives you the confidence you need to be the tough guy you need to be. 


Since muscle suits are just like another piece of clothing you wear, they feel comfortable on the skin and are perfect for any occasion and daily wear. It doesn’t matter if you need to look tough for a photoshoot or some cosplay; muscle suits got you covered. 


Wear a silicone mask


Another way to look tough instantly is to wear a silicone mask. With a silicone mask, you can easily add a beard and throw in some chest hair to immediately get the look of a tough guy. 


With a silicone mask, you get a high nose and a masculine jawline without the need for plastic surgery or anything. 



Building Your Skills


To complete your tough-guy look, you need to build a few skills like the following. 



Learn from your mistakes. Tough guys are the ones who own up to their mistakes. If you know where you went wrong, then you can change. Not a lot of people can do that. But as a guy, who knows when he’s made a mistake, apologizes, and changes for the better? Now that’s a tough guy. 


Speak with confidence. Tough guys may not have a lot to say, but when they do speak, they do it with confidence. Faith is sexy even on tough guys, and knowing what to say at the right moment will make people look up to you and help you earn their respect. 


Build up your pain tolerance. As a tough guy, you should know that building up your pain tolerance makes you look stronger physically and builds your mental strength. Overcoming many challenges in life is a sure way to make you look tough, not just physically, but most especially mentally. 


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Take up a self-defense class. Boxing, martial arts, or even good old wrestling are all excellent classes to take up to help you become a tough guy. They come in handy in situations where you might be attacked, but self-defense classes teach you discipline and respect, which are two essential qualities of tough guys. 


Earn the respect of other people. Lastly, you can become a tough guy when you earn the respect of other people. In retrospect, respect is earned, not given. So if you respect others, they will also respect you as much as you do them. 



Being a tough guy is not easy. But it’s also not impossible. Besides, with the emergence of muscle suits and silicone masks, you can become and look like a tough guy in no time at all. You don’t have to undergo rigorous workouts or go on a strict diet to look ripped and tough. 


By following the step-by-step process we outlined in this article, we hope you now have an idea of what to do and how to start your journey to becoming a tough guy.


Remember, more than just the physical aspect, being a tough guy requires a solid mental capacity as you overcome challenges and overcome every fear that might come your way.