Are you a gym enthusiast? What is your greatest motivation for gracing the doors of your local gym? Do you go to the gym to get shredded, decompress, or flirt with hot guys? Gyms may be synonymous with a healthy lifestyle, but they serve a wider purpose. A gym is ideal for people to meet, interact, socialize, and build community.

As queer man, flirting with guys at the gym is a risky but worthy cause.

guys at the gym

Just because a man is courteous to you doesn’t mean they will welcome your advances. The straight-looking man you have been crushing on might be the love of your life, but you won’t know unless you approach him.

The trick to successfully picking up guys at the gym is having an open mind, respecting people’s spaces, and not interfering with their workouts. In this article, we explore tips on how to pick guys at the gym.

How to pick up guys at the gym

guys at the gym

For a queer man, flirting anywhere can be an extreme sport unless you are 100% sure your love interest is gay. If you are into handsome, manly, and athletic men with shredded muscles, the gym is the perfect place to hunt for a potential paramour.

Love it or hate it, the gym is the best hang-out to find drool-worthy men who look perfect hanging on your arm, bed, or wearing matching bands. But how exactly do you pick up guys at the gym?

Here is a perfect guide to help you pick up guys like a pro:

·        Find out if your crush is into men

This might be hard to believe, but not every guy that looks like a Greek god is queer. Before you take the initiative to wow your potential paramour with your awesome pickup lines, find out if they play for your team. So, how exactly can you find out if he is gay?

guys at the gym

The easiest way to know if a man is gay is to ask him. Walking up to a stranger who probably looks like they can crush your finger is scary, but it’s the fastest way to know. Unless you want someone to waltz into your gym and sweep your crush off his feet, make haste and invite him out for a drink.

The worst that can happen is that your little heart will be crushed, but at least you will know where you stand.

You can also find out if a man is gay by activating your gaydar. If your gaydar goes ding ding when you make eye contact, talk, or stand in the same room, then your boy might be gay. Alternatively, you can ask your gay squad to make discrete inquiries on your behalf. The gay community is like a beehive of information where members know everyone’s businesses.

·        Dress to kill

dress well-guys at the gym

Wear something that makes you stand out in a good way. Men are visual beings, so wearing something that shows off your features can help you catch your target’s attention. If your crush is into gym activities, wear sexy exercise outfits and then accidentally on purpose strut around his workout area.

Go for something sexy and comfortable that shows the right amount of skin. For instance, you can wear gym shorts that snug comfortably against your body, giving your love interest tantalizing glimpses of your goodies.

·        First point of contact

point of contact

Picking up a guy at the gym is different from picking up men at bars or on the street. You might be the hottest gay man on the planet, but that doesn’t mean your crush becomes weak at the knees when you show up. Please don’t assume the potential love interest knows who you are or approach him like you are doing him a favor.

If you are really interested in making a good first impression, set the groundwork to ensure your first introduction is memorable.

You can make your first point of contact more memorable by positioning yourself in parts of the gym that your crush prefers to work out in. If your crush is a cardio guy, consume as much information as possible because it can help you break the ice or carry a conversation.

If the man of your dreams prefers a Pilates workout, you definitely don’t want to be the guy who looks down on this type of exercise.

·        Introduce yourself


Please pay attention to your crush and swoop in when they need assistance. Whether your man crush needs someone to spot them, count reps, cheer, or fanboy over their impressive muscles, be the first to volunteer your services.

Once you are in his bubble, avoid crowding him or looking like a creep. No matter how excited you are to be breathing the same air, don’t forget to start with a common courtesy: introduce yourself.

Something as simple as,’ Hi, I’m Judas’ goes a long way in attuning the other person to your presence in the gym. If you are feeling brave, you can make it clear you have a romantic interest in him.

If you are into the slow-burn romance story, introduce yourself and strike up a non-flirty conversation. You can say something like, ‘Hey, do you mind if I work out beside you?’ or ‘Hi, can we work out together? Once you have broken the ice, you become a sleuth detective and find out if he is gay, questioning, or willing to cross over to the rainbow side.

The great thing about starting with a non-flirty conversation is that you can build a friendship before becoming a romantic partner.

·        Offer to be his gym buddy

gym buddy

Is there a better way to get to know your potential love than to become his gym buddy? Probably, but you’ve got to work with what you have. Become super friendly by always saying hey when you see him, complimenting his workout, and asking him for pointers.

Even if you have a gym resume that is a mile high, consider playing it cool to trick your crush into helping you exercise. While interacting with your crush, you can gather the information that can help you decide whether to give up your quest or ask him out.

Subtly find out where he lives, the type of music he likes, and the time he prefers to work out. You can show interest by making eye contact, making flirty touches (respectively), and doing something sweet, like packing your crush’s favorite energy drink.

·        Don’t act like a love-sick puppy

love sick puppy

Crushes, especially when new, are exciting, but they are also embarrassing. The longing glances at your crush, staring, following them around like a lost puppy, or creepily stalking can be a bit much. If you want to pick up a guy at the gym, acting like you went to the Jeffrey Dahmer school of thought won’t endear you to anyone.

The last thing you need in your romantic pursuit is for your crush to speed-walk out of the gym every time you walk in. No matter how long your dry spell has been or how excited you are, never act desperate to get anyone’s attention.

Men like to be pursued by confident, self-aware alpha males, so when you act too desperate, you risk losing the interest of your crush. Even if you are dying to have them, maintain a level of charisma and swag that will leave your potential mate craving more of your company.

·        Learn how to flirt

Good looks will help attract your crush’s attention, but they are not enough. If you don’t have the gift gap, make time and learn. No man likes talking to a blabbering fool, no matter how attractive he is. Don’t be vulgar or ask inane questions because you will come off looking immature and uninteresting.

Up your pickup game by being sweet considerate, and asking genuine questions that keep the conversation flowing. Don’t ask the generic, ‘How are you?’ What if their cat died, they lost their job, or they had depression?

Your intentions may have been pure, but you know what they say about good intentions and the road to hell, right? The last thing you need when trying to flirt is for your crush to break down and start crying because of your insensitive questions. So, what should you talk about when flirting?


You can strike up a conversation by asking your crush for a recommendation about something that can lead to an interesting conversation. For instance, you can ask a guy you like about the best workout machine for someone who wants to develop shredded muscles.

You can also ask him about the best restaurants in the area, and invite him to accompany you to show your appreciation. The point of flirtation is to have a fun conversation, so be attentive to your man’s body language cues. If he is not feeling your vibe, cut the conversation, regroup, and try again.

Pick up Guys at the Gym Conclusion

Whether you visit your local gym to work out or give moral support to dedicated gym rats, a gym can be the perfect place to find someone interesting to take out. The trick to successfully picking up a man at the gym is to respect his workout routine, make a good first impression, and flirt, respectively.

Even if you strike out on the first attempt, with practice, you will get the hang of it.

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