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Do you identify as a gay bro or with gay bros? Does how you look as a gay man affect your quality of life? While good looks aren’t everything, they certainly don’t hurt, especially in the gay community, where beauty is like a currency. As a gay man, the hotter you look, the easier it is to make friends, network, and choose the finest selections in the gay dating pool. But what if you have less-than-perfect physical features? Do you retreat to your humble abode, waiting to shrivel up and die? Certainly not! Anyone can look good with the correct posturing, attitude, and clothing. No matter how insecure you feel about your body, you can still use your physical attributes to experience an extraordinary life. Here is a detailed guide on how to use your body attributes to your advantage.



How to use body attributes to your advantage


body attributes, gay bros


If you are familiar with body politics in the gay community, then you know how polarizing it can be. The gay community is an appearance-focused culture that, while not intentionally harmful, often leads to body positivity issues. Men that don’t necessarily fit into the narrow standards of beauty in the gay community feel sidelined and ignored, which can affect their self-esteem. If your body attributes fall outside of the narrow and often archaic standards of beauty, don’t worry. There is a bag load of tricks you can use to make your appearance work to your advantage, including:


·         Receding hairline and unimpressive facial hair


Wouldn’t it be great if every man that wants a sexy beard and a luscious mane could get what they want? Unfortunately, some gay men have less-than-perfect heads and facial hair lines thanks to genetics, bad luck, or substandard hair products. Rather than hiding or feeling ashamed of your hair, you can own it by embracing styles that favor your hair receding hairline and unimpressive beard. A bald head can be sexy, especially if you know how to take care of your bald head. Think Vin Diesel and Jason Statham sexy.


facial hair, gay bros


A common mistake most gay bros make is assuming that having a bald head and limited facial hair translates to less grooming. Whether your hair falls out in patches or a receding line from your forehead, you must constantly shave to ensure your entire head has a smooth outline. Additionally, you may need to exfoliate your skin, apply sunscreen to prevent sunburns, and moisturize to keep your skin healthy. Once you learn how to groom your head and facial hair, you become ridiculously sexy by owning your look.


·         Muscle mass


Muscle mass, gay bros


Does being a gay bro mean you should have impressive muscles? Not always. The phrase gay bros, derived from hetero-lingo, describes manly young men with huge muscles. In the queer community, gay bros are synonymous with fit, muscles, and model-like good looks. While most gay men have clear-cut muscles, there are quite some gays that can’t or are not able to build impressive muscles. Fortunately, the absence of gigantic muscles doesn’t take away your gay identity card. Whether you are skinny or lean, you can take advantage of your muscle density to create a unique look that will set you apart.


·         Penis size


Does size really matter? If you ask gay men whether size matters, most will say yes. Some gay men like to have relationships with men with impressive bulges because of conditioning or personal preference. A large penis creates a perception that you are skilled in the sack, making you attractive to potential suitors. Men with enormous dicks are a hot commodity in the gay community because they are perceived to be animalistic in bed. If you have a huge penis, is there a likelihood that potential suitors are attracted to you because of what is between your legs and nothing else? So, how exactly can you take advantage of big dick syndrome? If you are perceptive, it’s pretty easy to weed out people that are only interested in having sex with you because you have a big dick.


Penis toys size, gay bros


So, what happens if you have a small or medium size penis? Does that mean you become less desirable? Certainly not! Your desirability isn’t dependent on the size of your penis. You can have an average penis and still have amazing skills in the sack. Furthermore, you can use sex toys to enhance your sexual experience when you need something larger or with more girth.


·         Body marks


Having scars or pronounced body marks can be challenging. The gay scene can be brutal to someone who doesn’t subscribe to conventional beauty standards. The narrow beauty standards in the gay community can make people with permanent body marks and skin conditions feel ostracized, leading to low self-esteem. For instance, a gay man with stretch marks or a skin condition like vitiligo can have low self-esteem from comparing himself with a gay man with flawless skin.


Body marks


So, how exactly can you take advantage of body attributes such as permanent scars and skin conditions? It’s all about perception-yours and your society’s. If you perceive whatever skin condition or body marks you can as a disadvantage, you will undoubtedly become miserable. The opposite is also true. What your community perceives as a weakness can be your biggest asset. For instance, if you have vitiligo, you can choose to show off your skin rather than bundling up in shame. Your skin can be your ticket to a runway gig or covers of magazines. Additionally, you can use your scars to start a conversation with people at social events because imperfections add color to your life and make your life interesting.


·         Feminine attributes


Feminine attributes


Do feminine attributes doesn’t make you less of a man? Femininity is not a rejection of masculinity but an excellent alternative for men that don’t equate bro-ness with masculinity. Having feminine attributes proves you are comfortable breaking social constructs that are designed to limit your experiences as a gay man. If you have a feminine build and personality, you don’t need to rush to gyms and outdoor sports to get buff up. Femininity by itself is pretty attractive, and you will always find people that appreciate you for who you are, not what you are. Take advantage of your feminine attributes and enjoy life to the fullest.


·         Body hair


Body hair


Do you like having body hair? Better yet, are you attracted to people with body hair? Body hair attribute is so significant in the gay culture that it has contributed to the birth of sub-communities in the gay community. For instance, some gay bros identify as bears, which are characterized by, among other things, rampant body hair all over the body. If you have a hairy body, wear your skin with pride because you are beautiful just the way you are. Some men prefer sexual partners with body hair, while others like people with baby-soft skin. Whether you look like a bear or smooth like a twink, you will find a community that will recognize your physical attractiveness as a man and views you as a potential mate.


·         Embrace your body size and shape


Gay bros are a growing trend in the queer community. In a society where bro-ness is associated with male masculinity, the growing trend has received mixed reviews from people in the gay community. Gay bros create the perception of maleness, and in a queer community, where members have body types of all shapes and sizes, it can be pretty problematic. Whether you have a shredded, masculine form, lean, overweight, pot-bellied, or skinny, never let your body type prevent you from flourishing. Your body type is one of your biggest selling points. While clothes accentuate your appearance, they can’t completely give you a new body.


body size shape


If you are tall, avoid slouching or bending your frame to make yourself look smaller because it affects your physical health and makes you look insecure. Embrace your tallness, and people will react to your self-assurance because confidence is all about perception. If you have a round-shaped or overweight body, trying to appear lean or skinny makes you uncomfortable and takes a dig at your self-esteem. Avoid trying to fit into popular gay stereotypes such as skinny guys or super shredded body types. Once you learn how to embrace your form, people will react in kind.


·         Male dominance

Male dominance, gay bro


In the right context, male dominance is sexy. A domineering attitude creates the perception that a man is confident, self-aware, and takes charge, qualities that make him appealing in social and professional situations. Some gay men prefer relationships with men who can offer mentorship or provide mentorship to their partners. You can take advantage of your dominant attribute to develop meaningful relationships that are valuable in different aspects of your life.




Gay bros are a growing trend in the community. Gay men have varying attributes that make them attractive and enhance their appearance. Whether you have endowed body features or limitations that affect your life, there are tricks you can use to take advantage of your attributes to have a more fulfilling life.